These Goan Homestays Are What Dreams Are Made Of, So Gamble!!

GOA, a name that makes everyone’s eyes gleam with wonder and excitement. Be it the youngsters who need an excuse to party, or leisure travellers looking to ease their stress off with the sight of the backwaters. It has something to offer everyone, the plate is full. Lush green views with an unadulterated charm, Arabian Sea and sand acts as a catalyst and makes it a happy place for most tourists, always plugging-in as the must-go place for everyone. The only place probably which offers tranquillity as well as carnival-like spirit and manages to give a high to whosoever visits it.

Thus, when such happy places let you roll around, enjoy the vibe and the joy of getting to experience a true-blue Goan experience by grabbing a bumper deal through homestays of OYO. Homestays in Goa are a hospitality category that gets neglected due to high prices. We have that sorted for you, no more trouble of fighting for the room with a sea-view that was promised to you or battling AC issues in the humidity of Goa. These accommodations shall keep you lulled with your own preferences and help you pick a place in north Goa for partying with friends or some leisure time in South Goa with your partner or family. Here is a list of places that you can crash at, not costing a bomb, yet completely worth it.

Top 15 homestays in Goa that are the real deal!

1. OYO Home 10868 Portuguese 3BHK Villa

#1 homestay in Goa
 #1 out of 18 homestays in Goa

This villa will pump you with a strong punch of Portuguese feels, adorned with mirrors and poster beds. A true beachy Goan holiday home, amongst the plethora available out there.

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2. OYO Home 23683 Luxurious 2BHK Goa Velha

 #2 Homestay of 18 Homestays in Goa
#2 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

A spacious avenue for you to unfurl on a leisurely vacation, filled with décor elements to keep you aligned with the beachy vibe of the city, an independent sit-out with fairy lights make sure that you don’t have to go out to get sloshed. A shining star in the Goa holiday homes bracket.

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3. OYO Home 15593 Bohemian 1BHK

Beach-side home🌊 #3 Homestay of 18 Homestays in Goa
#3 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

You won’t have to step out to admire the burning sky over the horizon or the rising ebb and flow of the Arabian Sea. Canopied amidst the coconut palm foliage of lush Goa. An ideal homestay in Goa to keep you whooshed with happiness and cheer of the city. The swimming pool makes for the missing piece of the puzzle and adds on to the worthy vacation.

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4. OYO Home 9354 Boutique 1BHK

#4 homestay in Goa
#4 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Make sense of your life as you take some time off to sail smoothly. Rejuvenate yourselves as you dive deep in the pool and invite your friends over for a drink, or two. Befitting homestay in Goa making it a good-enough deal for a weekend trip.

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5. OYO Home 9788 Captivating 1BHK

#5 Homestay of 18 Homestays in Goa
#5 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Step into this fairy-tale homestay in Goa, with a delicate, flimsy charm. Drawing a bridge between your imagination and contemporary, this home feels like a breath of fresh air, in the rather standard Goa Holiday Homes.

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6. OYO Home 11707 Nostalgic 2BHK

#6 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

The childhood days that were spent in hustling through scoring points on Mario, Lego and Pac-man are back. Make the most of it as you book this place which shall let all your adulting go to oblivion. Whoosh all your demons away as you get back to the fighter spirit. Situated at the edge of the Arabian Sea is an advantage that gives a quintessential touch. A level-up for all the Goa Holiday Homes that are awaiting your arrival.

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7. OYO Home 11901 Bikers Paradise 2BHK Candolim

#7 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

An experience in itself, for bikers, passion for biking is shared by a small fraction of people. Letting them feel like the mainstream following, posing as the perfect catch for riders is what this home is designed for. Adding a unique card to the kind of Homestays in Goa we have, this must-be checked-into.

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8. OYO Home 14299 Luxurious 2BHK Near Museum of Goa

#8 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Unwind at this charming place that makes for a perfect retreat, drawing you in towards the classy interiors. Drop in the soothe and solace that this home serves. A winning home giving exclusively the feels of Goa. A pleasure for people looking for Homestays in Goa.

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9. OYO Home 24176 Sea View Stay

#9 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

An epitome of the perfect beach house, at the Anjuna Beach. This cottage-like home let you admire the beach as you kick-in the party mode. Beach, sun, and sand are what encompasses this whole experience. The beaming rays of the rising sun and the raw beauty of dusk with the change in Arabian waters make this as “the cottage” among cottages in Goa, special.

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10. OYO Home 24001 Exotic Cottages

#10 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

A palm-fringed avenue to keep you in touch with the serenity of Goa and the large pool shall drown all your worries. Enclosing you safely, away from the madness of Goa’s party fever, this home is an ideal respite that would keep you aligned with the leisurely feel. A picture-perfect adobe and a rare, yet special in the variety of cottages in Goa.

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11. OYO Home 12783 Beach facing Cottage

#11 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Right at the Calangute Beach, this cottage-home feels like a dream. Filled with warmth and delicious sea-food in a shack shall lure you to live out the madness of a beach vacation. Close to all the party places of the city, cottages in Goa is one of the best ways to live like a local and get lost in the crowds.

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12. OYO Home 9360 Peaceful Studio

#12 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Nurtured with love and care of this beachy city, this haven makes for a peaceful vacation stay in the midst of sun-kissed sands. With a hushed and homely appeal to it, feel the tranquillity and forget all your troubles. This homestay shall let you wrap your head around the real serenity that Goa has to offer.

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13. OYO Home 11900 Exotic 3BHK

#13 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

A commodious place that allows you to sit back and relax at the end of a day and admire the sunset. The view would make you feel blessed to have chosen this homestay, which has a surreal appeal to it. The rocky and coarsy beach of Siridao has a distinct beauty to it, which is worth admiring.

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14. OYO Home 12998 Modern 2BHK

#14 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Veiled into the canopy of Palm Trees, feel the homely comfort as you settle into this heavenly refuge, which gives off a charm of unbridled luxury. Close to Panaji and Reis Magos Fort, explore the rich culture of Goa, as the remnants are easy to get to.

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15. OYO Home 12867 Luxurious 2BHK

#15 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Unwind at this lovely home near Goa International Airport and Dabolim Railway Station, which captures the spellbinding charm and affluence of the city. This retreat feels like a cosy little world of your own, away from the swirling pace that life is flowing and lets you settle in. The soft hues and lighting add a charm that makes for a rare experience in the veritable homestays, Goa has to offer.

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16. OYO Home 22730 Pool View 1BHK

#16 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

When the monochrome chores of life go to your head, this home makes for a lovely abode. With Chapora Fort, a stone’s throw away and Hill View Vagator closeby, location seems like a make-believe place. A stay at this delightful adobe with a pool for rejuvenation shall make your holiday a charm.

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17. OYO Home 37712 Elegant 2bhk Fatrade

#17 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

This hearth-like stay would let you explore the quieter side of Goa. A drive away from Fatrade Beach and away from the hustle of the party culture that perpetrates the length of this city. Enjoy a beer as you spend some peaceful moments at the edge of Arabian Sea which can be reached in a few minute’s drive from this haven, a winner in the list of Homestays in Goa.

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18. OYO Home 18439 Dazzling 2BHK

#18 out of 18 Homestays in Goa

Close to NH66 and Thivim Railway Station, this place shall make it a cake-walk for you to travel till here and around. Filled with solace, it will win your heart and make you return to this city, that hold such special remnants of the yesteryears culture of Portuguese reign. Settle comfortably at this home and make memories for a lifetime.

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Make time and get high on the vacay experience in Goa at these affordable, yet classy homestays provided by OYO.

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