Find your Space, with OYO

Find your Space, with OYO

We are a brand that strives to offer beautiful living spaces to our customers. Extending this thought further to Women’s Day, we celebrated stories of Women who have worked hard and found their space in their respective fields.


We collected stories of real women from different walks of life, who strive and work hard to achieve their dreams and goals. And in doing so, have found their space in life and that is what we celebrate.  We picked 4 women based out in Delhi –  Shikha Sood, Aanchal Mittal, Vishakha Bhaskar, Saumya. We asked them how they’ve found their space in life and what have they done to achieve it.


To hear more about their stories, check out the video below:



It only goes to show that if we keep moving, keep exploring new ventures and keep trying new experiences, we can eventually find our space. We hope you have found yours. #FoundHerSpace