Inspiring Entrepreneurship: These women are making significant strides in the hospitality industry with OYO Hotels & Homes

Inspiring Entrepreneurship: These women are making significant strides in the hospitality industry with OYO Hotels & Homes

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of obstacles and unanticipated problems. A successful entrepreneur is one who manages to adapt, react and innovate. One industry that is witnessing a growth of successful entrepreneurship is in the hospitality industry, where today more than ever women are leading with their natural instincts and business acumen, something that was missing a decade ago.

OYO Hotels & Homes has seen many women entrepreneurs chart a successful journey by breaking stereotypes and inspiring several other aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.

Hailing from some of the most popular tourist hotspots in India, these women asset owners – Simi Devi Khemka (Bhubaneswar), Dr Swapna Dutta Hazarika (Guwahati) and Anjali Patil Sharma (Pune) are running successful hotels with the support of OYO Hotels & Homes. With its value proposition of combining design, hospitality, and technological expertise, financial acumen, revenue management and operational capabilities, OYO is empowering these entrepreneurs and giving them the ability to get a higher return on investments, access easy financing opportunities, transform their hotels, and offer good quality customer service, thereby significantly increasing occupancy and profitability.

Simi Devi Khemka from Bhubaneswar was assisting her family in their automobile business till the entrepreneurial bug bit her. Giving up her well-established family business, she chose to build something from scratch and entered the complex world of hospitality. Owner of OYO 17435 The Pinnacle Homestay, Simi, believes that an entrepreneur needs to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to withstand competition, increasing demands, and handle the pressure to manage that comes with running one’s own business. She says, “I was assisting my father in the automobile business soon after my board examination and worked there as a trainee. Deep down, I always had the passion to begin something of my own and had my heart set on running my own hotel. So, in the year 2018, I got in touch with the OYO team through my architect’s recommendation. Being new to this field I wanted to understand what the brand had to offer me and once convinced I took the plunge! I am thankful to the OYO team who have been active partners and helped me showcase my business, reach my true potential and turned my passion into a reality.”


Swapna DuttaA botanist by profession, Dr Swapna Dutta Hazarika from Guwahati has been adorning different roles right from being an academician, to opening her own institute, to imparting hospitality education at her resort, shes has done it all! Graduating in the year 1991, she went on to complete her PhD in the year 2004. She spent a major part of her life teaching across different colleges in Assam apart from starting her own college by the name: Gate Institute. Additionally, she is also a training Partner at Assam Skill Development Mission imparting training to unemployed youth in the field of embroidery, hardware networking etc. Owner of OYO 19040 Zisuku Villa & Resort, Swapna says, “My husband & I built this farmhouse in the year 2016 and were unsure what to do with it as it was lying vacant for quite some time. Soon enough people from the OYO team got in touch who introduced us to the brand and its offerings. Since then the business has been incredible. I never imagined that a property located at such a place would be able to garner this much attention. I have been witnessing an all-time occupancy of more than 95%. I love the fact that guests have been enjoying their stay here and leave such positive reviews which motivates me all the more. I visit the hotel thrice a week to ensure everything is in place. Apart from this I also impart free education in hospitality to students in the basement of my hotel.”


Anjali PatilAnjali Patil Sharma from Pune is a software engineer by profession and a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and the owner of OYO 47376 Ekab Hospitality along with two other OYO hotels. Anjali says, “As I was learning the nuances of the hospitality industry I started exploring the idea of having my own hotel. I feel that hospitality is truly a sustainable business provided that you manage well, especially the economy segment. It has a huge turnover and is largely preferred by a lot of people. Currently, I own three hotels with OYO. It has been a year working with the OYO team and I have witnessed a great business with them. The learning I have received after associating with a brand like OYO truly helped me understand the nitty-gritty of the hospitality world. I am happy to be part of a hospitality chain that is truly empowering owners like me to pursue our own business and grow together.”


These inspiring stories are a cue for all entrepreneurs looking to start from scratch and build a successful business. The road to success is something every entrepreneur writes on their own, it becomes slightly easier when they find the right support and motivator.  


Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi