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9 Kids-friendly Things to do in Atlanta

Over the years, the city of Atlanta has developed into a thriving metropolis. Atlanta offers a wide range of entertainment options for kids, some of which are cultural attractions, water parks, adventure sports, art centers, and wildlife parks.

Another great part about exploring the city is the weather which remains mild throughout the year making it easier for kids and adults to enjoy outdoors. While traveling with kids can be exhausting, the large number of attractions in Atlanta is sure to keep them engaged. From the most entertaining gaming arcades, best of restaurants, and quirky spots there are tons of fun places in Atlanta to visit with kids.

Best Kids Activities in Atlanta

Here is our list of things to do in Atlanta with kids

1. Visit the Atlanta Zoo

With a mission to preserve wildlife habitats, the Atlanta Zoo houses more than 1500 animals. The zoo offers a visual treat to animal lovers with more than 200 species of animals from around the world. Giraffes, zebras, meerkats, and warthogs are some of the residents of the zoo. Moreover, the zoo is also home to giant pandas and North America’s largest population of great apes. The privilege to explore the wild while the children uncover Otter’s big mysteries makes the park one of the best places to go in Atlanta. Well, exploring the zoo can tire out even the most active visitors. Post exploring the zoo, guests can head to the zoo café which offers a variety of menu options including sandwiches, flatbreads, burgers, and hot dogs making it a favorite among kids.

2. Beat the Summer Blues at Shoot the Hooch

Shoot the Hooch at the Chattahoochee River is one of the best places to beat the summer wave. The popular activities here include rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Open from dawn to dusk, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area provides the finest quality of rafts and pieces of equipment while ensuring the highest quality of safety standards for children and adults. Tubing and paddleboarding are some of the cool things to do in Atlanta GA with kids and a great way to rejuvenate and enjoy the calm waters of the Chattahoochee River. Another option to enjoy the waters is to take a trip down to Island Ford, Garrard’s Landing, and the Azalea Park on one of the finest quality canoes present in the area. Post enjoying with kids, guests can head to the Chattahoochee River Club to have some delicious snacks and grab a cup of coffee. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular Atlanta attractions.

3. Glide on Ziplines at Treetop Quest

If an adventure experience with family excites you, Treetop Quest is a must-visit! The aerial playground provides some of the best opportunities to glide on zip-lines and combat obstacles. Moreover, the activities at the venue have been designed keeping in mind kids of all ages. Some of the most popular activities at the Treetop Quest include the Spider Quest, Treasure Hunt with varying difficulties so that even the youngest of Samaritans can enjoy it. Kids who are willing to try out adventure rides but are skeptical can enroll for the adventure courses provided by the park. These include beginner courses, strength balance courses, family challenges, and intermediate courses which help kids muster the necessary courage and skills required for zip lining. It is suggested that the park is visited with some time in hand. Undoubtedly, visiting the park is one of the best things to do in Atlanta this weekend.

4. Explore the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Built-in lines with the New York’s Museum of Natural History, the Fernbank museum provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor learning. Exciting exhibits and ample opportunities for nature exploration make it an ideal place to visit with kids. A loop around the Dinosaur Plaza and the Fernbank Forest is an engaging and interesting experience for people of all ages. The museum regularly organizes exhibitions, children and family programs for the entertainment of visitors. The visit to the museum also gives guests an opportunity to gorge on some of the best cuisines as it is located close to many popular restaurants and cafes. With a plethora of attractions, the museum tops our list of fun things to do in Atlanta.

5. Explore Science at its best at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the only Children’s museum in the city of Atlanta. The venue’s interactive features which range from science and nutrition to creativity are sure to leave the youngest museum-goers spellbound. The museum has been specially designed for kids 8 and below and helps children satiate their curiosity about exploring the world. Kids can also take advantage of the “Step Up to Science” exhibit and take part in events that sharpen their scientific intellect and inculcate imaginative thinking required for problem-solving. The museum is open around the year and helps the young guests discover the true power of play with interactive learning zones and exhibits. Also, the museum boasts of the only child-specific toy store in Downtown Atlanta. Thus, making it one of the top Atlanta city attractions.

6.Unleash Your Creativity at Legoland Discovery Center

Curated for budding builders, Legoland Discovery Atlanta helps young minds examine the inner workings of the art of building while enjoying playing with legos. The little engineers are further supported by a team of professionals who inspire kids to develop anything and everything from building blocks. Undoubtedly, lego building is one of the most interesting things for kids to do in Atlanta. Some of the popular attractions at Legoland are Miniland, Lego 4D Cinema, King quest, Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, Duplo Village, Earthquake tables, Lego Master Builder Academy, and Pirate Adventure Island. The cafe at the center provides a selection of yummy snacks and foods for snacks. Delicious crisp salads, sandwiches, hot pancakes, hash browns, sausages ensure that both kids and adults are satiated. 

7. Visit the Delta Flight Museum

Undoubtedly, air travel excites children of all ages. It gets all the more exciting when they get a taste of its past and future at the Delta Flight Museum. Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy the interactive exhibits and rides at the museum’s flight simulator. The younger aviation enthusiasts are set for a dynamic and enriching experience at the museum as they explore aircrafts dating back to the 1920s and take a glimpse of the future of aviation and 747s of the upcoming generation. Some of the popular exhibits at the museum include the Delta Ship 6301 and the first Boeing 747-400. The museum also has a dedicated Gift shop that features a unique collection of merchandise. The fun and holistic experience provided by the museum helps make it stand proud as one of the most popular Atlanta Georgia attractions.

8. Enjoy Fine Puppetry at the Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts is one of the largest organizations in the United States dedicated to the art form of puppetry.  Puppetry as a form of art has time and again interested kids of all age groups. For the same purpose, the center regularly holds workshops, performances, and puppet shows for children and make it one of the most interesting things to see in Atlanta. Some of the popular interactive exhibitions at the center include “The Jim Henson Collection,” which features popular scenes from Jim Henson’s career and the “The Global Collection” which helps visitors learn about the history of puppetry in an interesting and interactive manner.

With some of the best entertainment destinations and a long list of things to do in Atlanta, guests can be at ease when traveling with them. Moreover, keeping children entertained in the city is not heavy on the pocket, making it one of the finest and comfortable choices when it comes to planning a trip.

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