Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan- An Energetic Rave Party

Rajasthan Festival

Rajasthan is India’s quintessential land of maharajas and medieval forts, palaces and tigers, and kaleidoscopic festivals. With such a rich history and grandeur, the splendid state of Rajasthan is truly the jewel in India’s crown.

Rajasthan is a state usually known for its rich legacy and colorful history. However, Rajasthan also hosts the legendary Magnetic Fields music festival at the Alsisar Mahal. A contemporary, forward-thinking festival, Magnetic Fields is India’s premier boutique festival. It is more than just a music festival. It gives you a chance to discover India’s traditional folk music, experience some of the country’s finest performance artists, savor local delicacies, and listen to storytellers weave tales of intrigue or just relax and unwind in the premises.

This year, the Magnetic Fields festival will be held from 13 December to 15 December at the Alsisar Palace, where it is always held in Rajasthan. This palace was earlier the residence of the Thakur of Alsisar and has now been turned into a heritage hotel with jaw-dropping frescoes. This mahal lies in the historically and artistically rich land of Shekhawati’s Alsisar village. The 17th century battle-hardened Alsisar Mahal stands tall with fabulous grandeur and exudes a glorious history that echoes with thrilling tales of valor and sacrifices even today. The enchanting Magnetic Fields festival is held in this palace, which gives an irresistible traditional touch to this modern festival. If you’re looking for a surreal adventure, then forget those mainstream festivals. This is something that you should look forward to instead. Something that can change your life. In short, it’s one of a kind.

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How Do I Get There?

Getting to the Magnetic Field Festival is a bit of a task. Situated in a remote village called Alsisar, Rajasthan, there are only a few ways you can get to this place. Your options are:

Train: You’ll find a daily train from Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi to Sadulpur junction (4hours). You’d then have to hail a cab to Alsisar (45min)

Car: The fastest way to Alsisar by road is to travel through Jaipur (around 4 hours). If you’re coming from Delhi expect your travel time to be around 6 hours.

Flight: Fly directly to Jaipur if you’re coming especially for the festival. Otherwise, you can chart your route accordingly.

Where to Stay?

If you don’t want to splurge on the hotel tickets, which are quite expensive, you will get plenty of space on the festival grounds to set up your tent. You can also get various packages that include staying, food, amenities, tent, etc. If you are interested, you can check out their website and make arrangements accordingly. If you already have sorted your stay there, and just need a ticket, you can book that too. And, there is always the option of setting up your tent.

Artist Line Up

Magnetic Field Festival

Every year, different artists from all over the world perform at the Magnetic Fields Festival. At the Magnetic Field Festival, there are plenty of artists playing all kinds of genres. Ranging from techno, rock and indie to house, underground and reggae, the list goes on. Most of these artists aren’t heard of on the mass scale. But if you’re really into music, partying all night, meeting new people from all around the world, then this is a festival you must visit. We bet you’ll have your groove on all the time!

Some of the artists playing at the festival this year are- Maribou State (Live), Daniel Avery, Deena Abdelwahed, Kohra, Natasha Diggs, and Kamma & Masalo among others.

What Can You Look Forward to at the Festival?

There are a plethora of things you can do at the Magnetic Fields festival. The grounds are dotted with food stalls serving local and international cuisines. There are also beverage stalls to quench your thirst. There are also various workshops you could take part in like photography, The Magneto Sanctuary for the mind-body and soul, Tatwa for awareness, meaning and emotional support and many more. 

The best underground music, a crazy three day party, lazing in the desert, making tattoos in a teepee, watching the sunset from the rooftop, flying kites, drinking in an underground dungeon, attending secret parties, star gazing, meditating with fellow travelers and dancing the night away in a heritage Rajasthani palace is just a part of the magic you can expect at this festival.

If you are a fan of music festivals like the famous Tomorrowland in Belgium, then you should not miss Magnetic Fields. The experience here is unparalleled, and some even say that it is like the Mecca of music lovers. More than a festival, it is altogether a way of life. The festival is a melting pot of talent, culture, art, and music. The mystical air, the freezing weather, the dreamy heritage palace or the Bedouin vibe give this place an unparalleled surreal experience, which can’t be described in words.

