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SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT
SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT
SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT
SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT
SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT

SPOT ON 46749 Seven Star Lodge SPOT

Napokulu Main Road, Coorg
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For those looking to escape the madding crowd, a visit to Coorg is definitely the right option. Situated amid ageless hills that dot the southernmost edge of Karnataka, the Coorg region has been blessed with stunning landscapes and plantations. Coorg is among the main hubs of coffee and spice production. The most rural region is also home to the Kodava community. They are reportedly the descendants of the migrating Kurds and Persians. This community may have also descended from the ancient Greeks that were left behind during Alexander the Great’s raids. The rough terrain and cool climate make Coorg the perfect places to unwind. For adventure enthusiasts, one can enjoy trekking, birdwatching or amble down virgin paths. Coorg was an independent state till 1956 when it formed part of Karnataka. The region’s main transport hub is Madikeri. For those looking for a truly authentic Coorg experience, a visit to the plantations will definitely yield the desired results. Avoid the weekends as they can get pretty crowded with people from the city. Take a trip to Bylakuppe to visit the Namdroling Monastery. It is here that the stunning Golden Temple is located. There is an 18m-high gold-plated Buddha that presides over the temple proceedings. When school is in session, the temple looks even more stunning. One can hear the sounds of gongs, drums as well as young students chanting. One can also sit and meditate amid the lush greenery. There will be small blue cushions that one can meditate on within the campus. The Zangdogpalri Temple is located nearby. A visit to Nalakunad temple is also a must for tourists. The temple is situated at the base of Coorg’s highest peak, Tadiyendamol. The temple is, in fact, a restored hunting lodge of the erstwhile king of Coorg that dates back to 1794. If one takes a walk around the area, stumbling upon a number of nearby camps will not be difficult. For those looking for a quiet place to sit, relax and soak in some history, a visit to Raja’s Tombs should definitely be on the travel itinerary. The tombs have been built in the Indo-Saracenic style. These domed structures are the resting place for Kodava royalty and dignitaries. The tombs are situated around 7 km away from the town. There is no perfect time to visit Coorg, as the hill station enjoys moderate and pleasant climate all round the year. The scenic surroundings will make one feel like they are on another isolated planet. When planning a trip to Coorg, choosing the right hotel is imperative. The accommodation one chooses should provide spectacular views of the surrounding areas. There are quite a few OYO hotels in and around the region. For those that do not want to stray far from the main centre, choosing an OYO hotel near KSRTC bus station is a good option. There are quite a few hotels proximate to Madikeri Town Hall and Madikeri Fort. Another good place to book an OYO room is near Dechoor.
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Questions and Answers

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What is the best way to reach Coorg?
The only way to reach Coorg is by road. Coorg is 120 km from Mysore, it is linked by rail and road from this direction. Mangalore, the nearest airport, is only 135 km away. Bangalore airport is 260 km. Buses from Kozhikode and Kannur are available. Check out more OYO Coupons here
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Is the city covered by the metro/bus network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Coorg does not have a metro rail connectivity. It is reachable and navigable only by road. There are plenty of zones within the interesting landscape that can only be covered by foot. This is all for good as it keeps the charm of the place alive. The tourist can hire a local auto or taxi depending on your preference. There are few buses in Coorg. 🙂
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What are some of the budget and premium accommodation options in Coorg?
Accommodations provided by OYO Rooms in Coorg do justice to the vibe of the place simply because Coorg has a rare vibe.
Budget Hotels:
OYO 16451 Home Cozy Estate Stay, OYO 26231 Aery Resort, OYO 24260 Nanjunda Palace 👍 👍 Premium Hotels:
OYO 10112 Hotel Imarat
OYO Home 24405 Hilltop Cottage
OYO 23752 River
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Where can I book affordable homestays in Coorg?
Homestays have become popular options for people who travel to Coorg. You can pick from more than 130 homestays in Coorg and book your favorite one in Coorg on the Home section of the OYO website or mobile application. All these properties are beautiful and completely safe to stay in. Coorg is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Karnataka. Surrounded by coffee estates, green mountains, and deep valleys, Coorg boasts of amazing climate, friendly people and a serene atmosphere.
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What is a good time to visit Coorg?
Visit Coorg whenever you like but try to avoid it in November and between the months of April and August. The temperature in Coorg (Kodagu) wavers between 11 to 28 °C. The hottest months in Coorg are May and June.
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What are the activities that the tourists can engage in Coorg?
Coorg is the kind of Hill Station that is drenched in beautiful scenery, myth and folklore. Talacauvery in Brahmagiri Hills of Western Ghats is the origin of Kaveri River. Abbey Falls offers a breathtaking view. So, do Mallali falls, Iruppu falls and Chelavara Falls. You get a chance to bathe Elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp. There are plenty of hill tracks to trek. Enjoy the view from Chikli Hole. Coffee and Tea plantations carry a distinct aroma. There are a number of rivers and lakes where you can enjoy fishing. Barapole offers river rafting opportunities. Namdroling Monastery is locally called the Golden Temple. It is a historical and cultural landmark. Harangi Dam is not far off. Raja’s Tomb is another historical spot. There is a wildlife sanctuary at Pushpagiri and a fort and museum in Madikeri. For people who love cars, Siddapura has a Vintage Car collection. Finding and visiting the Churches in Coorg is an intriguing exercise.
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What is the best food to have in Coorg?
Coorg restaurants offer both local and traditional dishes. Enjoy the aroma of Coffee at Coffee Blossoms, Bigcup Cafe and Coffee Cup. Fish Curry Rice lives up to its name. Sanakki rice is known for its redolence. Dew, Taste of Coorg and Fort Mercara offer a variety of decent dishes. Tiger Tiger is one of the best restaurants for local flavours. Reach Spice Rack if you like lip-smacking Indian dishes. Cafe Hay Shack has an ambience of its own and the experience offered by Tamara Coorg is unmatchable. Chinamma and Udipi offer great vegetarian dishes. There are various shops that offer homemade wines and toddy.
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What is the best itinerary to take a feel of Coorg along?
Even though it would be great to visit each and every spot in Coorg. Visit one or a few places of each type. Mix the tour with walking and conveyance. Keep a good balance of each type of experience if you wish to live Coorg for a few days. Do not forget to take local aromas and flavours.
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What are some of the festivals and events in Coorg?
Puttari / Huthari is a long festival that goes on for more than a month from November to December. Kailmahurtha celebrates warfare in the month of September. Kaveri Sankramana celebrates the birth of Goddess Kaveri. Madikeri Dasara is one of its kind. It falls in the month of October.
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What are the places near Coorg that are worth visiting?
Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Mudumalai National Park are the places to know the wildlife of the place. Kozhikode and Kannur have plenty of attractions. Beaches and Boating are in the offing. There is a Science Park in Kannur, Planetarium in Kozhikode. Chikmagalur has temples and offers Kayaking opportunities.
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