This I-Day, Let’s fight for freedom from hunger

This I-Day, Let’s fight for freedom from hunger

We are out to make a change this Independence Day. We have joined hands with the Robin Hood Army for #Mission500K and aim to do our bit in making food available for people across India and Pakistan.

When the RHA approached us for the initiative, we were not only moved by their spirit and dedication to bring down hunger but also spotted a wonderful opportunity to play our role in eradicating this problem. To solve for this, we are extending our core promise of “Complimentary Breakfast” to the masses. We will be consolidating food from as many OYOs as we can and distribute “Free Breakfast” this Independence Day.

Do your bit and join us in making this mission a success.

The event kicks off at 12 AM on 14th August and goes on until midnight on the 15th.

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