Kabir Yatra- The Musical Journey Of Rajasthan

Think Rajasthan?

Think deserts, royal history, and grand palaces. Think rich culture, old traditions, and heart-stirring folk-music.

Even though many might just limit Rajasthan to its cultural heritage and arid atmosphere, there is so much more to this land that provides a haven to artists from all backgrounds. If you are an artist or someone who appreciates art- Rajasthan is just the right get-away for you this October.

Kabir Yatra- The Folk Music Festival

Dates: 2-6 October

How To Reach:

Kabir Yatra

Firstly, register yourself online as a ‘Yatri’ on the official website of the event. As the inauguration ceremony will start in Jaipur on 2nd October evening, plan your trip so that you can reach Jaipur by afternoon, on the same day. Jaipur is well connected to several places via flights and trains. The road leading to Jaipur meets the National Highways 8, 11 and 12 and hence you can also drive or take buses and cabs for a comfortable journey.

The Yatra band will start traveling to various villages from the morning of 3rd October. If you join in the middle of the Yatra, then you will have to reach the respective village on your own.  You can access the Yatra location google map for the directions to the village. In case you are leaving the Yatra in the middle, then the organizing team wouldn’t be responsible for any further travel arrangements. 

The Yatra ends on 6th October in Ramgarh, Shekhawati midnight. The Town Ramgarh is 185 km from Jaipur,72 km from Sikar,18 km from Churu,187 km from Bikaner and 280 km from the national capital Delhi. The town is easily accessible from both Rail and Road.

Weather In October- November

Kabir Yatra

The time period of October- November is generally considered as the best and most convenient season to visit Rajasthan. The atmosphere is pleasant and enjoyable, during this time. Afternoons can be very hot with temperatures as high as 32°C. Nights are comparatively much cooler with an average low of 20°C. You are anyway advised to carry slightly warmer clothes to be used in the night.  As the event mainly starts in the evening, the weather is very soothing and the calming effects of the music only serve as a lullaby effect in the background.

What to bring

Kabir Yatra

Carry your Photo Id Proof and two copies of it. Do make sure to carry comfortable shoes on the trip and warm clothes, as the weather might turn colder in the night.

Do not forget to carry your personal medications and other personal amenities like bedsheet, toiletries and water bottles. Do carry a musical instrument if you play one- it will add to the fun of your journey, as you can travel while jamming and singing your hearts out to your favourite songs!

Don’t’s on the trip

Kabir Yatra

Do not bring recorders/crowd the stage area with your tripods and cameras. This affects the artist’s performance. Recordings and pictures will be provided by the team, once the yatra is over. Do not prepone/ extend your stay without checking with the team, as all food, accommodation and transport facilities are accounted for.

Also, do try to avoid any plastic belongings like plastic water bottles and such to make your trip as green as possible!

Artists Lineup, 2019

  1. Mahesharam, Jaisalmer
  2. Shabnam Virmani, Bangalore
  3. Lakshman Das Baul, West Bengal
  4. Smita Bellur, Mumbai
  5. Rising Mallang, Dharamshala
  6. Kabir Café, Mumbai
  7. Dapu Khan, Jaisalmer
  8. Kaluram Bamaniya, Malwa
  9. Sakur Khan, Jaisalmer
  10. Mir Basu Barkat Khan, Pugal
  11. Vedanth and Himanshu, Lucknow
  12. Mooralala Marwada, Kutch

Highlights of the Event:

This year, the famous ‘Kabir Yatra’- a week-long traveling folk music festival, is scheduled to begin at Bikaner. A separate 2 days event “Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, Jaisalmer Chapter” will also be organized in Bikaner and Jaisalmer on 7th and 8th October 2019 respectively.

The line-up includes more than 50 artists who are experts in their own fields. They hail from various places like Rajasthan, Malwa and Kutch in Gujarat, Bengal, Mumbai, and Chennai and will be coming together to create a night of music, magic and art. Along with Kabir’s music, creative works by Sufi, Meera, Saint and Bulleh Shah and also works of other exceptional folk artists will be performed. The festival will also host around 500 travelers.

Apart from the musical experience, the Kabir Yatra is also the perfect opportunity to spot exquisite artifacts, arts, sculptures, paintings designed by Rajasthani artists and inspired from ‘Bhaktism’ and ‘Sufism.’ Documentaries shown during the cultural program are also a great avenue for those who seek to learn more about culture and history.


The festival takes inspiration from the Hindu tradition of Jaagran or Satsang, an all-night event where singers from different communities come together to sing and discuss mystic poets.

The purpose of this activity extends to more than just a musical concert. The Kabir Yatra is a humbling experience that helps you connect with yourself through traveling, meeting new people, listening to soulful music and learning to really appreciate the art.

The festival aims to create an inclusive space where artists, scholars and students from different genres can come together to celebrate Bhaktism and Sufism. The festival wants to promote love and harmony and dissolve all barriers of caste, class, religion, and identity.

It always stimulates an internal strength and mental peace as it stirs emotions of harmony, love, respect, and humanity towards everyone around you. The Kabir Yatra is not just a destination, but a journey that teaches you how to love yourself and everyone else around you.

Set in the culturally rich and exquisite place of Rajasthan, the festival is truly a mystical experience that will work its musical spell on you, and transcend you into another reality. The experience is truly worthwhile and fulfilling. The next time you are visiting Rajasthan, do try to plan your trip around the same time so that you too can become a part of this ecstatic journey and come back humming new tunes!

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