OYO Hotels & Homes grow operations to over 500 cities in India

OYO Hotels & Homes grow operations to over 500 cities in India

We, at OYO, are ecstatic to announce our presence in over 500 cities in one of our key home markets, India! We value and understand the growing desire among modern travellers to truly immerse themselves in the place they are visiting. That is why with an OYO in every place, we are always at the forefront of offering great, reliable and chic services that cater to all kinds of travel needs. 


The continued emphasis on growing our presence in India is in line with our objectives of going deeper in existing markets and metros while also ploughing wide and forming a stronger national network through a presence in the smaller towns, cities and popular tourist destinations in India. We have been strengthening our network of hotels not only in metros but in the tier 2,3,4 cities and thereby added 200 cities this year. From 300+ cities, 10,000+ hotels and 200,000+ rooms we have come a long way of effectively extending our presence to over 500 cities encompassing 28 states and 9 UT’s with 18000+ hotels and 270,000+ rooms in India. While metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Hyderabad lead in the presence of hotels,  Manali, Ujjain, Siliguri, Jalandhar and Thanjavur lead the concentration of hotels among tier 2,3,4 cities. We are committed to change the way people live and we are actively doing that by upgrading unbranded hotels into great quality living spaces. 


We have, as a result, created over 9000 direct and  100,000 indirect job opportunities and aim to double the number by 2020. 


Commenting on the milestone, Aditya Ghosh, CEO, India & South Asia, OYO Hotels & Homes said, “Our rapid strides in India are reflective of our commitment to the region and the pace of progress here runs parallel with our international ambitions. At OYO Hotels and Homes, we are focused on strengthening our presence in India & South Asia while also enabling economic opportunities at every level and across not just the metros but also tier 2, 3, 4 cities. We are less than 5% of the total unbranded hotel and guesthouse market in India and there is massive headroom for growth now and in the future. We are thankful to our thousands of asset owners, OYOpreneurs as well as the millions of customers who choose an OYO.  As we continue to build our presence in the years to come, we remain equally focused on the quality of service, the hotel owner success and are constantly innovating to raise the bar for customer experience across 18000+ hotels spread in 500+ cities in the country.” 


Ranked number one among Linkedin’s top start-ups to work for in 2019 in India (twice in a row), we have over 10,000 employees in India. Additionally, we have set up 22 OYO Skill Institutes in India for training frontline staff in every aspect of hotel management. Already one of the largest purchasers of linen, toiletries and essential hotel supplies in the country, we, at OYO are also helping empower multiple ancillary industries in the hospitality ecosystem by leveraging scale to make bulk procurements that are supporting local businesses. Every month, we utilize over 40 lakh toiletry kits across the 270,000 exclusive rooms which are a part of its chain while procuring 40,000+ units of linen. 


Mahesh Kumar, Front office executive said, “I came from a small town in Uttar Pradesh looking for an opportunity to showcase my talent and potential. With limited educational qualifications (Class XII), I am glad that OYO offered me an opportunity to work at the front desk of its hotel in Lucknow after undergoing skill training at one of the OYO Skill Institutes. I am now able to earn and support myself financially and look forward to a long-term career at OYO.”   


Mr Amol Dhir, Agra, asset owner of Capital O 10953 Dayal Lodge Agra, said, “At our lodge when a guest checks they are like our friends and families. We have been in this business for three generations now and I have always wondered how my father and grandfather managed this hotel. When I joined this hotel 12 years back I had a big vision for it, perhaps way too big than what my grandfather, my father and my family had for this hotel. I wanted a support system, a partner who could assist me in this. One day people from OYO walked in and they pitched me the idea of getting my hotel onboarded. I felt they are just the right people who could entrust my idea and push my vision further and we could grow along. The biggest change what I found when OYO came along is how tech-savvy they are. Sitting at home I get to check the occupancy reports, employee management, booking and revenue reports. As an independent hotelier, I could not have achieved this or would have taken a little longer to get there. Technology with OYO became more accessible, affordable. Our life as a businessman became easier through this technology. For me, OYO has always been a partner and it is giving us various opportunities to get featured and grow along.”


We still have a long way to go, a big world to change and a lot of ideas to turn into reality. For us, at OYO, it’s still Day 0! 

Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi