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Charlotte’s Craft Cocktail Scene: Speakeasies And Mixology

Known as the “Queen City,” life at Charlotte has an epic vibe, attracting consistent visitors from all around the globe. Also, the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte, is known for its cultural prominence, booming banking industry, and inventive handcrafted cocktails! 

What started as secret drinking establishments during prohibition have transformed into complete bars. The Speakeasies of Charlotte offers the right amount of nostalgia and cocktails of great taste. Are you planning to be a part of Charlotte’s craft cocktails? In this blog, we will tell you about the best places in the city and why you should book OYO hotels in Charlotte, NC.

Top 5 Bars To Try: Unlocking The Secrets Of Charlotte’s Speakeasies And Mixology 

It has never been some type of bar, a single-party street, or a university supplying drinks for college kids in Charlotte. Complete neighborhoods and wards largely define the ‘Queen City’ bars. NoDa and the City Center, Dilworth and Uptown, the South End, and Midwood are some of the prominent drinking places. Every day is a new scene in Charlotte, different from the trendy, heavy big cities but fulfilling in its own way. 

Are you in NoDa? And do not want to fall prey to the regular cheap hotel scams. Well, OYO has you covered. We always make it a point to provide quality over everything else. Even the cheapest hotels Charlotte NC, by OYO in NoDa, have the best services offering a great stay. Moving on, here is a list of the top 5 bars within the space.  

1. Idlewild

Located in Noda, Idlewild is a completely different place. Here, you do not get a conventional menu. Instead, there are mixologists who will come to you asking your specific tastes, including likes and dislikes. From ordering your drink to taking a sip, everything will seem to be an adventure, given the place’s vibe. Well, the place is usually busy, and reservations are welcome. If you are visiting at the very last minute, text between 6 pm to 2 pm at 704-572-8678 to enquire about the waiting time.     

1. Dot Dot Dot

OYO accommodations are rated as the best hotels in Charlotte NC, for a reason! All properties are adequately sanitized, with well-trained staff offering prompt services. Well, moving forward, with a similar legacy, Dot Dot Dot comes with one of Charlotte, NC’s original mixologists at the helm. This dim light bar is famous for its speakeasy-themed interiors, Paloma with Thai pepper syrup, and aged Elijah Craig bourbon. Wondering where it is located. Find it in Park Road Unit B!      

Pro Tip: Are you looking for hotels with hassle-free check-in and check-out services? Search “OYO hotel near by me” while in Charlotte. for the right convenience!     

1. The Cotton Room

Golden Green Hotel is a prominent OYO accommodation in Uptown Charlotte. Visitors say the property has clean OYO rooms, great service, and a simple check-in and check-out process. Also, you have the Cotton Room in uptown, serving a great set of modern cocktails combined with the vibe of a bygone era. Once here, you get to be a part of the speakeasy ambiance without secret passwords, handshakes, or reservations. Classic cocktails are often served with a modern twist in their drink menu.

1. The Cellar at Duckworth’s

Also located in Uptown, The Cellar at Duckworth’s will teleport you to a different era. Here, you will find a gastropub fare-inspired vibe, an extensive list of beers on the menu, and seasonal cocktails. Originally built before 1912, the place still emits a pre-prohibition vibe. If you want to experience the place’s vibe in the city, make your hotel bookings before visiting the place. That will eliminate the unwanted hustles.

1. The Green Room

Even if you call it a hidden gem, that will be a sure-shot understatement. Such is the vibe of The Green Room. Located in a secret pocket bar within the Lincoln Street Kitchen & Cocktails in South End, this passion project, with time, has turned into a modern speakeasy of Charlotte. However, the space welcomes entrance by reservation only and is open on Saturday & Friday nights. If you plan to visit this space, pre-book your accommodations and start with the journey. For last-minute bookings, the OYO App and website have multiple filters: “motels near me,” “hotels with pool,” and “pet-friendly hotels near me.” All you have to do is turn on your GPS and choose from the available filters to view the right hotel.          

How To Find The Best Hotels In Charlotte, NC?

If you are looking for great hotels in Charlotte NC, offering the right amount of comfort and convenience, OYO guarantees you the best stays. With us, you have safety, budget, and satisfaction maintained, an all-in-one delightful package. 

Whether booking through the app or the OYO website, both have the same properties listed with adequate benefits rightfully available, just as you need. We always believe in quality over price and try to help you with the most pleasant stay across all budgets selected. Even our cheapest hotels Charlotte NC, has 24 x 7 room service, comfortable queen and king-sized beds, free Wi-Fi, attached bathrooms, promising views, and adequate room heating and cooling technologies. Isn’t that amazing? You can also search budget OYO motels near me and get them readily available with similar specificities. 

All OYO rooms are completely accommodated for large groups, solo travelers, couples, couples with pets, and senior citizens. Do you have specific choices, or are you looking for a property with aesthetic vibes within your budget? In that case, visit the OYO website and browse Charlotte’s separate OYO hotel pages. You will certainly be taken aback! Apart from great in-room experience, we offer the most vibrant lobby and common passage experience. 


A visit to Charlotte, NC, will always help you with the best experience. Besides being a hub for famous restaurants and entertainment, this New Carolina city is also a brewing space for prominent OYO hotels and motels.  

You can call +1 6282027586 to enquire about OYO hotels in Charlotte, NC, or apply the OYO “hotel near by me” filter available at the OYO app and website to find out the most amazing properties at the very last minute.

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