Lonavala Travel Guide – Best Time To Visit The Place

Monsoon In Lonavala (June To September)

Known for its scenic beauty and enticing charm, Lonavala is a gorgeous hill station in Maharashtra. It is nestled between Mumbai and Pune, and has lured in many adventure junkies and travelers for uncountable years. It is located at about 2047 feet above the ground level and gives a glimpse of its greenery from every corner of the place. With its spellbound beauty, this place has seen a considerable rise in Lonavala tourism with visitors coming from Mumbai & Pune for little weekend getaways. Even people from different regions of the world come to visit here. The name of the hill station is derived from a Sanskrit word Lonavli, which means ‘caves’. The area was ruled by the great Maratha emperor Chattrapati Shivaji, and later it came under Peshwa rulers and at last, was taken over by the British Empire after they defeated Peshwas. Lonavala is popularly known as the jewel of Sahayadri Mountains where one can soak in the hill station’s tranquil and serene charms. With its rich biodiversity, Lonavala looks like a fairyland. It’s a calm and quiet area, so one can take a break and revitalize from their monotonous routine.

There are end number of places to visit in Lonavala like the beautiful Lonavala Lake, Karla caves, Tiger’s Leap, Lohagad Fort and many more. There are many Buddhist shrines carved out on the rocks, featuring massive sculpture and intricate details. If you love to go a nature trail, then visit the Rajmachi wildlife sanctuary that offers a thrilling experience for wildlife fanatics by providing jeep rides to watch the animals. The major attraction of this sanctuary is the highly endangered Indian squirrel. One can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place along with an array of activities to do like waterfall rappelling, caving, trekking & rock climbing. Comfy accommodation for all budgets is available as well. When it comes to food, there are plenty of restaurants available serving decent foods but one should not miss out on the vada pao, pakodas, and chikkis that are famous in the area. The alluring beauty of Lonavala remains untouched from the urban areas and is in its wildest form. The green hills are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, like the nature has blessed this place. The cool mist and gentle breeze will make Lonavala one of your favourite destinations to visit during vacations! If you are on a lookout for a holidaying place in India, pitch Lonavala as your next pit stop on your travel itinerary. Here are further details about the place to help you plan out the trip & explore Lonavala.

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Monsoon In Lonavala (June To September)

This is the e season of pouring rain and zealous emotion. The earthy scents and the sound of rains falling on the ground is a pleasant music in itself. If you have been longing to visit Lonavala but cannot figure out the perfect season, you should be pleased to know that Monsoons are the best time to visit Lonavala! The monsoon fills the lakes to brim and the waterfalls become a glorious outlet of majestic cascading water. The pollutants circulating in the air settles down and gets washed off into the drains making the air cleaner and dust-free to breathe. Lonavala is blessed with abundant greenland and the view during the rain is absolutely breath-taking. Everything about this place becomes more special with the foggy ambiance, refreshing air along with beautiful waterfalls in the backdrop. It will make you want to cease the moment forever.

In addition, Lonavala is one of the best destinations for honeymooners. Nothing can be more romantic than walking in the rain under an umbrella, and stretching out hands to feel the droplets. It is also the number one preferred weekend family destination. For the residents of Pune and Mumbai, visiting Lonavala during monsoons is like a ritual as the road is well-maintained and is an easy drive. Some may consider the terrain during rains a bit risky, but the lush greenery and the glistening hills are worth the risk.

There are many things to do and popular places to visit in Lonavala, such as a visit to the Bushy dam to see the gushing waterfall, complete entertainment kit with cool breezy hilltops and enjoying hot pakoras and tea at Tiger’s Leap, savour the lush green meadows at Rajmachi Fort and take a peep at architectural magnificence at Bhaja caves and the Lohagad fort. Soothe your mind at the Ryewood Park amidst the natural beauty. Not to forget, do visit Pawna Lake to freshen up your body, mind & soul.

