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Mumbai Summers

The City of Dreams, Mumbai has always given a momentum of pride and glory to its mother nation since time memorial. Abode to Bollywood and the capital of Maharashtra, it plays a crucial role when it comes to identity and recognizance. Mumbai tourism has never failed to cast its magic spell on its visitors. Time and again it has portrayed its warm and welcoming facet in unfathomable quantities. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could ascertain beforehand when to book your hotel and tickets in the best time of the year? Well, then you need to fret no more. This article has successfully addressed best time to travel to Mumbai and also centres on famous celebrations and events around the corner in the city. So here we go!

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Mumbai in Summers

  • As such naturally Mumbai exhibits a tropical wet, humid and dry climate. Summers in Mumbai is a big no-no. Crediting its coastal presence and humid climate, it is recommended to avoid Mumbai from March to May. Temperature ranges from 35- 40 degree Celsius, which can be an inconvenience for a pleasant sightseeing tour. Amidst all the sweat that you would be shading, refreshing ‘chuskis’ and cooling ‘golas’ will be there for your rescue. It is highly suggested that you carry sunscreen, a bottle of water, and shades for your good health and to avoid discomfort in the scorching heat.
  • Since it is summer, it calls out for trying out water sports. You can pay a visit to Essel World, which is the biggest amusement-cum-adventurous park in the country. It will transport you down the memory lane to your childhood, wherein you can sense reminiscence with nostalgia. If you are a pool party person, catch on to some happening pool parties in the town. Mumbai is famous for hosting such parties on a regular basis.
  • Well if not that, you can avail the best of benefits from the unending beaches in Mumbai. The cool breezes of the sea and the waves touching your feet – is a universally loved feeling. Are you too awaiting such a feeling, then Mumbai beaches are here for you. You can start from Juhu to Aksa to Versova Beach or even Marine Drive. Just a casual traipsing across these exquisite destinations is a win in itself.

Mumbai in Monsoons

Mumbai in Monsoons

  • It rains really heavily in Mumbai. Its coastal presence summons rainfall on a persistent note. Monsoon begins from June and continues typically till late September. Rainfall enhances the humidity per cent in this zone, nonetheless, it credits Mumbai with a cleaner and greener look. You must pre-plan your tour into this tinsel town in order to steer clear of overflowing ruts. July witnesses a massive amount of rainfall, which ceases by the end of September. The temperature varies from 30-35 degree Celsius throughout the monsoon.
  • Exploring activities amid the prevailing rain is sort of challenging but it doesn’t come in the way of an avid traveller. You can discover the streets of Chor Bazaar, go out with your special someone to Pawai Beach or wander around the Gateway of India. If you have a thing for photography, these places are your go-to. Mumbai tourism has enough credentials to portray an incredible portfolio of places to hang out and selflessly rove through.
  • Off the one-dimensional hustle and bustle in the city, you get to see Mumbai from a different perspective in the month of September whilst it is Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a ten-day mega festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh where his devotees seek strength and prosperity & celebrated as one of the major festivals in India. It is then when the city is imbued with an air of sanctity and religious fervour. The enormity of the flamboyance and zeal of passion is a trademark of Indian heritage. However, no amount of words can perfectly elucidate the grandeur of this majestic spree. Come and live it.

Mumbai in Winters

Mumbai in Winters

  • Welcoming you aboard to the so-called’ best time to visit ‘month. Winters in Mumbai start from October and persists till February. This periodis considered ideal for touring due to its soothing and serene climate at the moment. Temperature jingles in within 20-25 degree Celsius. It’s not too cold to wear on your sweatshirts or hoodies yet not too hot to sport shorts and capris.
  • You can find copious activities to keep yourself engaged. You can relax around the breezy beaches or stall over in the many parks present. You will be finding local guides at ease, considering the fact that it is a tourist hub- you can seek their help whenever wherever. Also, you may find yourself lucky if you get a pass to attend Mood Indigo, which is Asia’s largest cultural fest. It happens around this time of the month and is a great escape to entertainment.
  • Apart from that, you can also see The Kala Ghoda Festival that is an exhibition that showcases vernacular arts and crafts & is among one of the best & Unique festival in India. Artisans from all around the country come over to exhibit their collection. It conveys a perfect blend of cinema, culture, theatre and celebrating art, all at zero bucks.  There’s room for music lovers too, Banganga Festival of music commemorates the chords and strings in music for all the music lovers in the house. They manifest a splendid studio for karaoke and group acts that performs medleys and on point scores to the audience.

Nevertheless, Mumbai will always embrace its visitors with open hands. There is no as such best time to visit a place but yes there are some plausible hacks that can take it to the top. Pervasively, post monsoons are best time to travel to Mumbai but it’s not like the other seasons aren’t. They too have their own bits of glitz and glam. Travelling is a beautiful experience and one should use this ability to tour and explore as much as supposedly possible. One needs to take a break from the shackles of monotonous work life and travelling is an easy cheat for that, so what are you waiting for? Now that you are aware of the perfect time too, start planning your trips right away without much ado and yes – BON VOYAGE!

 Travel with Love!

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