Join OYO MITR – Our Partner Affiliate Program

Join OYO MITR – Our Partner Affiliate Program

OYO has ushered in a revolution in India’s budget hotel sector and changed how millions of Indian travellers stay out of home. Now you can be a partner in our success and chart an accelerated growth with us.

OYO Mitr is a commission-based program where you can earn commission whenever a user visits our website through your tracking link and makes a purchase on All you have to do is promote our offers, banners and/or coupons on your website.

Commission Structure – We have an attractive commission structure with incentives to reward incremental business. There is a base payout for all transactions with added incentives for introducing new users to OYO. All payouts under the program will be based on the realized revenue. This structure is inclusive of any coupon sales generated via App.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the tracking tool for Mitr (Affiliate) partner?

All tracking will be done by Google Analytics for web and mobile web. Coupon redemption tracking will be shared separately through automated reports.

When will I get the Transactions details?

You will receive a monthly report in the 2nd week of the coming month. This report will have details of the bookings which have been realized. Final validation and billing is for realized bookings only. Partners will have to share the hard copy of invoice with OYO within 5 days of receiving the realized transaction details.

What kind of promotions are allowed/ not allowed?

  • Promotion can be done via Display banners, Email, Notifications, SMS, Coupons (Only for App), PPC (Non-branded keywords) etc.
  • No promotion is allowed through pop-up inventory, cookie dropping, bidding on brand keywords etc. We have put across mechanisms to identify fraudulent sales through such activities and if any Mitr partner is found guilty of adopting such practices, we will freeze the account and withhold all payments.

How will I get pay-out?

  • All payments will be done using online transfer. Payments will be done within 30 days from the receipt of invoice. All relevant details about the payment will be communicated through

How can I reach out to OYO Mitr team?

How can I get the recent updates/offers for promotion?

  • You will receive all the information related to offers, latest updates, notifications via e-mail from the OYO Mitr team.

How does the commission structure work?

Category Commission % Cap
New User              18%     Rs. 1000
Returning User               15%    Rs. 1000

Detailed explanation below with examples.

Payout for every realized transaction = Minimum (Commission% * Revenue, Rs. 1000)

Commission% will be based on the user category i.e. whether the user is New or Returning. Every realized transaction will have payouts capped at Rs. 1000.

OYO Mitr is delivering a flat payout to all their existing/prospective partners.

If any partner (ABC) delivers a number of realized transactions between 1-10,00,000 for a month then all the realized transactions will be payable as per the above incentive slab.


Realized Transactions by New User = 200

Realized Transactions by Returning User = 300

Total Realized Transactions = Realized Transactions of New User + Realized Transactions of Returning User = 200 + 300 = 500

Payout for New Users = Revenue {New User(200)} x 18% (payout for every transaction will be capped at 1000)

Payout for Returning Users = Revenue {Returning User(300)} x 15% (payout for every transaction will be capped at 1000).

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