If you are an adventure lover, then get set to indulge in some trekking and hiking at the Nagphani and the sausage hill. Waterfall rappelling is one of the most popular & thrilling activities and only available during monsoons. It is at this time that the streams and rivers run full, and all the plateaus drain rainwater into waterfalls at the cliffs. This is why many of the locations for rock climbing turn into spots for waterfall rappelling. Also, it’s an easy activity and is loved by nature enthusiasts.

Lonavala can be visited any time of the year, as the weather remains pleasant throughout, but the views during monsoons tell a different story altogether. So, rejuvenate yourself, and engulf in the vacation vibes in the beautiful rainy season and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Winter In Lonvala (October To February)

Winter In Lonvala (October To February)

‘It is the season to be jolly!’ Undoubtedly, out of all the seasons, winter season is everybody’s top favourite. The gentle chill in the air, crystal night and sparkling white picks of the mountains is the beauty of the season. It is the season of well- deserved relaxation and rebirth of the soul with purity of the winter air.

Winters are the official peak season for Lonavala Tourism when people prefer to spend their relaxed Christmas & New Year vacation at the hilltop. It is the season when monsoon takes a flight, but the weather is still very pleasant. In winters, the temperature remains cool and not chilled, dropping till 12 degrees Celsius. The winter mornings are blissful with the bright sky, warmth of the sunrays and chilly breeze, just perfect for sightseeing. Their unique flora and fauna flourish in the winters and is an absolute awe-inspiring location. This place comes alive in the winter season, and beauty is reflected from every nook and corner of the region, thus, it is also the best time to visit Lonavala.

There is a wide number of sightseeing spots like the view of the apex at Lion’s point, Monkey point for some mischievous activities & having hot corn, enjoying the peaceful time at the banks of Lonavala Lake and many more. One can also enjoy Christmas camping, which is the most exhilarating experience by including trekking or illuminated campsite near Pawna Lake. You can also engage in some exciting adventurous activities like Burma Bridge, zipline, archery, and more. Don’t forget to pack your woollen clothes if visiting during winters. During this time, the prices of the hotels might shoot up but that should not be an issue for missing out on this beautiful place. Book early to get the best deals for places to stay in Lonavala.

Summer In Lonavala (March To June)

Summer In Lonavala (March To June)

Lonavala weather remains refreshing throughout the year. During summers, the temperature can rise up to 34 degrees Celsius making summer days much warmer than nights where the temperature drops down to 16-18 degrees Celsius. There might be occasional showers in the evening but that is a rare situation. The cool mountain breeze makes the summer heat sublime and the weather is apt for sight-seeing. One can enjoy dining outdoors in the summer evenings and enjoy the sight of blooming wild orchids.

If you are the one who is always rooting for places with natural beauty than places with historical authenticity, then Lonavala is not the ideal place to be in during summers. In May-June the fall from Shooting Point and the Lonavala Lake gets completely dried up. Lonavala is not at its best during summers, and it would not be justified to judge the place on the basis of traveling in such a season. But it is a great weekend getaway or a picnic place for those who are coming from Mumbai or Pune.

For adventure lovers, summer is the best time for trekking. Many trekking activities are available at Rajmachi Fort which is about 16 kilometres in Lonavala. It is surrounded by huge waterfalls and has a mesmerizing view. The fort has a number of caves which can be used by trekkers for night halts. One can also trek towards Kondane Caves and enjoy the historical route.

Lonavla is a remarkable decision for the individuals who wish to get away from the rushing about of daily life for a couple of days. The lavish cover of greenery encircling this hill station springs to life amidst the Monsoon season, being the best season to visit. Numerous well-known Bollywood films have utilized the pleasant setting of Lonavla which is honoured with waterfalls, lakes and greenery.

To travel is to seeing something new, and leaving behind your misconceptions, past, your comfort level or anxieties. Hit the road, bask in the sun and breathe the freshness of the air. Lonavala is fast becoming the much needed get away from the mania of the city life. One doesn’t know what he’s missing, until he arrives in this piece of heaven.

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