Our deepest sympathies

Our deepest sympathies

We are deeply saddened by the incident that led to the loss of a life at one of the properties under OYO.

The matter is being investigated by the regulatory authorities and we are extending all possible cooperation.

Having said that, we are not going to be limited by what the mandatory regulatory procedures require us to do as this is a matter of grave concern and we are going to deep dive into this and solve for the future. Safety is our Top Priority.

The concerned property is closed and sealed till further notice.

To ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation into the matter, personnel working in and associated with this property will be placed under suspension upon following due process.

As a first step and as a precautionary measure, We are going to initiate electrical audits. The aim is to identify the root cause of the incident and also ensure that we take all possible steps to ensure the safety of our  guests and employees across all the properties under OYO.

We are committing to install SOS Safety Switch Buttons in all rooms to be able to provide immediate 24×7 support and emergency assistance. We are also immediately instituting a Risk Reduction Program led by our Chief Of Safety and our Emergency Response Director. We are also instituting a new position of Regional Safety & Security Directors in each of our regions in India.

Our hearts go out to the deceased and his family. We extended our deepest condolences and remain at their disposal for any assistance once the family has completed the last rites honourably. We are standing by them in this extremely difficult time.

Our greatest sympathies,
The OYO Family

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