OYO contributing to the growth of tourism for both leisure and business in Ahmedabad

OYO contributing to the growth of tourism for both leisure and business in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was declared as India’s first World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2017, owing to an abundance in rich cultural places. The tilts and tiny old lanes, full of stories and places to explore are a traveller’s paradise since the city is known for its confluence of different religions. Ahmedabad has majorly captured the foothold of the traveller community who visit the city for both leisure and work-related trips. Hence, the growth and evolution of the hospitality industry in the western part of India has witnessed a positive change where OYO Hotels & Homes, South Asia’s largest, China’s 2nd largest, and the world’s 5th largest and fastest-growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes & living spaces is changing the hospitality landscape by offering standardized good quality hospitality experiences at affordable prices. 


Ayush Ashok Bhansali who has a diamond and a real estate business now turned hotelier and having OYO 17445 Harshraj Club Resort says-   It’s been less than a year since we have entered into business with OYO and can already see the marketing initiatives taken by the team boosting the performance of our property quite well. The focus on guest delight and experience form a very strong part of a hospitality business and this has resulted in a good occupancy. We are going to make another property live by the end of this month which is a Collection O property by the name Hotel Privya. This will be the first Collection O property in Surat.




Earlier Ahemdabad lacked decent hotels and resorts to meet the rising tourist demands. With domestic travellers, who constitute a significant majority of the Indian hospitality sector, they have fuelled growth in newer geographies and utilised the various offerings of OYO Hotels & Homes. OYO has revolutionized the fragmented and legacy-driven budget hospitality space by empowering small and independent asset owners with the operational capabilities and technology that enables them to compete with big hotel chains and achieve high occupancies and, therefore, yields. 


The process of identifying and selecting hotels is a fundamental phase and is established around strict criteria of quality and suitability. The objective of OYO thus lies in helping the hotel to achieve a good level of occupancy that would result in better financial returns on all of their investments. 


Dhanesh Jobanputra has been an avid learner in the textile industry for a considerable amount of time. Since his transition to a full-time hotelier, he is now the owner of OYO 27662 Varma Place & OYO 15635 Elite Rooms & Banquet. He says, We have been garnering good occupancy which is usually more than 80% and this actually helps a lot in terms of having repeat guests. It has been going on smoothly as OYO has allocated a person who ensures to help us out with any kind of issue with respect to revenue. Moreover, with the experience I have had in the hotel industry I have tried my hands at different verticals like management, housekeeping which motivated me to learn more when I came to know about OYO. We already have another property which is under construction and shall thereafter get onboarded once finished. The transition from textile to hospitality was definitely a big one but I have had the best of experiences from both these sectors- 25 years from textile and 8 years from hospitality. With OYO’s help, I plan to open more properties and learn newer ways as I have a thirst for knowledge.


Additionally, OYO works closely with asset owners across geographies to help them realize business goals and point out what is working well and what could be done better. Recently the company also launched OYO Partner Engagement Network (OPEN) – a year-long initiative with 6 core promises for 9000+ asset owners in India (only for India). It further introduced an upgraded Co-OYO app for asset owners that provides complete visibility on all business & customer metrics. The app helps to enhance the quality of standalone hotels and improves occupancy from 25% to 65% on an average, increasing the yield on underutilized assets for asset owners.


Further to the above OYO also sanctions financial support for overhauling the property, while extending additional support like equipping the hotel with LED televisions, AC, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Dish TV, quality linen, etc. This will also allow creating thousands of jobs in Tier II and III cities by nurturing micro-entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector thus leading to their economic growth.



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