On April Fool’s Day, the internet usually gets flooded with gag pages. It’s predictable and a little boring. That’s where our Fool Proof campaign came in. It was a contest that got the consumers convinced that it is yet another gag but it really wasn’t. We had a special surprise for the believers! Those who stuck with us till the very end of it won a stay at an OYO of their choice.

How we didn’t fool people on Fool’s Day:
•    We invited people to log on to our ‘Fool-Proof’ micro-site between 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm on 1st April.
•    We told our followers that it’s a great opportunity for them to win a great prize without telling them what exactly it is.
•     A large number of people came to the landing page and did not participate thinking it’s a prank.
•     We asked questions like ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ which confused people even more.
•     People who completed the journey and answered all our random questions won an OYO Voucher worth Rs. 2500.







Overall, we had great fun with the believers and the non-believers and we got to see some exciting Twitter conversations. In the end, we would just like to say that we’re not here to fool anyone guys! 😉

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