Sagar– The Switzerland Of Madhya Pradesh

Sagar lake

Geographically, almost in the center of India is the small town of Sagar, a quaint little town situated along the Vindhya Range and replete with water bodies. It is located at a short driving distance from the capital of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal and can be reached in roughly 4 hours. Sagar University is one of the main reasons why Sagar is very well known across the state. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the university in the year 1946 and it is said that he came up with the phrase ‘Switzerland of Madhya Pradesh’, as he viewed the town of Sagar from the premises of the university. Ever since the town has been popular among leaders of the country and was also included in the much-anticipated Smart Cities Mission of PM Narendra Modi.

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History of Sagar

Much like the other cities of Madhya Pradesh, Sagar enjoys a rich history. The modern-day Sagar as we know it was home to the capital of the Indian Kingdom of Chedi, known as Suktimati. Sagar’s history is largely unknown before the year 1022 AD. However, there are records available for the 1000 years after that and it has been an interesting location for the rules of the erstwhile times.

Sagar was founded in the year 1660 by the ruler Udenshah when he built a small fort near a small pond. After the year 1735, the city was ruled by Peshwas, out of which a small part was ceded in 1818 to the East India Company. Thereafter, there were several changes in the administration of Sagar till the year 1861 when it formed part of Commissioner’s Province called Central Provinces.

Places to see in Sagar

Sagar is the right place that serves as a source of inspiration for artists such as poets, painters, and writers. The spot is ethereal in the true sense of the word, and while there are not a lot of places to visit and experience here, the few that are here certainly should not be missed. Sagar Lake is the most important among these since it is an imperative part of Sagar tourism. Other important places to visit in Sagar are religious sites. Here are some of the places which should be definitely paid a visit during your trip to Sagar.

1. Eran and Makronia

Eran is a site that has great historical value, while Makronia is a Dargah dedicated to Bujurg Hazrat Sayyed Makraan Saha Wali Rahmatullah Alleh. The latter is the most revered place in the town as it houses the Osho Hill which is believed to be the meditation site of Acharya Rajneesh.

2. Dhana Airstrip

The Dhana Airport is located here, which is the base for Chimes Aviation Academy. The 3000-feet asphalt runway is certainly a treat to watch for visitors.

Other places to visit in Sagar include Phuler Mela Mahadev Temple, Shri Raj Mandir Bhapel and Radha Talkies.

Several other temples including Gopal Ji Temple, Shree Gulab Baba Mandir Sagar, Dharma Shri Mandir, Mangalgiri Mandir, Jwala Mata Mandir should also be visited during a visit to Sagar. This makes it an ideal place to visit for a short trip for families, especially those residing in nearby cities.

Location and how to reach

Sagar is fairly easy to reach from all parts of India, owing to its geographic location. It can be found right at the center on the map of India and is very close to Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

By Road: It is located at a distance of 170 km from Bhopal, which is a comfortable driving distance. You can easily get a bus to Sagar from Bhopal and also other cities of Madhya Pradesh and bordering states.

By Rail: There is a railway station in Sagar, and it is connected with other cities of the country. The railway station goes by the name Sougar Railway Station, which was the name of the town previously. There is another local railway station in Sagar known as Saugar Makronia. While one may find it difficult to connect Sagar with the major cities of the country via railroad, it will certainly not be difficult to visit any city in the country via connecting trains.

By Air: If one is to travel by air to reach Sagar, one has to book a flight to Bhopal or Jabalpur. The airports are two of the three busiest airports of Madhya Pradesh. While Jabalpur Airport is situated at a distance of 144 km from Sagar, Bhopal is approximately 175 km away. It may take 3-4 hours to reach Sagar from either of these airports. Taxis are easily available from the airports to reach Sagar.

Distance from nearby popular cities

Sagar to Jhansi: 202 km (approx. 4 hours)

Sagar to Jabalpur: 161 km (approx. 3.5 hours)

Sagar to Bhopal: 170 km (approx. 3.5 hours)

Sagar to Gwalior: 311 km (approx. 6 hours)

Sagar to Indore: 359 km (approx.. 7 hours)

Weather of Sagar

The summers tend to get very hot in Sagar and can touch 45 degrees at times. Thus one may avoid summer to visit the town. Winters are not very cold and the average temperature is around 20 degrees making it nice and comfortable. In fact, temperatures remain pleasant from October to April, and this should ideally be a good time to visit Sagar. The monsoon showers quite a lot and if you’re making plans to visit Sagar from July to September, you might want to keep a few days buffer in case rains spoil your travel plans.

Weekend getaways from Sagar

Owing to the location, Sagar holds a plethora of opportunities for the tourists to have quick weekend getaways. Some of the must-visit places around Sagar include:

1. Bhopal

This capital city of Madhya Pradesh is considered to be one of the greenest of the country. There are several natural as well as man-made water bodies that add to the beauty of the city and make the visit worthwhile. There are many tourist attractions in the city like the Bhimbetka Rock Caves and Upper lake that attract tourists from all over. Besides, for all the food-lovers, Bhopal’s Lazeez Hakeem restaurant is a treat. Bhopal is only 169 km from Sagar and it takes only a 3 to 4-hour drive to reach here.

2. Khajuraho

Temple Khajuraho

The main attraction of this place is the Khajuraho temple complex in addition to other small temples and historical places. What attracts tourists to Khajuraho is not just the beauty and architecture of the temples, but also the fact that all the temples are different from one another. The main temples that tourists can visit in the complex are the Brahma temple, Lakshmana temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple, and Varaha temple. Khajuraho is only 207 km and about a 4 to 5-hour drive from Sagar.

3. Pachmarhi


Sitting in the lap of Satpura hills, Pachmarhi is a beautiful hill station located in a corner of Madhya Pradesh. Given its location, Pachmarhi is sometimes also referred at Satpura ki Rani. The small hill station offers a wide range of tourist attractions such as breathtaking viewpoints, lush green forests, rock-cut caves, and spectacular waterfalls. In addition to these, there are some places in Pachmarhi which should not be missed at any cost. These include the Sunder Kund, Catholic Church, Pandav Caves, and the Satpura National Park. Pachmarhi is also home to cave paintings which are as old as 10,000 years. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Pachmarhi is the Jamuna Parbat which you are will come across several times during your visit. This hill has magnificent beauty and supplies water to Pachmarhi. The hill station is 225 km from Sagar and it takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach here.

Where to stay in Sagar

Sagar is a small town and it is safe to say that you can choose to find a hotel to stay which suits your personal needs. You can choose one close to the railway station, or one near Sagar Lake. There are several options available on Railway Station Road and the hotels are available in different budget options. However, since Sagar is a small town, the lodging options are fairly reasonable as far as the tariff is concerned. You may also want to select your place of stay depending on facilities available nearby, in which case Tilak Ganj may be a suitable option.

Dotted with temples, and adorned with a beautiful lake, Sagar is a quaint little town that has a rich history. The town was previously called Saugarh, meaning the land of a hundred forts. However, not many can imagine that this peaceful town was once the reason for many battles and negotiations. Not only this, the Sagar University, which is now called Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University establishes the region as one that is rich in knowledge and is a hub for education. Clearly, there more than just a few reasons to visit this small town at the geographic center of India, and artistic inspirations certainly top the list.

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