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Hotel Dengkil

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OYO 90399 Green Home Hotel (syariah)
OYO 90399 Green Home Hotel (syariah)
OYO 90399 Green Home Hotel (syariah)
OYO 90399 Green Home Hotel (syariah)
OYO 90399 Green Home Hotel (syariah)
4.9 (16 Ratings)·Fabulous
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Find best hotels to stay in Dengkil, RM. Offering affordable budget hotels starting from RM99/night. Explore best hotels in Dengkil with premium amenities at OYO Hotels.
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Questions and Answers

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Which are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO Hotel in Dengkil?

OYO hotels feature variously sized and styled affordable room types to accommodate your needs offered at different price points to suit your budget.

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How much do OYO hotels in Dengkil charge for a night?

OYO hotels feature variously sized and styled affordable room types to accommodate your needs offered at different price points to suit your budget.

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What are some of the popular landmarks in Dengkil?

Popular attractions in Dengkil include the following:

  • Paya Indah Wetlands: The entire country of Malaysia is hailed for its beautiful beaches but Paya Indah stands apart from all of them. It is a manmade wetland and features everything a nature lover wants in a beach. Paya Indah means beautiful swamp. The wetland was created in the year 1998. The adjacent mining areas are transformed into lakes that tourists can enjoy some time in the lap of nature. It is sure to refresh your tired body after an adventurous day ahead.
  • Farm in the city: This is a conservation area; a home for exotic birds and animals. Feed them or just watch them. The area epitomizes how wildlife and nature can co-exist in a beautiful manner. Feed them or roam around in this abode of nature. It features hundreds of flora and fauna. Birds and animals roam here freely without cages or nests. There are eleven habitats here.
  • Putrajaya Botanical Garden: Even though relatively new, the botanical garden features numerous plants, shrubs and trees. And it is a visual treat no tourist can afford to miss. The garden spreads in an area of 238 acres and is just a few minutes away from Dengkil. Plants bloom in different seasons and there is something new whenever you may visit here. The hard landscaping features a huge walkway and a canopy bridge.
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What are some of the best destinations around Dengkil for a weekend getaway?

Several places in Dengkil are suitable for weekend getaway. A few of them are:

  • Seri Gemilang Bridge: Spend some of your time at a ceremonial arch bridge.
  • Putrajaya Challenge Park: Raise your adrenaline in this park that is ideal for cycling, skating, trail running and climbing.
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Which shopping centres in Dengkil are closest to an OYO hotel?

If you are a shopping enthusiast, you are sure to love to stay at OYO Hotel in Dengkil since it is located near the shopping centre such as:

  • Dengkil Centre Point
  • CBS Dengkil Walk
  • Horizon Square
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Do OYO hotels in Dengkil accept credit cards for payments?

Yes, OYO hotels in Dengkil accept credit cards for payments.

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Where can guests go to eat in Dengkil?

Determine your choice delicacy and visit any of the following:

  • Kedai Makanan Yew Hin: This restaurant is well-known for its shrimp.
  • Restoran Kah Heong Pao: Renowned for freshly baked pork buns.
  • Kedai Makanan SINKI: Hailed for chilly fish; fish cooked in salt with a bit of spice.
  • Kedai Kopi IUI: Famous for its signature snack Yau Char Gwai.
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What are the top tips for finding the perfect Dengkil hotel?

Whether going on vacations or business trips, finding the right accommodation to suit your needs is the fundamental step to make your stay unlike any other. Consider these three tips before booking a hotel in Dengkil and make the most out of your time here.

  • Location: Your travel to Dengkil is incomplete without visiting its local attractions, which is why a hotel located in the vicinity of these attractions would tremendously make the experience better. Having restaurants and other facilities within reach is a great addition too, offering convenience at your doorstep.
  • Amenities: Nothing can go wrong with the presence of an extensive range of amenities at a hotel. OYO hotels in Dengkil feature standardized essential amenities for our guests to utilize, taking one step further in providing the best service one could ever ask for.
  • Price: Comfort and affordability are the perfect combination for a getaway to remember, especially when you’re in need of a break without draining the bank. Be sure to check out OYO official website or application for different deals you surely don’t want to miss out on!
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How do people in Dengkil usually commute?

Here are some of the commonly used transportation in Dengkil:

  • Bus: The availability of Smart Selangor bus service makes travelling easily accessible with many bus stops located around the city.
  • Train: Train is not available in Dengkil but travellers can disembark at KLIA Transit Salak Tinggi Station and take a taxi from there.
  • Walk/Cycle: Walking is only popular for short distances due to the weather.
  • Airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang is the option available if one chooses to fly by air.
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What is the weather usually like in Dengkil?

Dengkil has a moderate temperature year-round. The place also experiences average rainfall throughout the year.

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