Where Does India Want to Work? At OYO, says LinkedIn

Where Does India Want to Work? At OYO, says LinkedIn

4th Consecutive Year of OYO being part of LinkedIn’s best places to work in India

LinkedIn has recognized OYO Hotels & Homes among the top companies to work for in India. This is the 4th consecutive year of OYO being part of LinkedIn’s best places to work in India. We jumped 6 places from the 10th position in 2018 list to be at number 3 on ‘LinkedIn Top Companies 2019: Where India wants to work’ list. Interestingly, we are the youngest company in the ‘Top 10’ list which has some of the most well-respected organizations like Amazon, Uber, Alphabet Inc., Flipkart, PayTM and Tata Consultancy Services.

The rise of OYO in the ranking list is because of the passionate OYOpreneurs who live by and drive the OYO culture in the pursuit of excellence. OYO’s culture offers every OYOpreneur equal opportunities to contribute towards the mission –  that of creating a perfect space in every place. We are a transparent and merit-based organization where every OYOprenuer gets the opportunity to own and solve a business problem. This cultivates a spirit of entrepreneurship making OYO a great place to work and every OYOprenuer, the key to OYO’s growth journey. Our fast-paced growth and success would not have been possible without the robust, resilient and diversified group of leaders that personify distributed leadership and have stood by the company. Interestingly, OYO has never lost a single senior leader when large Indian startups have faced huge churn due to the innovative philosophy of ‘Distributed Leadership’ to empower and expedite decision making in the company and retain top talent from the beginning.

LinkedIn’s Evaluation Method for Best Places To Work in India

Our recognition was based on the feedback from LinkedIn’s 54 million users in India. OYO and other companies on the list were evaluated anonymously over the following four main pillars:

  1. Interest in the company,
  2. Engagement with the company’s employees,
  3. Job demand,
  4. Employee retention.

“We don’t work for two meals a day” is one of OYO’s cultural tenets. We are a young company but strategy is at the heart of everything we do. OYOpreneurs are growing their tribe by the day because OYO gives you the platform to create impact and satiate your hunger for intrapreneurship. This leads to a work culture where we are driven towards our mission by the interesting work we do, the impact our work makes, the recognition we get for our work and being kept informed of all the developments happening at OYO. Experiencing this OYO culture is like trying to experience a forgotten summer of your childhood again. You had to be there, in that summer, to know how it felt, when the cool breeze tousled your hair, sun-kissed leaves danced to its melody and stirred the familiar ache of poetry. Our work culture cannot be described but you have to feel and experience it to get an idea of why we made it the LinkedIn list for the 4th consecutive time. We are honored to be sharing the space with organizations that revolutionized their respective industries and solved some of the biggest challenges that customers across the globe faced through innovation and technology.

You can read more details of the methodology on LinkedIn

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