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Gangtok – Paradise in The Hills

Gangtok - the capital of Sikkim is a beautiful city near the Indian border with Tibet. Because of the numerous activities and sightseeing that inhabits this landscape, Gangtok is often a major hit among travelers for a romantic or adventurous getaway.

A Gangtok trip offers you majestic views of the mighty Himalayas and you are sure to be mesmerized by the natural beauty surrounding this city. The hilly terrain makes Gangtok an awesome spot to go trekking and hiking. The place is filled with many monasteries too which offers solace away from the noise of the city, making this the ideal place to visit if you’re looking to de-stress and spend some quality time.

Choose a Gangtok tour package which offers you the option to blend in both spiritual and exciting experience that can make your Gangtok trip the perfect vacation this year!

Gangtok in Sikkim is a beautiful city, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas. The capital city was established back in 1840 as a religious center for Buddhists and has grown into a tourist destination and major meditation center. It is also the center of Sikkim’s tourism industry and sees tourists from all over the world. Most international tourists make the Gangtok trip to experience the Buddhist monasteries and meditate.

The city became part of the Indian union back in 1975 and has since been ruled by the central government. There is a heavy Tibetan influence in Gangtok owing to its proximity to the neighboring country and finding Buddhist monks here is commonplace. Gangtok also enjoys mild temperature, making it a great summer vacation spot.

All set to travel to Gangtok? Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect at your Gangtok trip:

Places to See in Gangtok:

There are plenty of Buddhist monasteries in Gangtok which are famous. You can start your Gangtok sightseeing with a trip to the Emchey Monastery which was established back in 1909. The monastery offers a tranquil environment where you can meditate and find inner peace. If you visit during prayer time, you can partake and see how the monks offer their respects to the Almighty. Furthermore, you can also interact with the Buddhist monks and witness their way of life. The Cham Festival which takes place around the months of January or February is the best time to visit the monastery, as you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities and colorful dances on display.

If you want to enjoy expansive panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, then the Tashi Viewpoint is the perfect spot. You can carry a pair of binoculars and take in majestic views of the Himalayas. This vantage point also allows you to enjoy a view of the Kanchenjunga peak, which is the second-highest mountain peak in the country.

The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is an important center for Tibetan history and culture. Most Gangtok tourism packages cover this spot as it has a lot of historical significance for the local Buddhists and the religion in general. The library and research center is entirely devoted to saving and preserving important Tibetan scriptures and scrolls that have had an impact on the religion over the thousands of years. There are also many artifacts and ritual objects that can be viewed here, offering the perfect opportunity to learn the religion via the museum.

The Hanuman Tok is another spot you must visit, especially if you’re a Hindu religion admired. It is one of the highest Hindu temples in the world and the colorful domes make it a great spot to shoot pictures and also enjoy the views. This temple is maintained by the Indian army.

Best Time to Visit Gangtok:

As Gangtok is in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountain range, it enjoys mild to cold temperatures throughout the year.

The summer season makes for a great time to visit as you’ll still feel the chill but won’t feel the blizzards. Winters here are frigid, with temperatures dropping to subzero temperatures but you can opt to visit Gangtok if you want to witness heavy snowfall.

Things to Do in Gangtok:

The surrounding hills of Gangtok are a great place to go trekking or mountaineering with a bunch of friends, so do check them out. Another popular Gangtok tourist place is the Banjhakri Falls and Energy park dedicated to the shamanic deities of the area. There is also a natural waterfall that offers a great opportunity to click some amazing nature photography.

There are also other attractions in the park including colorful statues, gazebos and many other sculptures as well. Ganesh Tok is another popular Hindu temple with a dedicated observation deck to catch glimpses of the surrounding hills.

How To Reach Gangtok:

You can easily reach Gangtok with the availability of road and train transportation. The closest railway station is New Jalpaiguri, 124 km away. You can also catch buses and cabs that will take you to Gangtok.

The Pakyong airport, inaugurated in 2018 is one of the highest in India and is near the city.

There are plenty of cabs and share-taxis within the city if you wish to commute and the cable car connects the lower half of Gangtok with the upper reaches.

Now that you are all set for this gorgeous destination, head over to Gangtok and enjoy a trip in the hills that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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