In this hyper-connected era, a major home-perk has to be the delight of automatic connection to WiFi as soon as you enter! Instant and seamless connectivity trumps scanning wireless networks, enquiring for a password and waiting for it to be accepted. Now imagine walking into OYO and enjoying the same instant connectivity. No taps required. You don’t even have to open the app. Just like the familiarity of being on a home network.

We have always maintained that staying at OYO should be like being at home, with a few added perks of course. Therefore, we have introduced a new feature that enables your OYO app to establish instant WiFi connectivity when you check into your OYO room. At present, this feature is available to customers checking into our Flagship properties in NCR. The OYO app connects their phones to the hotel’s WiFi. This saves the hassle of obtaining internet details from the front desk upon checking in. To ensure the best experience, the app displays details of the WiFi router that can give you the best reception in your specific room. The network can be used to connect laptops and other phones. The details are saved automatically in your phone so you can move around the hotel and enjoy a seamless experience.

You can also select to ‘auto-connect’ to the WiFi present in OYO properties. This will allow your phone to connect to the hotel’s WiFi without you having to open the app. The feature is in a pilot phase but you can be among the first ones to try it out and give us your feedback as we work on expanding this across multiple hotels across the country.

Let us know your thoughts  and how can we make your stays with us even better. Write to us on officialoyoblog@oyorooms.com. We will be waiting to hear from you. 🙂

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