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11 Best Fun Things to Do in Tampa Florida | Find Top Attractions

With exotic landscapes and alligator-peppered waterways, Tampa Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city bustles with food vendors, picnic spots, gardens, museums, aquariums, and cafes. While the city is home to high-rise offices and premium universities, it has managed to maintain its old-world charm. Moreover, enjoying in Tampa is also light on the pocket as there are several interesting and free things to do in Tampa. Be it a solace seeker, an adventurer, a heritage seeker, or a party animal, the city has something for each of them.  

Here is our list of things to do in Tampa this weekend-  

1. Go Fishing 

One of the best things to do in Tampa Bay is to explore the different fishing styles in the Bay area. For the first-timers, it is suggested that they hire a pro to learn some of the best tricks and tips. The Tampa Bay area is full of piers, beaches, and bridges which makes for the perfect fishing experience. Some of the popular spots for fishing are the Sunshine Skyway Bridge which separates the bay from the gulf. Visitors can look forward to targeting fishes from King Mackerel to Snook and even Pompano. Those willing to indulge in some competitive fun can take part in the events organized at the popular fishing areas. Tampa Bay Boat Show, St Pete’s Open Spearfishing tournament, and the Tampa South Charity Fishing Tournament are some of the popular fishing tournaments organized in Tampa Bay.

2. Plan the Perfect Weekend with That’s My Jam Tampa

Weekends are the time when everyone wishes to relax and spend time with their close ones. Be it a cute date, a picnic, a family gathering or simply spending some good quality time with elegance, That’s My Jam Tampa is sure to set up the perfect environment which is bound to impress your loved ones and guests. From florals to wines, to exquisite tablescapes and delicatessen food, it helps turn any occasion into a splendid and magical experience. Not only this, but they also provide customized baskets that can be used as per the occasions. The set up is made as per the taste of customers and can be made at the comfort of their home, a restaurant, or even under the moonlight. Undoubtedly, having a personalized picnic setting is one of the best Tampa activities.

3. Visit the Busch Gardens

Spread over 136 hectares, the Busch Gardens are among the most popular theme parks in the United States of America. Roller coasters, Wildlife exhibitions, and the legendary Serengeti Plain Enclosure interest people from all walks of life. The brave ones must try out their hands at the Moroccan-themed Gwazi, jungle zip lines, cobra’s curse, and loop-de-loops. If joy rides are not your cup of tea, you can explore food and beer festivals, dance performances, and educational events organized on each weekend. The wide variety of entertainment options at the gardens makes them one of the most-visited Tampa attractions.

4. Explore Aquatic Life at its Best at Florida Aquarium

Known for its 60-foot long coral garden, Florida Aquarium is the perfect place for exploring some fascinating sea creatures. The aquarium regularly organizes exhibitions focused on the wetland habitats and excursions that lets visitors take a dive with one of the most awe-inspiring predators in the sea. Burmese Pythons, nurse shark, Moon jelly, Bonnethead, stingrays, flying fish, eels, clownfish, Atlantic goliath grouper, and alligators are some of the popular residents of the aquarium. With its diverse aquatic wealth, the aquarium is befitted for people of all ages, and planning a visit to the aquarium is one of the best things to do in Tampa with kids. It is suggested that visitors visit the aquarium on a weekend with ample time in hand. That said, the aquarium is one of the most visited Tampa Florida attractions and should not be missed.

 5. Let Loose at Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Tampa Bay Brewing Company started with its first batch of craft ale in 1995 and over the years has gained popularity as one of the most successful local microbrews in the city. With more than 8 regular labels and two tap houses, it is one of most weekend party spots in the city. An exquisite and spacious brick-walled pub, great food options, and outdoor seating give an old-world charm to the bar. A warm atmosphere with a panoramic view of the city provides an ideal setting for making new friends. Those willing to have some weekend fun must add this place in their list of things to do in Tampa for adults.

6. Wade Through the Calm Waters with Kraken CycleBoats

Tampa Bay provides an abundance of sunshine and waterways for guests to explore exciting opportunities and plan a trip with friends and family. One of the most fun things to do in Tampa is riding a Kraken CycleBoat. While peddling, visitors can enjoy the scenic view of the Henry B. Plant Museum at the University of Tampa.  Guests only need to bring in their favourite drinks, music requests and of course loads of excitement, rest all is organized at the boat. Surfing the waters through the Pedal trolley and having a fun-filled day is one of the most relaxing and interesting things to do in downtown Tampa.

7. Take a Tour Down the Tampa Riverwalk

Located in the heart of Downtown Tampa, the Tampa Riverwalk is one of the most happening centres for local and cultural activities. The majestic beauty of the Riverwalk and its close proximity to major entertainment spots in the city make it immensely popular among tourists and locals. Right from play pools to waterworks, manicured lawns to picnic spots, food trucks to top dining venues, gifting shops to museums, everything can be found in the vicinity. Regular concerts, exhibitions, and music performances are organized at the river stretch for the entertainment of visitors. Gazing at the night sky while listening to the sound of water is one of the best things to do in Tampa at night.

8.Explore the Hillsborough River State Park

Located in the northeast corner of Hillsborough County, the Hillsborough River State Park is one of the oldest parks in Tampa. A patchwork of vine-draped bayous, mangroves, wetlands, and gigantic oak hammocks adorn the Park along with sounds of tropical birds. It is also home to a large number of alligators and is claimed to be one of the last remnants of the real Florida. Some of the popular activities at the park include canoeing through the waterways, cycling, walking through the boardwalks of the Restoration Trail, and demystifying the tales of Seminole Wars.

9. Immerse yourself in the streets of historic Ybor City

Ybor City was once the cigar factory for the entire USA. However, the late 19th century saw a great flood of immigrants who smoked in the famous red-brick factories, until the great depression eventually led to the area being shut down. Over the years, Ybor city has emerged as one of the most fascinating and happening districts of Tampa. The old cigar mills have now been converted to bars, cocktail joints, microbreweries, art galleries, and nightclubs. It is one of the best venues to make new acquaintances and have a fun-filled weekend. It is one of the best areas to explore the nightlife in the city and visiting the city would definitely find a spot in your list of things to do in Tampa.

10. Eat Your Heart Out At Oystercatchers

Oystercatchers is one of the best seafood joints in the city. Modern furnishings, stylish seafood, and picturesque scenery make it popular among tourists and locals alike. Some of the must-try dishes at the bistro include yellowfin tuna, lobster mac and cheese, Rockefeller style shrimp and scallop fritters, key lime mussels, and mahi-mahi cuts. It is the place where fine dining meets scenic beauty. Eating at the restaurant is one of the must things to do in Tampa Florida.

11. Visit the Lowry Park Zoo 

Claimed to be one of the most family-friendly attractions in the city, Lowry Park Zoo is home to some of the most exotic critters in the world. Over the years, the zoo has expanded tremendously and now houses Komodo Dragons, Sloth Bears, African Penguins, lion tamarins, and lemurs. Other activities at the park include getting up-close and personal with endangered tortoises and enjoying joy rides.

While the list of “things to do in Tampa today” is surely long, visitors are in for an exciting and unforgettable experience in the city. With bars, clubs, museums, eating joints, and waterparks all available in one city, tourists can be well assured of a comfortable and fun-filled trip.

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