OYO – #YourNextDoorHotel – wherever you are

OYO – #YourNextDoorHotel – wherever you are



Think hotels. What’s the first thought that comes to your mind? A holiday in an outstation city or maybe an upcoming business trip? What if we told you that there’s more to staying at a hotel than just these reasons. Gone are the days of booking a hotel in advance because you have to travel to another city.  We have all dealt with late nights at work, rush-hour traffic in metro cities is excruciating and hey, who says no to spending some quality time with their partner or friends?


At OYO, we have seen that many of our customers are booking hotels on short notice in their home cities.


So that nothing comes in the way of pandal-hopping and showing off your Ashtami and Dashami ensembles, here are some options in Kolkata for when the traffic gets too rushed, or the guests too noisy! And once the Pujo is done, there will still be OYOs for every season and every reason.


  • When traffic is a killer

Working in Rajarhat and staying in Howrah? OYO’s flagship property in Belgachia is the perfect solution to your daily traffic struggles. Take our word and check-in here for a hassle-free (and horn-free) experience. Oh and there’s also that delicious complimentary breakfast waiting for you on the other side.


OYO 8318 Near Railway Station

  •  When you want to spend time with your partner

Candlelight dinners, flowers and gifts are romantic – but spending quality time never goes out of style. Book a room at OYO Townhouse in Esplanade and get ready to be amazed by its ambiance and interiors. There are additional services like Netflix and Kindle! “Netflix and Chill” got a whole new meaning!



OYO Townhouse 011 Esplanade

  • When you want to avoid the Pujo rush

THE Pujo has begun and you have to be living under a rock if you are not familiar with the traffic chaos it brings along. Gather your gang, go pandal hopping at Ekdalia Evergreen in South Kolkata and book an OYO in Ballygunge. Have a gala time without the worry of driving back in traffic.



OYO 867 Marina

  • When you’re stuck at work

Long-working hours are common in every industry. There may be days when you’ve packed your bag to bid adieu but got called back in to create the 89th version of that presentation. OYO’s flagship property in Salt Lake City Centre will be your savior during such times. Get the best quality services and check your worries out!



OYO Flagship 366 Salt Lake City Centre

  • When you have just wrapped up a friend’s wedding

Weddings are fun but it’s the post-wedding fatigue that’s a killer! Get your beauty sleep at this lovely OYO in Gol Park – the ideal place to relax and unwind. Book it with just 3 taps on your phone and wave dark circles goodbye!


Casa Broadway

OYO 9125 Casa Broadway

  • When your best friend is in town and girls just want to have fun

Your best friend is in town! You’re meeting her after ages and looking for a place where you can party without any restrictions. We hear you! OYO’s property at Salt Lake will ensure you have a great time without burning a hole in your pocket. So dance like nobody’s watching, sing to your favourite tunes and rekindle the joy of sisterhood.


OYO 794 Hotel East Palace

  • When you want to re-live college days

Plan a movie or a TV-series marathon with your friends – relive the good-old days and keep the tradition going. Book a room at OYO at College Street. Popcorn, snacks, beverages – are all just a click away.



OYO 2910 Hotel Relax

  • When you just want peace and quiet to read your favourite book

Got your favourite book but still not able to finish it? You need a room to yourself. Book an OYO in Tijala Road and don’t leave before you’re done.


OYO 1238 near Park Circus

  • When you need to meditate

We might not want to accept this but time is constantly running like quicksand and in the middle of work and  family commitments we often forget the importance of having few moments of solitude. Plan to zen at OYO’s flagship property at B.B. Ganguly Street. Sleep like a baby, wake up refreshed.


OYO 3055 Hotel Beeu