Amritsar Guide For Foodies- Top Treats You Simply Cannot Miss!


What to eat in Amritsar?

1. Langar ka Khana

The Golden Temple in Amritsar, and any other gurudwara in the city, serves delicious Langar Food and you would have not experienced the cuisine of Amritsar unless you have eaten here. The Langar Prasad is completely vegetarian and the kitchen happens to be one of the largest in the world. The food is very delicious and nutritious and mostly comprises of rotis, lentils, a vegetable, kheer and lassi. The langar in the Golden Temple feeds more than a million people every day and the kitchen is operated entirely by volunteers.

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2. Naan, Kulcha, Parathas, and Tandoori Roti

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Amritsar is known for various kinds of rotis and naans and the kulchas are no less famous. The Parathas are a different level altogether. No dish is complete without two or three of these delicious flatbreads. The Amritsari Kulcha deserves special mention because it is often laced with garlic and that extra taste and flavor. The Naan that you get here is super soft, and is often served with a dollop of butter. The Parathas are equally delicious and they are available with stuffing of potato, cauliflower and even radish. Even a couple of these parathas with a side of pickles is sure to make your day. Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar is a well known joint where a wide range of flat breads are sold and they are simply delicious.

3. Amritsari Fish Tikki

While the Punjabis are known for their love of chicken, the Amritsari Fish Tikki will steal your heart with the first bite. The fish is coated in a light batter and fried golden brown till it is crisp. It is one of the most popular evening snacks and no get-together or picnic is complete without these delicious nuggets of fish. It is often served with a side of salad and mint or pudina chutney. This is one of the most popular street food in Amritsar.

4. Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Butter Masala

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There are quite a few dishes of Chicken that are popular in Amritsar and in other regions of Punjab but these two are definitely the most popular ones. The Tandoori Chicken is grilled to perfection after it has been left to marinate for a few hours in a well-made marinade made from yoghurt and an assortment of spices. It is the perfect starter to every meal. The Chicken Butter Masala has the chicken dipped in a buttery and velvety gravy which will simply melt in your mouth and is the perfect side dish to your paratha or naan. You cannot leave Amritsar without trying out these two very popular chicken dishes.

5. Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag

Makki di Roti are somewhat thicker rotis made from unprocessed grains and the roti is more or less a staple in the rustic regions of Punjab. However, they are also available in Amritsar and you can have it in Kesar da Dhaba. The roti is mostly accompanied by Sarson da Saag, which is a preparation made from the leaves of the mustard plant. There is a slightly pungent smell to the dish but that is what makes it so likable. It is a complete meal and is very popular among vegetarians.

6. Lassi

Lassi is more or less a staple drink in Punjab and every meal has to end with a glass of Lassi. While the regular lassi has no flavoring and is made from yoghurt beaten to a thick consistency, a number of flavored lassis are now also available like mango lassi and strawberry lassi. There is nothing like a glass of cold lassi to beat the summer heat. Drinking lassi also increases the dairy intake and that is one of the reasons why the Punjabis are so fit and healthy. It is so refreshing and keeps one away from the aerated drinks sold elsewhere.

7. Paya

This is a popular Mutton dish in Amritsar and is made from the leg pieces of goat. The pieces are simmered for long and low heat in a gravy which is then packed with flavor because of the slow cooking. This is more or less like a broth and is the perfect food on winter nights and is best tasted with parathas. Paya is also more or less a staple in most dhabas across Amritsar and other cities of Punjab.

8. Kulfi

When it comes to the sweet dishes of Amritsar, the Kulfa takes the cake. It is a multi layered sweet dish, which has a bed of phirni, and is then topped with ice cold kulfi. Then there is rabri on top and it is then garnished with falooda, pistachios and dry fruits. It has the most amazing taste and is sort of Amritsar specialty. Amritsaris are known for making this dish whenever there is a special guest coming and especially for the bride and groom during weddings.

9. Pinni

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Pinni is offered as a Prasad in the Golden Temple and is very highly revered by the people of Amritsar. It is a sweet dish made from dairy and is very delicious. It has a lot of ghee and when stored properly, it can last many days. This is why it can be made in large batches and stored whenever there is a festival or a celebration. It is also very easy to overeat this sweet dish, because it is so delicious.

10. Jalebi and Gajar ka Halwa

The Jalebi is a popular sweet item throughout India but somehow it tastes sweeter and better in Amritsar. Some varieties also have a pinch of saffron, or kesar, added to it, which enhances its tastes and color even more. There is something so delicious about biting into a sweet jalebi after eating a spicy dish. The Gajar ka Halwa is equally popular, with the dish made by grating carrots and cooking it with lots of ghee, sugar and dry fruits. It is the perfect dessert for a meal.

You will find no dearth of food options in Amritsar and many people come back here to their favorite joints just to taste their favorite dishes all over again.

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