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Summer in Shimla (March to June)

What is Shimla? Not just the capital city of Himachal Pradesh nestled on the foothills of the Great Himalayas. Shimla is the ideal vacation spot to savour snow-capped mountains, serene greenery, pleasant climate, and clear lakes: hence its name “The Queen” of all hill stations. Besides its endearing and mystical beauty, Shimla tourism has a lot more to offer- from historical places to tranquil landscapes and grand festivities. Shimla has pleasant weather throughout the year, but depending on the activities or purpose of your visit, the timings of your trip should be ideal for a pleasant journey of yours. As there is a long list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, picking up the right sites for your trip can be a little daunting, but worry no more as we have got you covered.

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Summer in Shimla (March to June)

Summer in Shimla is the most popular retreat season among tourists as the weather here is just right for a getaway from the dizzying summer climate. Spring season in Shimla begins from March and continues till mid-April; the Summer season in Shimla starts from May and remain till June. The temperature is delightful during this time and stays between 15 to 30-degrees Celsius rightly making it one of the best season to visit Shimla. During this season, the Shimla beautiful wildflowers are in full bloom. Summer is the best time for exploring outdoors and partake in outdoor activities. You can indulge in a variety of adventure sports during this time, such as camping, paragliding, river rafting, hiking, and trekking. If you love hiking head to the Summer Hills, one of the seven hills that form Shimla. Located at the height of 2100 meters, the highlight of this place is, greenery during this time of the year. It is one of the best tourist places to visit Shimla for witnessing a perfect sunrise.

If you are a nature lover or a birdwatcher, your go-to place is the Himalayan Bird Park Sanctuary- also a haven for photographers. It is open only during the summers when you can spot many native Himalayan and exotic birds, hilly slopes, and lush green forests, making it the most visited tourist spot in Shimla. It will be a thrilling experience to watch the common birds found here- peacocks, Himalayan monals etc.

Another ideal place to visit in Shimla in the summer is Shaily Peak. An enchanting landscape with mesmerizing climate, Shaily Peak is situated in the Naldehra Hill Station. You can go trekking to the top by climbing the steep slopes surrounded by dense deodar forests during the summer season, ideally between March and May, which could be a little challenging but all the worth when you reach the peak witnessing the unprecedented view. If you do not wish to walk, you can go for a pony or horse ride to reach the summit. A trip costs approximately 100 INR to 150 INR. It’s ideal for enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

An exciting tale surrounds this place: When Lord Curzon gazed at the pristine beauty of the peak, he built a vast golf course there to enjoy his matches; the Naldehra Golf Course is still highly popular among tourists.

A bevy of exciting festivals takes place in Shimla during the summer such as Holi in March, Baisakhi in April, and Sipi Fair in May. One of the biggest festivities held every year in the Summer is the Shimla Summer Festival at another iconic location ‘The Ridge of Shimla’: featuring folk dances, food fests, sports, and activities. It also takes place in May. So plan your trip accordingly lest you miss the most enjoyed festivities of the season!

The nights during this time are a little chilly, so it is advisable to carry some woollens for the evenings and wear good walking shoes to make it easy to get around, as plenty of places will require a little strolling. Carry some water with you if you are traveling in the daytime.

Monsoon in Shimla: July to October

Monsoon in Shimla: July to October

Monsoon is an offseason for tourists traveling to Shimla. The crowd starts dwindling as the rains approach the hill station. Therefore, if you want to visit Shimla at really inexpensive prices even on the best hotel properties, this is your time to pack your bags. The monsoon often gets extended till the middle of October. It is usually not safe to travel during the rains because of frequent landslides due to heavy rainfall. Shimla receives about 1400 mm of moisture, and the temperature ranges from 14 to 20-degree Celsius. Intense rain takes place in July and August, gradually decreasing from September.  The refreshing greenery and hovering clouds everywhere in the sky is yet another beauty to witness during the monsoons. Carrying an umbrella is the most essential thing while stepping out in the rainy season as the rains are entirely unpredictable. However, that does not stop any work amongst the locals living there. Showers in hill-stations is another aspect of natural beauty to observe. The beautiful greenery and the clean landscapes provoke a tourist’s heart to travel. Make sure to watch the rains patter while sipping a hot mug of coffee or masala tea on the Mall Road.

If you want to go sightseeing, this is the ideal time to take a trip to the Chadwick Falls, graciously cascading from a height of 100 meters. The rise in water level during the monsoon gives the place a quintessential aura. The deodars and dense pine trees surrounding the falls, along with the crisp, cold breeze and the twittering birds, it brings real ecstasy and solitude to the eyes. The word ‘Chadwick’ comes from the words ‘Chidku’ and ‘Jhaar’ meaning sparrows and waterfall respectively, as per the local belief that only sparrows could touch its tip.

Monsoon in Shimla is the time to enjoy one of the greatest festivals, the Rhyali festival, where the locals thank the rain gods for their profuse agricultural produce, a significant source of economy in the land.

Winter in Shimla: November to February

Winter in Shimla: November to February

Winter is a popular season to visit Shimla, especially for snow lovers. The months of December and January witness heavy snowfall, making it the ideal time for skiing. A picturesque location to enjoy tranquil snow-capped mountains during winter is Summer Hills. The average temperature in winter ranges from 5-degree Celsius to -6 degree Celsius. The Shimla Winter Carnival is organized at this time by the government inviting tourists to enjoy several cultural events and games like ice skating, snowmen making, etc.

A surpassing tourist spot to visit in Shimla during winter is Kufri; it is all about tranquil atmosphere, and popularly known as the ‘Switzerland of the East’, located at a distance of 16 kilometres from Shimla rising 2500 meters above sea-level.

Rightly, it is one of the best spots for undertaking adventure activities like hiking or skiing. The hills are snow-clad, making it the best place for skiing during winters. If you are the adventure seeking soul, visit during the “Annual Sports Festival” organized every year for tourists like you.

Some major festivals to witness in the winter season include the Navratri, Diwali, and especially the Bhoj fair in the month of November; December celebrates the joyous Christmas and Ice skating carnival with great pomp and excitement. If you visit Shimla in January, you can enjoy the Lohri festival. You can also participate in the most awaited event of January, the “National Snow Statue Competition”.

Be prepared to see a lot of fellow tourists at this time, mostly honeymooners and families celebrating in the snow land. As this is the peak tourist season, the accommodation and airfares remain significantly high. Hence, it is best to plan your trip beforehand and enjoy your best.

The beauty of Shimla is enrapturing, and the weather is different at different times of the year, making this hill-station an all-time ideal vacation spot among travellers. Now that you know much about the season and the best places to see in Shimla during respective seasons, your Shimla trip is sure to be a memorable one.

Plan according to the purpose of your visit, and under no circumstances shall Shimla disappoint you! Bon, voyage!

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