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Explore Atlanta’s Best Places To Visit With Kids

Atlanta, the capital city of the state of Georgia, portrays a great balance of culture and modernism for its visitors to experience. There are multiple things to do in Atlanta, specifically when you are in the mood for a fun-filled vacation with your kids. 

When in the city, you can plan to explore the historically affluent museums or indulge in a not-so-ritualistic yet exciting tour of the modern world spaces. Also, multiple eateries here serve the best of the dishes! If you plan to explore Atlanta at its best, continue reading ahead. This blog will introduce 5 of the most kid-friendly places and explain why you should choose OYO hotels in Atlanta, GA.   

Top 5 Must Visit Atlanta Places With Kids

Practically speaking, Atlanta has many things to do, including a great list of must-visit places. During your vacation with kids, you will find the city jam-packed with kid-friendly activities, offering the best of their entertainment. The list is endless, from museums to sports events, delicious food, and theatre performances. However, we have included the top 5 must-visit places to make it easy. 

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1. LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta

As a kid, did you used to play with LEGO? Are your kids informed about the same? If yes! Then this place will surely be a great treat for your family to explore. The LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta has everything LEGO, along with rides, exclusive building stations, and interactive exhibits. You will find the LEGO station at Phipps Plaza Atlanta, a famous shopping space in the city. Well, good news, OYO has its properties located around. You just need to search for the OYO hotel nearby me once you are in Phipps Plaza. This will save you time and a lot of opportunities to shop and explore the main city at your own pace. 

1. The Wren’s Nest

Atlanta city is well connected by cars and buses. That way, you can book hotels near Atlanta International Airport and then move around the city with a rented car or via public bus. Coming to the city attractions that you can experience with your kids. The The Wren’s Nest is located at the West End of Atlanta. It is an institution that celebrates indigenous and African folklore through storytelling in the former home of Joel Chandler Harris. He was the creator of Br’er Rabbit.   

1. The ROOF At Ponce City Market

When you are in Atlanta for a day or two and looking for accommodation that offers hassle-free check-in and check-out experience. You can always visit the Ponce City Market on a quick city tour. The main attraction is the roof of this place, which has amazing games and provides a comprehensive dine-in experience. Let your kids zoom down the 3 story slide or participate in miniature golf. Games like break-a-plate, kee ball, and horse derby are also available in this space located by De Leon Avenue.      

1. Georgia Aquarium

Aquariums are fun, educative, and entertaining! An all-in-one package for the kids to explore and satiate their curiosities. The Georgia Aquarium in Baker St is the largest aquarium in Atlanta and the country’s. Irrespective of your tour duration and weather, this is a must-visit place to add to your itinerary. You will spot sea otters, beluga whales, big-bellied sea horses, and a dedicated shark gallery space here. Because you are traveling with family, confirm your booking before landing in Atlanta. Also, we insist you be aware of the cheap hotels in Atlanta Georgia, scams. Instead, try OYO and surf through the right hotel and property pages for the ultimate experience.   

1. The World Of Coca-Cola

Who does not love Coca-Cola? And kids especially, this is their favorite drink. Located in Baker St. Atlanta, you can take your kids to explore the beverage’s fascinating history and promising future. Also, the place lets you sample different flavors and tastes of Coke from different countries around the globe.    

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