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Hotels in Ajman (1 OYO)

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OYO 366 Waves Hotel
OYO 366 Waves Hotel
OYO 366 Waves Hotel
OYO 366 Waves Hotel
OYO 366 Waves Hotel

OYO 366 Waves Hotel

Near Al Hassawi Mosque, Ajman· 8.5 km
4.4 (125 Ratings)·Very Good
Private Entrance
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Standard Single
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About Ajman

The smallest Emirate also sees the most number of visitors throughout the year. While its beaches and luxe promenades will keep you occupied for most of your travel duration, it is really the small museum, dhow-building and corniches where you will find all the little details of its historically rich culture.

Soak in the elective and laid-back vibe of this breezy town that is lined with palm trees, cute cafes and high-end restaurants. If you would rather be amidst nature, head to the parks and reserves located on the outskirts of the city. To make the most of your trip, book an OYO hotel in Ajman today.

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Questions and Answers

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What are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO hotel in Ajman?

Hotels in Ajman by OYO are persistent to make your stay memorable and comfortable. They provide Centralised Air Conditioning, Daily Housekeeping, Geyser, Power Backup and a broad range of beds and rooms. OYO welcomes guests at all times and therefore necessarily caters 24/7 check-in facility. Additionally, some OYO hotels offer card payment facilities, in-house restaurants, parking facilities and bars amongst many others.

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How much do OYO hotels in Ajman charge for a night?

The charges of OYO Hotels in Ajman are subjective to the type of room the customer is looking for, as well as any additional facility provided. The variety of rooms available in an OYO hotel would be Standard Double Twin, Standard Double King, Family Room, Deluxe Double King, and Standard Triple. The charges can be somewhere around AED 100 to AED 250 for a night in Ajman.

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What are some of the popular landmarks/spots in Ajman?

Some of the popular landmarks of Ajman would be:

  • Ajman National Museum: An 18th-century fortress that was once the city's first line of defence, this museum exhibits the rich traditional lifestyle of Ajman, with an overview of a typical day-to-day routine. The fortress has an elegant gateway with two cannons, two watchtowers and two wind towers adorning its sides. Words cannot do justice to the museums and therefore, the guests should have a look.
  • City Centre Ajman: Emirate's largest mall with almost 35,000 sq. feet of retail space, the mall attracts thousands of shopping buffs. It encompasses over 80 brands, a nine-screen cinema hall and what not. The mall is a talisman fitted into the Ajman citylife and should be visited at least once.
  • Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque: Flagship building of the city, the mosque sits on the brim of the Ajman itinerary with its exceptional and innate architecture.
  • Dhow Yard: The world's largest boat-making yard and a prime dhow producing centre, Dhow Yard is a sight to behold. Visitors get an empirical experience of the art of boat-making and the production of speedsters that are used in the Dubai Powerboat meets.
  • Beaches: Beaches in Ajman are the hubs of tranquillity with an envelope of a peaceful environment and the favourable weather for it. Al Hamriya and Al Zorah are the most notable beaches and thoroughly worth visiting.
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What are some of the best destinations around Ajman for a weekend getaway?

Planning a getaway just makes the vacation even more worthwhile and inclusive. The most desirable destinations around Ajman to spend a couple of days would be:

  • Dubai: The wide-awake megacity that ever-gleams and home to the world’s tallest tower, Dubai is just 39 km away from Ajman. Tourists should have a taste of the glam that this city offers. Taking a metro to Dubai is the most popular choice.
  • Sharjah: The cultural capital of the Arab, Sharjah, is at a distance of 13.7 km from Ajman. Taking a bus is the cheapest and most popular means of conveyance.
  • Fujairah: The calm and serene getaway destination for a quiet weekend, Fujairah is 115 km from Ajman. Buses are the staple choice of transportation to the city.
  • Abu Dhabi: 181 km away from Ajman, Abu Dhabi is a red-hot metropolis that invites people who love city vibes, shimmering lights and fast-paced surroundings. Tourists can take a bus or a metro to visit this pleasant city.
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Which shopping centres in Ajman are closest to an OYO hotel?

OYO 211 Al Rayan Hotel is close to the City Centre and Grand Centrale.

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Do OYO hotels in Ajman accept credit cards for payments?
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Where can guests go to eat in Ajman?

Ligma and Yighma, literally translating to "a bite and sip", is a café that not only provides the best Emirati and Turkish cuisine but also offers to teach a thing or two about the Emirati language and dialect using its menu. For tourists who want to experience the sapid of Arabic dishes, Qdemk Ndemk Café is the go-to. Kiyi Restaurant is a place that might lure in gourmands as it offers the best, most authentic Turkish dishes in Ajman.

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What are the top tips for finding the perfect Ajman Hotel?

A quick list of tips before you reserve a hotel in Ajman:

  • Ajman has lovely beaches added to its charm, and a beach-front hotel would be a cherry on top.
  • OYO helps in providing cheap hotels in Ajman that are in proximity to beaches. Capital O 401 Crown Palace Hotel is one such example.
  • A smart decision would be to seek not only the budget hotels in Ajman but also the hotels which provide a shuttle bus facility to Dubai airport.
  • A pragmatic approach towards booking a hotel room might be inquiring about the cancellation/refund policies as well as the desired identification proof(s) to prevent any tension later.
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How do people in Ajman usually commute?
  • Bus: Buses are the conventional means of transportation, and ply not only locally but also to nearby cities
  • Train: Ajman has an extensive network of metros that link to Dubai metro and are the fastest and least congested way to get around Emirates. Taxis run around the city by the Ajman government are a prominent choice too. There are special taxis for women (Mahrah) and people with special needs.
  • Take a walk/cycle: People love exploring and enjoying the city on foot, especially during the milder months of November to March.
  • Airport: The nearest airport to Ajman is the Dubai International Airport. People generally opt for taking a bus from the airport. Taxis are a popular means too.
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What are some of the things to do and see in Ajman?

Some of the things to see and do in Ajman are:

  • Visit museums: the Ajman Museum is one of the best places to visit for history affectionates. Other attractive museums would include the Sharjah Classic car museum.
  • Visit art galleries: For people who appreciate art and have eyes for it, Haider Arts is one of the best places to visit around in Ajman
  • Visit historical sites: To trace the origin of Ajman and discover the evolution of Emirati culture, Al Jarah Cultural Centre is your go-to. Just don’t forget to brush up your Arabic!
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