The ‘Un’-Making of ‘Nikal Chalein’

The ‘Un’-Making of ‘Nikal Chalein’

#Nikal Chalein had its origins on a rainy July night. And the rest, as they say, is history.

When we decided it was time for us to reach out once again to our guests, present and future, it was with a very clear message. In fact the vision that it should leave the viewers with was so vivid in our minds that we decided to work backwards from it. Hence the “Un”- Making.

The raison d’etre of this TV commercial was the realization that when our guests travel and stay at an OYO they discover a plethora of emotions. We enrich their lives by expanding the possibilities of experiencing magic, love, togetherness, celebration, fun, adventure and so much more.


The shooting and the ad itself was a kaleidoscope of experiences. We shot across OYO Hotels in Shimla and Rajasthan that straddled across the kind of holiday destinations Indians liked to visit during this season. Rumor has it that the unit had stumbled across Hermione Granger’s time turner catching the impossible timeline of a week in which the TVC was delivered.

The storyboard of the commercial could have been a leaf out of any of our lives. We all aspire to arrive in style in a vintage jeep and open the doors of history at a royal haveli. How we love to spend countless hours playing Jenga with our friends or just going for a swim in the infinity pool. And don’t we wish to relive the times when we could read a book or just admire the view. The TVC infuses these and many more popular as well as forgotten treasures of our times all spun beautifully in our director Daniel Upputuru’s imaginative, compelling style.

An uber contemporary shoot like this was equally power packed with fascinating new camera work and techniques. I saw specialist drones in action for the first time and truly felt we’d arrived in the 21st century! Also insanely intriguing were under-water shots taken by the “Go Pro” camera. They might very soon become run of the mill but until that happens I’ll always remember I saw it here first!


Last but not the least, the music also gave an interesting twist to the story. We experimented with a couple of novel concepts such as “happy gibberish” background score but lost our hearts to the melody that Satbir Singh wrote about #Nikal Chalein that also gave our campaign its name.

To sign off, this TVC reinforces that travel is not only about seeing and doing but also about being. Have a look.


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