Magnetic Fields is an amalgamation of all things dynamic, maverick, and highly joyous – it will allow you to explore different spots, places, and cultures across the world. A weekend at this desert festival is something you need to tick off your list. Magnetic Fields is a three-day music and art festival held every December right in the middle of a desert in a small village called Alsisar in Rajasthan. Hosting several artists from across the world this is a beautiful mix of contemporary culture and royal hospitality. The festival extends way beyond music; it’s where history, tradition, and talent come together to give visitors a surreal and magical escape perfect for letting loose and finding themselves. Since it is set up in the dunes of Rajasthan, around the famous Alsisar palace, it’s almost like a Bedouin oasis.

The entire festival is an amalgamation of music and culture with talent and tradition. Partying in a 17th-century palace is nothing short of a dream. Imagine living in the middle of a desert with a crowd that is so disconnected from the outside world. The only element bringing people together is the music, the vibe and love for living life. With the gorgeous palace as a backdrop, the campsite is a playground for the crazies.

The Crowd

Magnetic Field Festival

This festival attracts crazy and enlivened souls and happy energies from all around India. They come here in their best form to live up Alsisar’s vibe. The crowd comprises of posh hippies from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities along with fun travelers from all around the world. Since the passes are not cheap, neither is the crowd. People are well behaved, super dressy, civilized and a delight to party with. Everyone has just one goal here- to let loose and enjoy themselves to the fullest.


There are two types of accommodation provided by the festival.

A Stay in the Palace:

If you want to experience the best of Rajasthani royalty, you should spend a night in one of the palace rooms. The grand courtyards and the magnificent heritage suites allow you to live like a king for three days. These rooms are likely to sell out first so make sure to book it well in advance.

Desert Camping:

If you want to get a taste of the nomadic life, then you can choose for desert camping. Adjacent to the palace, about 100 mts away is this huge camping site where they have all sorts of lodging options. If you are craving for a peaceful, nomadic experience, then these tents are your best bet. 

The Festival Experience

Magnetic Field Festival

Every single year the line up varies with tons of local and international artists showcasing their talent. This is not your regular commercial gig – Magnetic Fields is all about putting homegrown talent right up in the front. Expect crazy music, mesmerizing effects, a happy crowd and maybe Shazam in your hand.

What sets this apart from other music festivals is the beautiful and grand set up. The entire festival takes place in the magnificent Alsisar Palace. The grounds and the gardens are converted into different stages. They are all open-air and have a vibe of their own. Just the thought of dancing the night away in a king’s palace is so enticing! People are free to move anywhere in the palace at any given time. If you want to get away from the loud music you can relax in the courtyard, enjoy the folk music, stargaze on the terrace, warm yourself up with a bonfire, sip drinks in an underground dungeon bar or relish a delicious meal in the organic garden restaurant on the rooftop. Honestly, they’ve taken the Rajasthani grandeur and hospitality to another level. It is one of the best underground music scenes in India.

Apart from the insane party scene, Magnetic Fields also hosts a zillion classes and workshops to hone up the creative soul within you. Since this is also a cultural festival there are tons of other things to do around like kite flying, bonfire conversations, folk dance and music, yoga classes, meditation and reiki sessions, relaxed sundown session, treasure hunts and stargazing on the palace rooftop. The festival also hosts a session called Magnetic Words where India’s fine and talented writers, activists, and journalists come together to network and share their wisdom.

In addition to all this, there are many shopping stalls at the campsite where you can indulge in some gypsy buys. The entire desert and palace area is open for everyone to come and relax, stare at the pink skies during sunset, make new friends, experience the royal culture and soak in that gypsy vibe.

Be Prepared for the Weather

The weather here drops drastically at night, so it is advisable to carry layers of woolen clothes. Days are quite pleasant but nights can get unbearably cold. You won’t feel that in the crowd but once you step out to go to your tent, you will feel the ice-cold air against your skin. 

The Magnetic Fields Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime event. People from across India visit Alsisar Palace in December just to attend this festival. It is something you should experience!

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