Introducing OYO Lite

Introducing OYO Lite

The newer, lighter way to book the perfect accommodation

At OYO, with a mission to create quality living spaces, we never shy away from going the extra mile to give our guests just the perfect experience. It is with this spirit, we are constantly innovating and putting our best foot forward for each and every customer. We are therefore elated to introduce to you our latest offering OYO Lite, a lighter version of our consumer app designed to work with limited storage options, speed, network and battery.

We have curated OYO Lite as a packaged app that is fast and responsive, uses less data, takes up storage space of less than 800 KB! This is a step forward to help travellers across even the remotest location to make travel plans without worrying about network, speed and availability of quality accommodOYO Lite a lighter version of the OYO appation at the tap of a button.

Our OYO Lite app incorporates all the functionalities of the OYO app and has been designed to work in low connectiOYO lite app- be it network fluctuation or less storage vity areas, with basic smartphones to enhance the user experience. The inception of a OYO lite app is to take ownership of the end-to-end customer experience, right from the booking process up to the check-out. With the lighter version, we are offering an optimized user interaction time and seamless experience to a user no matter how much the network fluctuates and no matter how limited the phone storage is.

This launch further reinforces the fact that technology is deeply embedded in our DNA and plays a vital role in serving and solving guest experience. We had recently launched the industry first in-app SOS button. Guests can use this feature in an emergency situation where they will have the support of the local on-ground team as well as  24×7 OYO Safety Response Team (SRT) wherein they can also initiate a call with local law enforcement authorities across the country.


At OYO Hotels and Homes we aim to provide our guests with a perfect space in every place. We shall leave no stone unturned to bring smiles to each and everyone who stays with us.



Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi