A hospitality legend goes that on an average a guest interacts with the hotel 41 times during his stay. All these touch points and moments define a brand to that customer. No nuance is insignificant when it comes to enhancing our guest experience. One such inspiration led us to introducing the functionality of ordering beverages from our app.

The millennial’s love for their mobile is no secret and what can be better than a hot cup of coffee or tea to freshen up and recharge. So we put them together and arrived at a solution that reflected both care and innovation – cornerstones of the OYO philosophy.

We decided to bring down 41 interactions considerably through technology to deliver what really matters to guests – the best experience. Also, we did this because we wanted the experience of stay to remain with the guests long after they have left the hotel room.

We’ve made our app future ready by making it possible for our guests to order beverages through their mobile phone. No language troubles, no accents should come in between them and that perfect cup of coffee when they wake up in the morning!

This marks the beginning of a time when the convenience of having everything at your fingertips is the order of the day.

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