How are companies using OYO Townhouse for their employees and saving money along with multiple other benefits

How are companies using OYO Townhouse for their employees and saving money along with multiple other benefits


It’s 7:30 am. The alarm on your phone goes off and you snap into reality. You take a shower at lightning speed, gulp down a bowl of cereals, and grab your coffee before running out the door. You arrive at work feeling discombobulated and overwhelmed, needing to catch your breath before you’ve even really started the day. From working at large conglomerates to boot-strapping startups, the everyday hustle of corporate industry gives us professionals the adrenaline rush like nothing else. Our day lasts up to 30 hours — or let’s just say that’s how badly we try to make our every minute count. The struggle, however, starts when we have to take business trips. We get to witness hotel experiences of all kinds — the good, the bad, the ugly.


This makes me wonder, why are business travelers (more often than not) dissatisfied with hotels. You may have a brilliant pitch planned for the client or a mind-blowing Q&A session with your CEO but all that is ruined by a disappointing hotel. Lucky for you, the struggles like this and more have been eliminated by the arrival of OYO Townhouse. Read this edition to find out how and why thousands of companies are switching to OYO Townhouse (OTH) as its business travel partner.



We don’t burn a hole in your pockets

When traveling for business, what is it that you look for in a hotel? A welcoming host. A business center. And most importantly a comfortable and secure room. You want a hotel that is strictly business and doesn’t have hidden charges worth a king’s ransom. Well, guess what? This is exactly what OYO Townhouses offer. This business-friendly, no-frills hotel is all about giving traveling professionals a predictable, standardized experience every time they visit an OTH. By eliminating the fuss and focussing entirely on better options for the business community, an OTH costs you 20-30% lesser than the otherwise extortionate hotels. Additionally, our Wizard program keeps offering discounts and unbelievable rates which is another incentive to keep booking your favorite OTH.



We are your friendly neighborhood hotel

Picture this – You deboarded a red-eye flight, managed to get hold of your luggage and started looking for cabs. You are dead on your feet and all you want to do is take a power nap before you head to your five-hour conference. Sadly, your hotel is an hour away and all you can do is crib about the traffic. Such situations are common since the hotels are placed in the outskirts, you end up spending a majority of time in the cab itself. With OTH however, you don’t have to worry about it. Spaced across the city, you can rest assured that there is an OTH wherever you land. Not just this, our early-check in and late-check out options gives you the comfort of staying at accommodation as per your convenience.



We understand

Let’s face it – business trips can be extremely taxing. They not only demand great attention, but a lot of it can change at the eleventh hour. But things are different at OYO Townhouse. Apart from offering a relaxed environment that increases productivity, OYO Townhouse gives you the leverage of canceling or rearranging your reservations as per your meetings and conferences. You can also track your payments from the dedicated dashboard at the mobile app along with hassle-free GST calculations and automatic, easy invoices. Consider it as your personalized account manager. The built-in approval flow and custom budget limits help you manage your bookings in a systematic way.


We are smart

Breakfast-on-the-go, early departure, quick check-in — when you are traveling for work you are always on the move. To help you make the most of your time, OTH services can be accessed at your fingertips. With OYO mobile app, you gain access to services tailored especially for the traveling professional. From the smart menu to smart services, everything is available 24X7 at the touch of a button. The only problem is, you will no longer have an excuse for why you were running late for the meeting!


We are your business partner

We know there are companies that have their own guesthouses. But in that case, they need to worry about its occupancy rate, operations, and a million other things. OYO says why worry about that at all? You work on your meetings and let us take care of everything else. OTH offers you specially designed areas where you can hold your business appointments, conferences, and presentations. With facilities like Drawing Room café, Conference Room, high-speed internet and easy printing access you can be certain that you are at a great place.


We are everyone’s favorite

At OYO, we offer you the freedom and space to organize all your official get-togethers. Doesn’t matter whether you want to host R&R, Product Launches, MICE, Team Outings, or Town Hall — your nearby OTH has got you covered. Our geographical spread and a wide range of facilities is the reason why companies like  Reliance Industries, Future Group, ITC, Uber, and Zomato among others choose OTH as its business travel partner.



From Sohna Road to Sussex, our work takes us to places and OYO has become it’s new constant. Today, more and more companies are using OYO Townhouse for their employees and saving money along with multiple other benefits. Last year, a RedSeer report highlighted how properties are witnessing a 3.5X increase in earnings post partnering with OYO Townhouse. OTH has undoubtedly become the best option when traveling for business and since you want to book an OTH for your next business trip (and why wouldn’t you), here’s where you need to head to. You and me together, let’s make OYO Townhouse the new standard for business travelers. To know more about OYO Townhouse, click here.




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