Capture The Most Beautiful Trek Pictures At Chadar Trek

Capture the Most Beautiful Trek Pictures at Chadar Trek

Are you someone who enjoys trekking and never shies away from challenging activities? Then you must take part in the Chadar Trek at least once in your lifetime! It is one of the most unique and difficult treks where the real challenge is not the rough terrain but the high altitude and harsh weather conditions. Unlike other treks that revolve around complex pathways in mountains and hills, interspersed with the occasional caves and valleys, the Chadar trek is different because it takes place on top of the frozen Zanskar River. The trek follows the route of the frozen river and river banks which can be quite tricky but is equally exhilarating. The best part about this trek is that you can capture the most beautiful trek pictures as the frozen river and the surrounding mountain ranges takes you to a world far away from the one you have known all this time. Trekking in Jammu is one of the most popular and anticipated activities among tourists from all over the world.

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Things to Expect

The trek route will take you through the frosty snow laden Zanskar River and the river banks as well as a magnificent gorge carved by the river which will definitely leave you spellbound. In order to be safe and to truly enjoy the experience to the fullest, you will have to follow the instructions provided by the guide thoroughly. At night, the entire trek party will put up tents and set up camps to enjoy this winter wonderland in the darkness with the star studded night sky as the only source of light. It will be a memorable experience with the whole camp erupting in singing and warm meals. You will get the opportunity to interact with other trekkers and build connections which will be very fruitful. Apart from the awe inspiring surroundings, you will feel like a true explorer and adventurer due to the merciless climate and extremely high altitude of 11,000 ft. that you will be exposed to. The trek will push you out of your comfort zone as you will be away from the luxuries of city life and will have to survive on the bare minimum. However, the marvelous natural beauty and the independence and courage you will feel as you survive each challenge during the trek will truly make it a rewarding experience.

The Most Beautiful Trek Pictures at Chadar Trek

One of the most beautiful aspect of the Chadar Trek is the gorgeous landscapes that you get to experience and so you will get ample opportunities to capture Chadar trek’s most beautiful trek pictures. The snow laden paradise is a culmination of serene beauty and deadly danger which creates the most magnificent aura that can be very hard to explain and thus only photographs can do justice to them.

1. Frozen River Zanskar

Chadar Trek

Walking on snow covered frozen river is one of the most surreal experiences ever. The high altitude and the extremely harsh weather conditions lead to frequent changes in weather, especially during winter months. You will view nature in its freest form and see the Chadar transform itself with the rise and drop in temperature. If there is a rise, the ice layer on the river will thaw and crack and freeze again forming new shapes while the river water will slowly move underneath those thick layers. Trip to Zanskar is going to be unforgettable experience undoubtedly.

2. Dramatic Formations

Chadar Trek

Due to the ever changing nature and the magnificent river Zanskar flowing freely without any manmade interruptions, the river gives rise to various interesting and amazing landscapes. Throughout the trek, you will experience several gorgeous frozen waterfalls that create beautiful textures. Large icicles are formed by these frozen waterfalls that are not only dangerous but also superb. They will form a wall above your head as you walk, like a frozen canopy. Moreover, you will also see air bubbles formed by the river swirling underneath frozen beneath the ice sheets. The chilling snowy winters will also lead to massive and imposing structures of ice and snow along the river banks which add to the marvellous landscape.

3. Surrounding Mountain Ranges

Chadar Trek

 Apart from the frightening beauty of the river trek, the surrounding Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges form the most picturesque setting for the trek. The ice capped mountains and landscape has not much plant or wildlife to boast of apart from the occasional herd of goats. The few trees are mostly barren and blackened that make for amazing subjects against the snowy white backdrops for artistic photographs.

Other Places to Visit in Ladakh

If you are interested in the Chadar trek, you should also explore the whole of Ladakh if you want to experience the best of natural mountainous beauty. The place is surrounded by massive mountains and endless stretches of vacant lands and scenic beauty. Very few people inhabit these lands and thus it is a true escape from the pandemonium and stress of city life. There are a number of beautiful places to visit in Ladakh that represent the cultural heritage as well as the pristine natural beauty. It portrays a harmonious mixture of both Tibetan and Indian cultures that can be seen in their food, architecture and other customs. Some amazing places to visit in Ladakh are – Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Drass Valley, Tsomoriri Lake, Khardung La, multiple exquisite monasteries and more. Due to the high altitude and harsh weather, most of Ladakh still remains unexplored and thus you will get to experience the authentic beauty of virgin nature. Ladakh is also very popular for adrenaline junkies due to the wide array of adventure sports that it offers like rock climbing, mountaineering, river rafting, cycling and more through which you will be able to enjoy the raw rough terrain of Himalayan mountain ranges. Ladakh is full of juxtapositions and surprises, with its warm hospitality and beautiful flora and fauna lying in contrast with the rough weather and terrain that creates a unique ambience.

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