OYO Summer ’17 – It’s time to go places

OYO Summer ’17 – It’s time to go places

Indian summers are a glaring image of an angry sun, hot merciless winds, and less-than-friendly temperatures. And, for those who want to escape to the colder regions, getting a great hotel at an affordable rate could be a problem with last minute bookings.

However, this year we have decided to give the season an OYO spin. So please join your hands and welcome OYO Summer ’17.

With OYO Summer ’17, we are making summer a season during which everyone is motivated to travel, and everyone who plans to travel has a dependable OYO to rest at, no matter where they plan to go to.

With our 7,000 hotels spread across 200+ cities in India, including all major leisure destinations from Pondicherry to Shimla, we know we have the capability to transform the season of the sun into the season of fun.

Think snow-capped peaks. From Gangtok to Ooty, there are OYO hotels in 35 hill stations.

Think gold-sand beaches. From Goa to Pondicherry, there are OYO hotels in 17 beach towns.

Forget the thirst. Think plush city pubs. From Mumbai to Kolkata, there are OYO hotels in 200 cities.

Wherever you go, there’s an OYO for you!


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