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Top Museums to Visit in Palm Springs in 2022 – OYO

Popular for its resorts, the city of Palm Springs is home to some of the most beautiful museums, golf courses, swimming pools, and boasts of enviable weather. From aviation museums to modern art museums, World War II History museums to pristine gardens, the city has it all.

Downtown Palm Springs is home to the city’s major museums. In recent years, the museums in Palm Springs have hosted works by famous artists like Dale Chihuly and Pablo Picasso. Visitors can also explore the world’s largest collection of flyable World War II planes and also learn about the impact of World War II on combat veterans.

Moreover, there is no dearth of children’s activities in Palm Springs. The museums in the city have a special focus on hands-on learning experiences and interactive fun. Irrespective of your interest and schedule, the museums in Palm Springs are sure to intrigue all sets of visitors and bring forth more excitement to their vacation.

 Palm Springs Activities

 Here is our list of things to do in Palm Springs CA

Visit the General George Patton Memorial Museum

Built to commemorate the sacrifice of General George who rescued Americans trapped at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, the museum is one of the most popular museums in Palm Springs. Interestingly, the museum has been built on training grounds where General Patton trained troops during World War II. Visitors are sure to enjoy the artifacts from World War II, Korean Water tanks, and General Patton Memorabilia. Also, the training ground at the museum is the largest military training ground to date. All this history makes it one of the best museums in Palm Springs.

Explore the McCallum Adobe

Home to John McCallum, the first pioneers of Palm Springs, McCallum Adobe has some of the rare antiques and personal memoirs of Pearl McCallum McManus. The adobe structure also gives the visitors a fascinating glimpse of Palm Springs’s origin and living conditions. Also, the museum still manages to preserve its hardwood floors and frame. Visitors are sure to enjoy serenading through tools, clothing, books, and Native American Crafts at this Museum. With interactive exhibits, exquisite architecture, and rich heritage the McCallum museum is considered to be one of the most popular Palm Springs attractions.

Immerse in Coachella Valley History Museum

The Coachella Valley which was once home to indigenous Cahuilla people has now transformed into an agricultural center and a modern art center. The evolutionary journey of the valley has been beautifully captured at the Coachella Valley History Museum. The museum not only preserves the artifacts but is also home to buildings including the Smiley-Taylor House and the Indio Schoolhouse. Art lovers can also head to the Date Museum, the Coachella Valley’s oldest cork tree and several gardens and, the Coachella Valley Historical Society’s archives post exploring the museum. It is suggested that the museum is visited in the months between October and May since the museum is only open seasonally.

Palm Springs Free Things To do

Explore the Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum since its inception has been subject to several transformations. Earlier, the exhibits in the museum focused on the native Cahuilla people. However, presently the museum displays artifacts on both the region’s culture and contemporary art. Visitors are in for a delightful tour with more than 24,000 objects and artifacts. Besides artworks, the museum also houses some of the rarest photography and fossils. For the entertainment of guests, the museum’s onsite performance venue, the Annenberg Theater regularly hosts concerts, musicals, and community-based plays. In 2012, a counterpart of the museum was opened in the neighboring Palm Desert. The second museum has four exhibit galleries and is well-known for its modern architecture. Moreover, the museum has no admission charge, hence makes a top place on the must-visit list.

Enjoy the Exhibits at Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Before Palm Springs became a harbor for Old Hollywood stars, it was home to Cahuilla Indians. The lives of the Cahuilla people have been showcased and preserved at the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. The museum takes the visitors on a fascinating journey of the Agua Caliente Indians from the old to contemporary times. The exhibits on display include everything from photographs to unearthed artifacts. Moreover, the museum regularly conducts exhibitions at the Palm Springs City Hall for public entertainment. Also, even this museum is free-of-charge. History enthusiasts must visit the Native American film festival and an annual traditional bird-singing festival. The wide range of attractions at the museum makes visiting the museum one of the most fun and free things to do in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Kids Activities

Admire the Architectural Marvels at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

While everyone has seen homes built from traditional building materials, the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum has been built using natural material. Interestingly, the museum stands tall to date. While the architecture in itself is no less than a wonder, there is much more to the museum. You would find Indian artifacts, memorabilia, and exotic artworks including Waokiye, a 43-foot sculpture of a Native American head among the wide array of displays in the museum.

Explore the Collections at Ruddy’s General Store Museum

Guests willing to explore the exclusive collection of Jim Rudy must-visit Ruddy’s General Store Museum. Interestingly, some of the memorabilia dating back to the 1980s. Visitors can also take a look at Ruddy’s re-imagine but authentic general store. The museum has more than 6000 items. Moreover, many of them are unused and are in pristine condition. While Ruddy’s General Store offers items such as health and hygiene products, clothing, medicines, ointments, and creams, they cannot be purchased! Yet, the General store serves as excellent memorabilia. Undoubtedly, exploring the museum is one of the most fun things to do in Palm Springs.

Visit the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

Palm Springs Children’s Museum is the perfect place for guests who wish to unleash their inner child. With more than 50 hands-on activities, the museum offers a great opportunity for guests to spend some fun-filled hours. Moreover, the exhibits are not limited to artworks, they have been grouped by theme. These include exhibits on science, exploration, desert, physical activities, and how things work. Fun archaeological digs, making your own animations, becoming an imaginary grocery store owner are some of the popular activities at the museum which help children inculcate the art of self-expression. Well, if these activities are not interesting enough, kids can also try out the rope maze, a miniature rock-climbing area, and a magnetic sculpture wall. A trip to this museum is sure to find its way in your list of things to do in Palm Springs with kids

Fun Things to Do In Palm Springs

Explore the Sunnylands Center and Gardens

Once the winter home of Ambassadors Leonore Annenberg and Walter, Sunnylands Center and Gardens, now hosts top art, political and educational events. The gardens have been nicknamed the “Camp David of the West.” In 2012, the estates were opened to the public. It is suggested that the estate is visited when the retreats are not in session. While the estates are closed, visitors can always visit the Sunnylands Center and Garden. Guests can also check out educational kiosks and firms from the Sunnylands art collection.

Spend a day at Palm Springs Air Museum

It is a well-known fact that WWII entirely changed the course of American and International History. The remaining flyable WWII planes have been preserved carefully at the Palm Springs Air Museum. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore aviation enthusiast or not, you would definitely not want to miss an opportunity to talk to the museum’s volunteers who served during WWII. The volunteers at the museum will share their anecdotes and stories behind each fighter plane. Besides, the impressive collection of planes, the museum also boasts of flight simulators, vintage cars, and documentary screenings. The onsite café at the museum is a must-visit if you wish to get a taste of mouth-watering delicacies. A visit to the museum is one of the most fun things to do in Palm Springs for visitors of all ages.

Explore Museum of Ancient Wonders

The museum of Ancient Wonders is a museum dedicated to the field of paleontology. With more than hundreds of artifacts, laboratory, cast fossil specimens, and 3 distinct exhibitions, the museum offers an excellent opportunity to people of all ages to explore the international fossil collections. Some of the rare insights from the intriguing life of Pharaoh are also available at the museum.

The museum experience at Palm Springs offers a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors. The diverse range of museums ensures that the guests have a plethora of options to choose from. Moreover, many of the attractions in the city are free of cost and that being said, Tourists visiting the city are surely in for an exciting experience. So think no more and plan your next trip to Palm Springs for all that culture, history, and fun that the city has to offer.

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