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OYO 13907 Red Flag

Morna, Sector 35,Near Noida City centre metro, Noida , Noida
4.3 Very Good 686 Ratings
₹ 1998
 ₹999 / night

OYO Townhouse 004 Sector 51 Noida

Sector 51, Noida
4.6 Excellent 1818 Ratings
₹ 5118
 ₹2559 / night

OYO 1450 Hotel Ashray

Sector 43, Noida
4.6 Excellent 788 Ratings
4 Rooms Left !
₹ 1998
 ₹999 / night

OYO Townhouse 028 Corporate Suite

Sector 62, Noida
4.2 Very Good 2803 Ratings
₹ 3867
 ₹1933 / night

OYO 9074 Mascot Treo

Sector 49, Noida
4.4 Very Good 2395 Ratings
₹ 1914
 ₹957 / night

OYO 10664 Aone INN

Sector-122, Noida
4.4 Very Good 2109 Ratings
₹ 1713
 ₹856 / night

OYO Flagship 236 Sector 49

Sector 49, Noida
4.2 Very Good 2860 Ratings
₹ 1863
 ₹931 / night

OYO 8876 Hotel Sarthi

Sector 53, Noida
4.7 Excellent 2665 Ratings
₹ 1909
 ₹954 / night

OYO 13592 The nest paradise

B 47 sector 51, Noida
4.2 Very Good 562 Ratings
₹ 1998
 ₹999 / night

OYO 14015 diamond stays

H57 sector 51 noida, Noida
4.5 Excellent 895 Ratings
₹ 2563
 ₹1281 / night

In and Around Noida

Widely regarded as one of the rising industrial cities in Asia, Noida has witnessed a growth story like no other. It is also referred to as the New Okhla Industrial Area. Noida is equipped with the best amenities and is regarded as one of the modern suburbs of Delhi in the National Capital Region. It also houses Noida Film City. It was recently considered as a separate district, known as Gautam Budh Nagar. The city is buzzing with activity with a number of cinema multiplexes, nightclubs, restaurants, malls and hotels mushrooming over the past few years. One can also find a few large colonies and residential developments in the Greater Noida. It is also an IT hub, with a number of leading software companies and BPOs operating in the area. The city also has a Special Economic Zone that attracts industries. For those who love the idea of spending an entire day at an amusement park should pay a visit to Worlds of Wonder Water Park. The park provides a host of entertainment options for adults and children. The fun roller coasters, games and several other activities make this place a definite attraction. Tourists looking to catch a glimpse of India’s Formula One circuit can visit the Buddha International Circuit. This is the venue of the annual Indian Grand Prix. The race track is about 10km square in area. The Golf Course is also a tourist attraction in Noida. Apart from the golf facilities, the complex houses a restaurant, changing room, pool table, rummy rooms and its very own metro station called Golf Course on the blue line! During the British Rule in India, the golf course was regarded as a place for rejuvenation by the Britishers. Nothing much has changed over the years. The place is still regarded as a good location to relax and unwind. The Botanical Garden is a perfect for nature lovers. The lush greenery and manicured grass will definitely make tourists feel zen-like. The best time to visit Noida is during the winter months – from November to February. The summer months are scorchers and the city should be avoided at all costs. There are a number of affordable hotels in and around Noida. OYO budget and premium hotels can be found near Film City or Sector 18. One can also choose to stay near the bird sanctuary or in Greater Noida.dsdsdsds

Questions & Answers
Q Can guests from the same city check-into a hotel in noida ? By Archana - 8 months ago A Yes, guests from the same city can check-into a hotel. You can visit this link to book your hotel. By OYO Team Noida - 8 months ago
Q I want to book hotels in Noida? What are the best deals? By Sukanya - 8 months ago A You can find all the latest coupons - deals, offers and discounts on this webpage: By OYO Captain Noida - 8 months ago
Q how can I find hotels in noida with Swimming Pool? By Kaushal - 11 months ago A You can easily book hotels with a number of amenities of your choice with OYO with our special filters which are specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort of our customers. To book hotels with swimming pool, select the option 'Swimming Pool' under 'Hotel Amenities' filter in your city search page. Else visit: By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago
Q Recommend some hotel options for unmarried couples in noida. By Suraj - 11 months ago A You have nothing to worry about when booking with OYO. One of our Flagship feature 'OYO Welcomes Couples' is dedicated to make the experience safe and comfortable for Unmarried couples. The staff is also trained to respect your privacy. You can easily book hotels especially marked for Unmarried couples by selecting 'OYO Welcomes Couples' under 'collections' filter in your search page and enjoy your stay with OYO. By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago
Q Are there hotels in Noida which offer Free Wifi? By Priya - 11 months ago A Yes, there are plenty of OYO Partner Hotels in Noida which offer Free wifi as OYO provides its customers with the best in class amenities and Free wifi is a prerequisite for our hotels. You can book these hotels by selecting 'Free Wifi' under the 'Hotel Amenities' filter in your search page. You can also visit this link: By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago
Q Recommend some good hotels in noida with conference rooms By Jatin - 11 months ago A Noida is called as a rising industrial star in South Asia. And OYO is proud to serve its customers with top notch facilities in Noida so that they enjoy their stay without a worry. To book hotels with Conference Rooms, simply select the 'Conference Room' option under the 'Hotel Amenities' filter in your search page for Hotels in Noida. By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago
Q What are the options for inexpensive hotels in noida? By Dhruv - 11 months ago A OYO is dedicated to serve our customers the best of services and amenities at affordable pirces. We serve in more than 200 cities and have partnered with tbousands of hotels to provide our customers what they truly deserve. You can easily book reasonable hotels by selecting 'Budget' option under 'Property Type' filter on the left in your search page and enjoy your stay in the lap of comfort. By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago
Q Please suggest some hotels in and around noida sec 62 By Shantan - 11 months ago A OYO offers more than 70 hotel options in and around Sector 62, Noida which offer exceptional services at reasonable prices. To book such hotels, search 'Sector 62, Noida' in the location of your OYO page and book the hotel option of your choice. By OYO Team Noida - 11 months ago