OYO, the leading hospitality chain in South East Asia, is now in Exotic Vietnam

OYO, the leading hospitality chain in South East Asia, is now in Exotic Vietnam

Xin Chào, Vietnam! 

After having successfully surpassed all leading hospitality chains in Indonesia and strengthening our presence across other South East Asian countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, we are excited to announce that we are now in Vietnam –  a land of staggering natural beauty. Starting operations across 6 cities, we will further expand our presence in the region to provide a great technology-driven hospitality experience through quality accommodations for travelers, city-dwellers, and tourists in Vietnam. 


We are starting with 90 franchised hotels, spread across 6 cities, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Vang Tau and Nha Trang, and plan to expand our footprint to 10 cities by 2020-end. We will invest $50 million over the next few years in the country with the mission of transforming Vietnam’s hospitality landscape and creating quality affordable accommodations. As part of our continued commitment to the country, we also aim to generate over 1,500 direct and indirect jobs that will help support the economic trajectory of Vietnam. 


In Indonesia, we have grown at a phenomenal pace – a 20x growth trajectory – to become the leading hotel chain within 8 months of our launch. We have 1,082 hotels – 720 hotels are fully operational and more than 300 upcoming hotels are under transformation – and a total of 20,000 rooms spread across 80 cities and this growth is fueled by our continued focus on providing excellent customer service and ensuring better income for our hotel owners. We have more than 300 upcoming hotels that are under transformation and will go live over the next 2 months. This pace of growth has been possible thanks to the active participation of hundreds of asset owners, our loyal customers, and over 900 OYOpreneurs (employees) across Indonesia. We have also generated over 10,000 direct and indirect economic opportunities in the process. 


There is a huge disconnect between demand and supply of quality living spaces, forcing travelers and city-dwellers to compromise on location, quality, and price in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Driven by our mission to ‘create a perfect space in every place’ we address this demand-supply gap in the hospitality industry through proprietary technology, efficient operations, staff training, civil transformation, inventory management, revenue management, and customer relationship management. 

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