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Best Patio Bars in Montrose  

Long before Austin was known as the wonderland of the weird, Houston’s Montrose was flying its freak flag. While the rest of Texas was holding onto the cowboy culture, Montrose was countering it by welcoming hippies, punks, LGBT people, and anyone else who did not fit the ten-gallon hat stereotype.


And just like Montrose helped create the Texas counterculture, they’re also helping expand Houston’s patio bar culture. And why not? Houston’s gorgeous subtropical weather is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Patio bars in Montrose, Houston are all about the scene under the sky—that they also serve great food, cold drinks, and keep the come-as-you-are Montrose vibe going are just added bonuses. Here are our picks for the best patio bars in Montrose.



Present Company


Image caption: Via

1318 Westheimer

Houston, Texas

(281) 974-4752


Kitschy yet chic cocktail bar with a patio made for mingling. This spot focuses on fun and festive cocktails like the Stranger Danger, which is a watermelon and vodka-based sipper, perfect for cooling off and heating up the conversation.


Avanta Garden Bar

411 Westheimer

Houston, Texas

(832) 287-5577


It’s no secret garden, but you may feel like you’re in a decked-out hipster fantasyland. We mean that in the best possible way! This romantic and intimate venue always has something going on besides a great beer list. Live music, art showings, and poetry readings are all regular events on the expansive patio.


Lotti Dotti


Image caption: VIa LottiDottiBar Facebook 


601 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas

(713) 393-7422


New to the Montrose’s patio bar scene, this gastropub knows how to make an entrance. The patio is as expansive as their drink menu. Kick off your night with a frozen booze-infused slushy like Pain Don’t Hurt and soak up all those crafty cocktails with a cheeseburger topped with pork belly and a fried egg.



2750 Grant Street

Houston, Texas

(731) 231-0712


They describe themselves as “fancy AF” and well, we couldn’t agree more. The cocktails aren’t the only thing elevated at this Houston rooftop patio bar. “Fancy AF” doesn’t mean you have to dress up, though, as tongue is firmly inserted in cheek here. Get your cocktails served in a Capri Sun-style container or go for the tried and true martini, bubble-bath style, with a rubber ducky accent.


West Alabama Ice House


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1919 West Alabama Street

Houston, Texas

(713) 528-6874


They are basically all patio, and have enough space to accommodate the biggest herd of thirsty patrons. Like to get your game on? Cornhole, ping pong, basketball—you name it, they have it, as well as over a hundred different beers. Kiddos and pups are welcome, but the kids’ curfew is at 9 p.m.


The Patio

1205 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas

(832) 962-7143


This offshoot and next-door neighbor of the well-loved local BBQ joint, The Pit Room, has its own flavor. Come here for piles of crawdads on the weekends and wash them down with some cold suds. Outdoor seating? Of course! It’s called “The Patio,” so grab a picnic table and make some friends.


La Grange


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2517 Ralph

Houston, Texas 77006

(832) 962-4745


This casual Tex-Mex bar features a two-level patio, so you can take in the scene from up high or be part of it down below. Grab a taco and a classic margarita, or make your night more interesting with one of their signature creations, like The Winklevoss, which features with Aztec chocolate bitters.


So when you’re looking for the top patio bars in Houston, head towards Montrose. From upscale outdoor settings to places where a tank top is considered “dressing up,” it’ll be easy to find your perfect patio. But no matter which way you go, living the good life has never been easier when you let it all hang outside.


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