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Hotels in Iloilo (3 OYOs)

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OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo
OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo
OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo
OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo
OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo

OYO 236 Hotel Edmundo

Philippines , Iloilo
4.3 (2 Ratings)·Very Good
Power backup
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Philippines Deluxe Double
₱1539₱245637% off
+ Taxes, · per room per night
OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo
OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo
OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo
OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo
OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo

OYO 799 Ddd Habitat Iloilo

Lopez Jaena St., Iloilo
4.7 (28 Ratings)·Excellent
Private entrance
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Sold Out
OYO 996 Iloilo Paraw Beach Resort
OYO 996 Iloilo Paraw Beach Resort
OYO 996 Iloilo Paraw Beach Resort
OYO 996 Iloilo Paraw Beach Resort
OYO 996 Iloilo Paraw Beach Resort
Free Wifi
+ 5 more
Sold Out
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Questions and Answers

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How much do OYO hotels in Iloilo charge for a night?

OYO hotels in Iloilo provide an array of options for staying, like a deluxe single, one-bedroom suite, deluxe double, deluxe twin, triple suite and a family suite. These hotels are embedded with facilities and are pretty affordable. Iloilo OYO hotel prices of one-night stays can vary from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000, contingent upon the choice of room. OYO 258 Chito’s Hotel, a cheap hotel in Iloilo with a pool, might be a desirable option for an unwinding start.

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What are some of the popular landmarks/spots in Iloilo?

Jaro Cathedral is the most visited historical place in Iloilo. It is a prominent symbol of Catholicism in the city. A very cheap hotel, OYO 258 Chito's Hotel, is just 4.6kms away from the location. Other popular spots and landmarks include Camina Balay Nga Bato and Vicente Lopez Heritage House. Explicit examples of the arquitectura mestiza style of buildings, the houses are breathtakingly immersed in Filipino heritage and culture. (Don’t forget to try the hot chocolate!) Granting a raw and emotional connection to the nature is the Pawikan Cave and Tangke Lagoon for the eco enthusiasts located in Gigantes Island in Carles Iloilo. Spots like the famous historic street of Iloilo- Calle Real, Lizares Mansion and Sinamay house have never failed to strike an aesthetic intuition in gawkers who visit the city. The Filipino nightlife hits the face like a chilly soothing breeze, and the best place to derive full experience would be the Smallville Complex. Sanson y Montinola, Antillean Ancestral House and Anne Parish Church would be some other sprinkles on the heritage cake to leave you stupefied.

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Which are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO Hotel in Iloilo?

Exploring a new city is great when you have the access to the entire world in your hands. An OYO hotel in Iloilo will therefore, always provide free Wi-Fi. OYO strives to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

It serves amenities like AC, Daily housekeeping, Power backup to devoid you of any discomfort. The rooms have beds of all sizes as per you liking, from King-sized to twin-sized and Queen-sized, to get you as snug as a bug in a rug!

Guests are welcome at OYO at any time of the day, so it caters 24/7 check-in with card-payment facility to make the process even more smooth. Iloilo offers a great variety of street foods, but don’t worry if you are still in doubt and cannot pick one, as OYO hotels always have In-house restaurant with multiple cuisines, keeping in mind the international guests and the night owls! In addition, OYO hotels also extend parking facilities, swimming pools and many others.

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What are some of the best destinations around Iloilo for a weekend getaway?

A weekend getaway would be therapeutic if you visit places like Borocay Island, Guimaras, Kalibo, Roxas, and Bacolod. All located along the coastlines , these destinations will soothe your body and serve you with relaxations.

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What is the weather usually like in Iloilo?

The tropical city of Iloilo faces rainfall most months of the year, from June to November. For people who dislike monsoons, August might not be a good time to explore the city. The annual temperature frisks between 22°C and 29°C. February is the driest month recorded although the dry season doesn't last long in Iloilo.

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What all adventure sports does Iloilo offer?

The place attracts people seeking the spice, the risk, something different from everyday blandness and monotone. It is enriched with adventurous sports, chief ones include hiking, biking, motocross, bowling, camping, and dragon boat sports. Hotels near the beach in Iloilo offer an additional sport of Kayaking. Cure all that calls of void!

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Where to eat in Iloilo?

Ilonggo food is exquisite and diverse. Batchoy, a local delicacy of Iloilo is a must-try. It is a noodle soup typically eaten with Puto (steamed rice cake with coconut milk). To have a high old time, the pleasantest places to eat Batchoy would be the Lapaz market, Sta. Barbara, Ted's, Netong's and Deco's. Pancit Molo a famous wanton soup originated in Molo District Iloilo and Kap Ising Panict Molo is the most popular name you will hear if you were looking for the best Pancit Molo ,For someone who wants to deep-dive into the authentic cuisine of Iloilo or someone who appreciates seafood to a great deal, the best place to dine in would be Tatoy’s. A connoisseur of healthy food will find himself inclined towards Live by Healthy Kitchen. For Italian cravings or for a change of scenery, there is Al Dente Ristorante. Some other great places to eat would be Eskinita Food Hall, Summer House Restaurant, Breakthrough, Viking’s, Mango Tree Restaurant, Madge Café and Roberto’s

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Top tips for finding the perfect Iloilo hotel
  • The city is dripping of coastal beauty and calmness, so to add to the whole experience, try to go for the beach-front hotels in Iloilo. They are available in all price ranges, so it’s never a hassle to find your budget hotel in the city.
  • Tourists are perplexed between their options to stay, mainly due to the proximity of the airport. Although a hefty chunk of hotels is in the crux of the city, there are plenty of pension houses in the outskirts. On the one hand, these cheap hotels in Iloilo are near the airport but might lack amenities. On the other hand, hotels in the city are far from the airport but often have the facility of the airport shuttle. The decision relies on choice, and which deal is pocket-friendlier.
  • Iloilo has a warm climate. Walking and traveling in the scorching heat will drain you out. It would be a smart decision to book hotels with bathtub. If there is an issue of privacy, then there are numerous hotels with jacuzzi in the room too. You can relax after a long day out and replenish your energy for the next day of adventure.
  • It is advised to inquire about the details and itty-bitty concerns- like cancellation policies- about the hotel beforehand, to make the trip peaceful. Iloilo hotels’ contact numbers are just one google search away.
  • March is the most crowded month. Iloilo hotels’ room rates hike and rooms rarely remain available. It is advised to avoid this month for traveling in the city.
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How do people in Iloilo usually commute?

Jeepneys (called Jeep) is the normative means of transportation in Iloilo. They are cheap great for traveling short distances throughout the city

Train: There is currently no railway system running in the city.

Take a walk/cycle: Sikad (manual bikes) and cycles (motorbikes) are popular means of transportation because of the busy traffic and narrow roads.

Airport: Iloilo people routinely take a minivan or a taxi from the airport. Taxi remains the staple commute. Light of Glory, Forbes, and GDR are said to be the most reliable taxi companies in the city.

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What are some of the things to see and do in Iloilo?

Visit the museums: Iloilo is wealthy in artifacts, and some famous museums and displays include Camina Balay Nga Bato, Casa Mariquit, Iloilo Museum of contemporary art, Museo Iloilo and Museum of Philippine Economic History.

Visit the art galleries: Primary Art Galleries of Iloilo would be Molo Mansion and Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art.

Visit the historic sites: Worthy and notable historic sites of Iloilo include Jaro Cathedral, Miagao Church, Dumangas Church, San Joaquin Church, Santa Barbara Church and Convent, Ermita Chapel, Nazaria Lagos monument, Old Iloilo city hall, and Balatang Memorial City Shrine

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