Travel on your own terms with Sunrise Check-in by OYO

Travel on your own terms with Sunrise Check-in by OYO

Remember when you had to take an expensive morning flight instead of an overnight train because your hotel had a strict check-in time of 12 noon?

Or that time when you had to go for a business meeting in a new city but couldn’t get your hotel room early despite multiple requests? So you got there straight from the airport, not looking or feeling your best.

Guess what, you’re not the only one. We heard from 50,000 of our guests about how one of the biggest pain-points while booking a hotel is the lack of flexibility of check-in time. Our guests had to change plans, juggle schedules and settle for options they were not very happy about. This was a problem waiting to be solved and there is nothing Team OYO likes more than a BIG problem to which we can offer a SMART solution.

Despite changes in the way we live, travel and work, hospitality industry across the world continues to follow an obsolete concept of a standard check-in time. Travel is no longer about following prescribed itineraries. At OYO, we understand this shift in travel behavior. Whether it is about getting ready or freshening up for a meeting, catching a quick nap before a long day, unwinding with some hot breakfast in the room, keeping your luggage or preparing to visit a temple – all kinds of travellers (business, leisure or pilgrim) can require an early check-in. With the launch of Sunrise check-in, we are putting power back in the hands of YOU – the traveller.

Sunrise check-in ensures that planning your travel is no longer a hassle. This revolutionary feature empowers you with the flexibility of choosing your check-in time, which can be as early as 6 AM. With Sunrise check-in you can now choose your preferred mode of travel, schedule your arrival time as per your convenience and have a better experience at your OYO – and thus travel efficiently. Unlike other hotels, we do not leave this to chance – assuring you of an early check-in 7 days in advance.

Sunrise check-in is available across 2000 properties in over 160 cities. Many of our hotel-partners are offering this as a complimentary service while others are charging a nominal fee. Look out for the sunrise icon logo-for-check-in-red marking properties that offer this service. You can get property-wise details on For more details on how to avail this service, check out the FAQs.

As to why it took so long to usher in this simple yet revolutionary change? If we were to hazard a guess, it would be just that it is difficult to do something new. But OYO is all about changing status quo. As India’s largest branded network of hotels, we have the partnerships to deliver exceptional service experience and solve critical customer problems through our network. We are confident that many of our customers will try and love this feature. They will use it repeatedly. And, just like we did by introducing standardized hotel rooms in India, we will set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry.

We would love to hear what you think. Will you use this feature? Let us know your feedback and experience through comments below.

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