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Fun Activities To Do In Atlanta

The place of the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta, is loved by travelers for its big-city appeal and small-town charm. A diverse culture defines the city! 500+ world-renowned companies have headquarters in Atlanta, indicating a busy work life and a booming economy. A complete opposite of the busy schedule, there are also multiple historic sites and outdoor green spaces for visitors to enjoy.  

Well, well, it is just the beginning! Once in Atlanta, you also get to taste some exquisite cuisines and explore the heartwarming local culture at your own pace. Are you planning an Atlanta tour soon? Do you want to explore the fun activities in the space? The blog will help you with the right information and why you should book OYO hotels in Atlanta.

Fun Things That You Can Do In Atlanta    

Over the years, Atlanta has transformed into one of the busiest locations, welcoming millions of tourists all seasons. Great food, professional sports, and world-class museums add to the city’s attraction. If you are planning to explore the fun activities in the place, below is a comprehensive list available. 

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1. Meet Pandas At Atlanta Zoo

The Atlanta Zoo is one of a kind! The place is known for hosting adorable giant pandas, the largest population of apes in Northern America, and 1500+ other animals for visitors to explore. The zoo expands across a massive 130-acre land surface, sharing a common premise with the Atlanta Civil War Museum and Cyclorama. Once in the zoo, it might take you a full day to have a complete tour. The zoo is located in a prominent location, with multiple eateries around. You can always try out a wholesome meal in Octopus Kitchen or grab some snacks from Wild Planet Cafe!   

1. Visit iFLY Atlanta To Try Indoor Skydiving

Once you reach iFLY Atlanta, you can feel the insane rush of adrenalin, a complete skydiving experience without jumping out of a real plane. A perfect place for thrill seekers, in iFLY Atlanta, you can get inside a vertical wind tunnel with winds at 175kmph and experience the perfect flips and tricks no less than the real one. Since it is indoor, extreme weather conditions will never hamper your day!    

1. Experience The Art Of The Masters

Have you ever dreamt of living inside a painting? Well, if yes! Then, it is about to come true. The Van Gogh Exhibit in Atlanta, since 2017, has been entertaining tourists with 360-degree digital art exhibitions. An innovative way to discover art and life secrets by the masters. This is a complete VR experience with atmospheric lighting, digital displays, and projection mapping. You will experience the work of Klimt, Van Gogh, and Magritte.

1. Say Hello To Dinosaurs At Jurassic World

Moving forward, if you always had this fetish to watch dinosaurs come live, it is about to get fulfilled! Inspired by the film, this park is one of a kind. Once inside the entry gate, you are part of a different world. You get to walk across massive Jurassic Park gates, face ferocious raptors, get an up-and-close look at the Tyrannosaurus rex, and pass by a majestic Brachiosaurus.  

1. Race Against The Clock In An Escape Room

In the escape game, you will work with your team to search for clues, finish puzzles, and complete a mission. There are multiple rooms & themes. Also, you can ask for unlimited hints from your game guide. Before visiting Atlanta, there are certain things that you must do: pinpoint a particular location, find out about the famous eateries around, and include a day visit to The Escape Room in your itinerary. When visiting here, you can choose from themes like the heist, prison break, special ops, etc.  

How To Find The Best Hotels In Atlanta?

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Atlanta is a prominent holiday location, always busy with traveler crowds moving in and out of the city. That is why you should always travel with prebooked accommodation arrangements. However, you can always trust OYO with the most amazing settlements for last-minute plans. Once in the city, certainly, you feel like checking into a hotel with a pool. Just download the OYO app or visit the website, use the filter “hotel with pool near me,” and voila, you will get a bunch of amazing properties in the best locations at your disposal. 


Whether you are planning to go solo, take a friend, or on a whole family tour. Atlanta has the best vacation waiting for you! In the meantime, do not forget to book an OYO hotel or motel as you like. We have the best offers, trained staff, CCTV-surveilled common spaces, and properties in lively locations readily available for you.   

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