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Discovering the Garfield Park Conservatory: Urban Jungle in Chicago

Chicago is a bustling city full of hidden gems that provide an escape for all urban dwellers and visitors. One of these gems includes the Garfield Park Conservatory, the third-largest urban jungle in the world. You can enter a different world by stepping into the Conservatory. Experience the immersive art through its towering trees, vibrant flowers, and stunning architecture. 

The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of Chicago’s renowned treasures because of its unique landscapes and the best horticulture collections. It is an architectural wonder that offers several events and guided tours to let everyone explore nature and have a memorable experience. However, when you visit Chicago for the Garfield Park Conservatory, you can elevate your experience and holidays by staying at some of the best OYO hotels

Indoor Gardens of the Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago

The Garfield Park Conservatory is located at 300 N. Central Park Avenue and is supervised by Mary Eysenbach. Under her supervision, the park has flourished with indoor and outdoor fascinations. The Conservatory is home to eight separate gardens that offer a unique experience every time. The magnificent structure is a sight to behold, and below are some of the few highlights you can explore. 

  • Fern Room

The Fern Room is a highlight by the Conservatory’s designer, Jens Jensen, who wanted to give the visitors a glimpse of the natural paradise that may have existed millions of years ago. Therefore, you can find lush ferns, an indoor lagoon, and rocky outcroppings in this area that give a glimpse into what prehistoric Chicago may have looked like. 

  • Palm House

Upon entering the Garfield Park Conservatory, the first area and the largest room you will find yourself in is the Palm House. The House has an idealized tropical landscape with over 70 palms and several plants from warm habitations around the globe. 

  • Desert House

The Desert House has a marvelous collection of succulents and cacti in unique and spectacular forms that also promise a few short-lived flowers. 

The indoor areas of the Garfield Park Conservatory have many other attractions, such as the Children’s Garden, Show House, and more, that give you a panoramic view of all the rare flora and fauna from different habitats.  

Explore the Outdoor Areas of the Garfield Park Conservatory

The Garfield Park Conservatory has mesmerizing indoor areas and equally enchanting outdoor gardens that change per the seasons. If you visit in early May, you can witness the outdoor gardens teeming with life. Thousands of perennials, flowering shrubs, and trees create magnificent colors. 

The outdoor gardens give you a great way to learn about the different plants the Conservatory keeps. You can also watch a beekeeping demonstration, visit a community-run organic garden, and meditate on the Conservatory’s grounds. You can also explore the Play & Grow Garden if you are visiting Garfield Park with your kids. The Garden has several educational installations to help kids view nature with easy understanding. 

Events and Programs at the Garfield Park Conservatory

The Garfield Park Conservatory offers much more than its grounds to explore. It also hosts several events and programs which are innovative and educational that drive curious minds. The Conservatory also produces and hosts many hands-on classes, cultural performances, educational demonstrations, and unique fundraisers. Moreover, Garfield Park has family and adult programs that include lectures, yoga, wandering guides, and more!

The Garfield Park Conservatory has many fascinating elements that can keep you hooked all day. You can also explore the nearby restaurants and cafes to get some rest between your explorations. One of the restaurants you can visit is Inspiration Kitchen, which is only a few meters from the Conservatory. It’s known for using organic and fresh produce in every dish and offers lip-smacking dishes! 

You can also taste some quality Japanese cuisine at Kai Zan, endorsed as a star on West Chicago Avenue. It is also very close to Garfield Park, so you can grab a quick lunch at the Kai Zan and return to attend an event at the Conservatory. 

Stay at the Best OYO Accommodations in Chicago for the Holidays!

While exploring the Garfield Park Conservatory and all its nearby attractions, you can elevate your holidays by staying at the best hotel rooms in Chicago. OYO Rooms ensure you have the best stay in Chicago within your budget. Sometimes, you may find it challenging to find hotels that will accommodate kids or pets that you may be traveling with. But all your needs can be met with specialized services for your kids or pets if you book OYO’s good hotels in downtown Chicago.

OYO rooms allow you to choose from your preferred housing, including hotel rooms, townhouses, guesthouses, and more. OYO takes care of and considers your every need before suggesting a hotel. You can also get a hotel near a major attraction or the Garfield Park Conservatory. Then, you can be near the park and participate in events there. Hotels at OYO are located near several restaurants and cafes, making it easy to hang out with your friends and families. 


The Garfield Park Conservatory is unique and houses flora and fauna for both summer and winter. Moreover, even though it’s better to visit the Conservatory when its flowers fully bloom after the spring, you can still explore the place throughout the year. 

While you discover and define every aspect of Chicago, you can also stay comfortably in OYO townhouses and hotels that aim to provide a home away from home. You can contact OYO at +1 6282027586 for further enquiries. Have a relaxed holiday with your loved ones and unwind from your busy life to enjoy the goodness of nature. Thus, get your bookings done today and grab exclusive holiday deals.

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