What Makes Khirsu The Best Hill Station For Adventurers?


Want to run away from the maddening heat and stress of the cities? But, the explorer within you will probably not be satisfied with popular tourist spots with a lot of crowds. You need somewhere peaceful and serene to relax and enjoy yourself. Well, you won’t have to look any further. There is a small hamlet named Khirsu, cradled amidst mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls and orchards, located almost 15 km from Pauri Garhwal.

Away from most popular hill stations, this village offers you a simplistic and holistic vacation surrounded by unexplored virgin Nature and utmost serenity which will wash away all your tensions and worries and rejuvenate your mind completely. Apart from the splendid view of the Himalayas and lush green meadows and valleys, Khirsu: hidden gem of Pauri Garhwal also has some really beautiful spots that you must visit.

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When and How to Reach?


Khirsu village enjoys a very comfortable and soothing climate throughout the year and thus you can visit anytime. It is the perfect place to escape to from the terrible summer heat as the weather here in the hills remains chilly and relaxing. Just the right kind of weather to take long walks in for hours without feeling exhausted. Moreover, winters have a charm of their own and the surroundings take on a very unique aesthetic which is a true joy to explore.

The easiest way to reach Khirsu hill station is by taking a flight to Dehradun airport and then taking a bus or cab to the village. You can even take a train to Kotdwara Railway Station from where you can avail a cab to reach the village. You won’t face any issues regarding road connectivity.

Places to Visit in Khirsu


With an abundance of apple orchards and lush green forests in this village, this small hamlet surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges will give you a real taste of solitude and serenity away from civilization. Very few people live here and the way of life is so humble and simplistic that you will be enthralled. The villages look like they have come alive from a child’s painting.

You can spend your time taking long walks through the winding roads or going on a hike through the rich dense forests or even staring at the enchanting views of the mountains without getting bored. However, here are a few other places you can explore while you are here.

1. Kandoliya

Named after Lord Kandoliya, there is a temple dedicated to this God that is a major attraction for devotees from around the country. However, what is even more exciting about this place is that it is home to Asia’s highest stadium located on these mountains. It is a must visit for anyone who goes to this village. Along the drive, you can also admire the gorgeous views of the Himalayas and Gangwarsyun valley.

2. Ulka Ghari

Enjoy a thrilling trek or even a relaxing drive to Ulka Ghari which is located at an elevation of 1900 kms. It is the perfect place to admire the picturesque views of the Himalayan Mountains as well as the magical misty valleys. It is truly a sight to behold! Enjoy the scenic beauty while sipping delicious coffee or tea and that’s the best kind of relaxation you will ever need.

3. Deval Garh

One of the most famous temples in the region, it is dedicated to Goddess Raj Rajeshwai and is one of the best examples of Garhwal architecture. Devotees from all around the country flock to this temple every year. Moreover, the scenic beauty of this place is unparalleled. With the majestic temple surrounded by magnificent snow covered mountains and dense alpine forests, the experience is truly surreal.

4. Dhari Devi

Located on the banks of the River Alokhnanda, this temple is very famous for being one of the most religiously significant destinations of Goddess Kali. Spend some time here with the sound of the river filling your soul with tranquillity and peace. The experience is very enriching, spiritually. The drive through the Srinagar-Badrinath highway is also very idyllic and memorable.

What else to do while you’re in Khirsu?


Khirsu has ample options available for accommodation that you can choose from, depending on your budget. However, the best way to explore and appreciate the best of the village and the raw beauty of Nature is to opt for one of the homestays here. You will be mesmerised by the warm hospitality and friendly attitude of the villagers who will do everything in their power to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Indulge in local delicacies and other Garhwali and Kumauni dishes such as chainsoo, gahat, kapaa and aloo ke gutke and embrace their simplistic lifestyle to have the most amazing vacation! You will find this experience to be very therapeutic indeed.

The Unexplored Fairyland

Khirsu: hidden gem of Pauri Garhwal is truly a slice of paradise amidst the marvellous mountain ranges and valleys surrounding it. It is offbeat and thus you can enjoy the peace and quiet that this beautiful village has to offer without any interruptions. Relax and unwind here as time slows down and Nature takes you on a journey through forests and orchards with the sounds and smells of the land enchanting you every step of the way.

Wrap yourself in your warmest woollens and take long strolls without any particular destination in mind and you will be surprised by the new nooks and crannies you discover every day. Nothing can be better than being somewhere far away from the city life that soaks your energy away. Visit this small village and re-energize and reawaken your mind and soul. Do not forget to bring your camera as there are so many wonderful places to see and admire. This place is the right mix of beauty and thrill, thereby offering the perfect vacation for an adventurer like you.

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