Exploring India’s East: The Many Faces Of Cherrapunji

To put things simply, the eastern part of the country is an untapped jewel. All those who wish to keep aside all of the mainstream tourist attractions in order to explore some of the lesser-known gems can give Cherrapunji a try. Cherrapunji, with all its natural beauty and charm, is a place that would appeal to all of the nature lovers out there. Book hotels in Cherrapunji and enjoy a memorable stay in one of India’s most beautiful tourist places.

Cherrapunji is one of the picturesque places in India’s east. Also, it is a melting pot of cultures and offers people to get insights regarding the richness and diversity of India’s northeast.

How to Reach Cherrapunji?

Since Cherrapunji does not have a functional airport, it becomes difficult for people to travel to this tourist attraction. However, those planning to travel to Cherrapunji by air can get down at the Umroi Airport in Shillong. The Airport is located at a distance of 53 km from Cherrapunji, and can be accessed through road. Hotels in Cherrapunji need to be booked well in advance as the place is thronged by tourists throughout the year.

By train, the route to Cherrapunji would take you through some of the most picturesque towns in the country, including Gauhati. However, train journeys to Cherrapunji are expected to be long and tiring. According to estimates, it takes close to two days for people to travel from Delhi to Cherrapunji by train. Get down at Gauhati and hire a bus to reach Cherrapunji from Gauhati as a distance of about 150 km tens to separate both the cities. Also, get hotels in Cherrapunji booked as early as possible because hotels in Cherrapunji tend to get filled up really quickly once the tourist season gets underway.

Where to Stay in Cherrapunji?          

The good thing about Cherrapunji is: it has various budget hotels that can be availed by the tourist parties with ease. All those who want to explore the very best of India’s northeast should make it a point to get a hotel booked in Cherrapunji as soon as possible.  Cherrapunji has always been known for the budget hotels that it has on offer for all the visitors. Cherrapunji hotels may not be equipped with the most luxurious interiors, but these hotels do offer the audiences with all of the amenities to help them make their stay comfortable.

Try Out Some of Cherrapunji’s Best Delicacies

Pork lovers would certainly love to visit Cherrapunji. Pork is eaten with just about everything is n Cherrapunji. Pork can be combined with rice to give rise to a wholesome (and delicious) meal. Also, do not forget to try out the Khasi delicacies of Cherrapunji, including the ever-popular Dohkileh and Pukhlein. Enjoy the best pork preparations in Cherrapunji and be prepared to put your taste buds on fire. Book Cherrapunji hotels near some of the best restaurants in the region and explore the rich and diverse cuisine of Meghalaya.  Various exciting varieties of pork are there to be tried out by the foodies.

The Best Places in Cherrapunji for Visitors

Double-Decker Bridge
This living root bridge is one of the most visited places in Cherrapunji. A striking feature of the bridge is its construction. It needs to be noted that this bridge is a manmade wonder. The Khasi tribe has its brains behind the construction of this living-root bridge. An adventurer’s delight, the bridge is a must visit for you if you eat and drink adventure for breakfast. The travellers’ physical ability and strength would be put to test during a trip to the bridge. Also, book Cherrapunji hotels need to be booked well in advance in order to enjoy the stunning beauty of this north-eastern jewel. Visit this bridge when it is raining and you would able to experience the stunning beauty of Cherrapunji.

Seven Sister Falls                                                

The place is ideal for those who wish to explore the best of Meghalaya. It is a pristine beauty that has been preserved for ages. Those planning to visit the East Khasi Hills District should make it a point to visit this natural wonder without fail. The lush green surroundings end up lending this place a divine look and feel. Also, this waterfall is the darling of almost all the photographers.

Dawki is a small river town that is located at a distance of about 80 km from Shillong. All those who wish to go boating in Dawki can do so as this town houses one of the cleanest rivers in the country (Umngot). Located in the lap of the Jaintia hills, boating in Dawki is an experience that no one would ever forget. Also, book Cheerapunji hotels as soon as possible as this place happens to be a hot property for all the travel freaks in the country. Dawki is a place that nature lovers and marine enthusiasts cannot afford to miss or skip.

Mawkdok Dympep Valley

The valley happens to be a natural delight for those who wish to enjoy and witness the rich scenic beauty that is associated with India’s northeast. Explore the vast green stretches of the Mawkdok Dympep Valley and do not forget to go ziplining in the vicinity. All those who wish to take a break from their hectic work life (and responsibilities) can pay this valley a visit. Book hotels in Cherrapunji right at this moment or they’d get filled within no time once the tourist season begins.


Shop Around in the Streets of Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is the ideal place for all those who wish to buy oranges of the highest quality. Some of the best oranges in the country come from the orchards of Cherrapunji. All those who love oranges can try out the various street vendors scattered around Cherrapunji. Also, tribal handicrafts and jewellery happen to be a popular attraction in Cherrapunji, and both of these are bought quite frequently by the people visiting the region.

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