Problem? No Problem : Introducing Assist on OYO App

Problem? No Problem : Introducing Assist on OYO App

Every time Utkarsh travels to Bangalore for a business meeting, he knows an OYO Townhouse will be the ideal place for his stay. When Trisha and her friends make last-minute Goa plans, they know a picturesque OYO Home should be their go-to choice. For people like Utkarsh, Trisha and a million others, OYO Hotels and Homes has become a reliable partner. Every day, we host an umpteen number of satisfied guests. Our secret mantra you ask? The constant drive to make our customers’ experience better. With our brand new feature OYO Assist, we promise a more connective and convenient stay at OYO. Such that for any issue (big or small), know that you’ll have a solution at your fingertips. Here’s the story of how OYO Assist came into being and why our guests are loving it. Stay tight!


Presenting OYO Assist. For every problem in your head, there is solution at your fingertips.


Everything Begins With An Idea

Ever since our inception, rendering a seamless customer experience has been the cornerstone of all our operations. We ensure a pleasant experience for our guests right from pre-check-in to post stay. Let’s imagine Utkarsh closed the deal sooner than he expected and wants to cut short his business trip. Alternatively, he may want to extend his stay to catch up with his college friends. Trisha may be planning on attending an early morning Yoga retreat and wants to understand hotel policies for early check-in. Yogesh may have changed his plans and wants to cancel the booking and claim a refund. There is always a possibility of unpredictability in your schedules and you may want to change your plans.

Normally, in cases like these, it is the customer service executive who comes to your rescue. But not everyone prefers to call, right? You may not want to get in the queue with a call centre and explain your situation. We know customer support processes ask for lengths of time to resolve any issue. At every interaction, communication in its free-form takes time before reaching a final solution. Any customer service executive takes time to understand the problem, find the right solution and communicate it to the customer. We knew this was a bottleneck and we had to think one step ahead to bring across a hassle-free option for our guests.

The Pursuit of OYO Assist

While digging for solutions, we stumbled upon the idea of making everything automated. As ground-breaking as it sounded, we had two major issues before us. If we fail to provide solution speedily, we would not be fulfilling our promise and if our guests still feel the need to call customer care, well that won’t be good either. But after a little white-boarding and some “pretty lengthy” discussions, our approach started becoming clear. This gave birth to the idea of OYO Assist. An in-app feature that offers customers a seamless and customised stay by transforming the hotel’s digital ecosystem into a personal hotel assistant. It has the ability to fulfil requests for services, answer queries on hotel policies, cancellation, refunds, and booking modifications. But wait, that’s still not the most interesting part. All this is available at just the touch of a button. Wait, there’s more! No matter what the issue is, it is resolved within no time. Sounds great, right?


Step-by-step guide on how to raise a concern on OYO Assist.


The Launch

Finally, in November 2018, OYO Assist went live with its full-fledged features. We were (not) surprised to see how quickly we were able to see its impact. Guest satisfaction increased; shifting from one OYO property to another became easier than ever; queries for policies such as cancellation, valid ID, no-show, early check-in and late check-out got resolved promptly; claiming refund/checking status of refund became extremely simple. The expeditious performance of this feature is the reason why we will soon be launching it for our international market as well.

With OYO Assist, we have put power in the hands of the consumer. Kudos to our customer service and tech team who worked round the clock to bring forth this industry-first initiative. With this, we have upped the game and are all set to take on a new share of challenges.

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