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Allahabad holds pride of place in Hindu mythology, Indian history as well as modern politics. But considering its importance, the city is relatively relaxed. If you are a history buff, you will be in awe of the edifices and structures that have stood the test of time in the city. The Hindu God of Creation, Brahma, is believed to have landed in Allahabad, or Prayag as it was originally known. The city is known as the main pilgrimage hub of India. Sangam, a river confluence on the outskirts of Allahabad, is home to the country’s four Kumbh Mela sites. The riverbanks attract a large number of pilgrims every six years for the Kumbh Mela or Ardh (Half) Mela. However, the city plays host to the much smaller Magh Mela. There are so many places to visit in Prayagraj like Allahabad’s grand Raj-era buildings, Mughal Fort and tombs.
One of the many places travellers should visit when in Allahabad is Triveni Sangam- the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. The three have their own distinct colour and identity. It is a major site of the Kumbh Mela. A trip to the ancient city is not complete without a tour of the Allahabad Fort. The fort was reportedly originally built by emperor Ashoka but was revamped by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1583. If you want to experience Mughal architecture in all its glory, pay the fort a visit. The walled garden pays homage to the Mughal style of architecture. There are three tombs within the premises – one dedicated to the Jahangir’s eldest son, Khusaru Mirza and his first wife Shah Begum as well as his daughter Nithar Begum. One must also take the time to visit the Gothic-style All Saints Cathedral. The church is 31 meters in height. The massive church building covers about 1250 square meters and is one of the famous buildings from the colonial era. The complex also contained a memorial to Queen Victoria and functions as a lantern tower.
Also, a visit to Anand Bhavan can give you insight into the Nehru Family residence. The building also houses the Jawahar Planetarium, which was constructed in 1979. If you are planning a trip to Allahabad, the best time to visit the city is during the winter season - between October and March. The temperature remains comfortable and is perfect for sightseeing and other activities. There are a host of OYO rooms located near some of the city’s important hubs. From homes with a modern look to heritage buildings, you can take your pick from a wide selection of budget and premium accommodation. If you are looking to stay in the heart of the city or close to important places of interest, you can book OYO rooms near MG Road or Civil Lines. There are also a slew of OYO budget hotels near South Malaka and Hastings Road. Some of the hotels listed also provide pick up and drop facility from Allahabad railway station.
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What is a good time to visit Allahabad?
Months between October and March is the best time to visit Allahabad. This is the winter season in Allahabad and the most pleasant time to visit. Other seasons; summer and monsoon are not good for sightseeing and temple tours in the holy city because summers are extremely hot and during monsoons, there are usually restrictions on pilgrims taking a dip in the river.
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Which are the places that can not be missed on their visit to the city?
Allahabad is tremendously important to the Hindu religion. This city holds religious as well as spiritual importance because it is believed that Allahabad was designated as the ‘king of all pilgrimage centre' by the creator of the universe Lord Brahma (according to Hindu mythology). So, Allahabad city is all about religion, worshipping and spiritualism and has many religious places that are a must visit. Allahabad is also an old city, so there are also some places of historical importance like Anand Bhawan (Jawaharlal Nehru’ home), Khusro Bagh and Allahabad Fort. You can also go boating on the river and enjoy the delicious street foods.
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What is the best food that you can eat here?
Allahabad city is a foodie’s paradise with its huge variety of local delicacies. This city has everything from a simple chat to different types of kebabs to help you please your tummy. The best food items that you can eat here are piping hot kachoris, bedai, chole samose, gulab jamun, malaiyyo, reshami kabab and dahi bhalle. Some good places to enjoy Allahabadi food are Sainik Sweets, Netram Moolchand and Sons, Raja Ram Lassi Wala and Nirala. For a fine-dining experience, you can visit El Chico, The Tamarind Tree, Sagar Ratna and Yame Food Court.
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Is the city covered by Metro/bus network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Allahabad does not have a metro network, but the city is well connected with private and public buses. These buses make local as well as intercity commutation convenient. Other than these, the most preferred mode of transport is auto rickshaws and electronic rickshaws. Allahabad also has cycle rickshaws which are a cheap and quick way of getting around. If need be, you can also hire an Ola or an Uber cab to travel around the city.
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Which are the must-do activities in Allahabad?
Some of the activities you can engage in include going bating on Triveni Sangam, taking a heritage tour at Akbar’s Fort and exploring Anand Bhavan. The travellers can also visit Chandrashekhar Azad Bhavan, take a cultural trip to Kalyani Devi Mandir or go Skywatching at Nehru Planetarium
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Where to go shopping in Allahabad?
Allahabad is a wonderful place to go shopping for religious and spiritual souvenirs. To shop in this city go to Katra, MG Marg, Chowk, George Town, Atlantis Mall and Civil Lines. You can buy everything from show items to jewellery in Allahabad. Do not forget to bargain here.
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Which are the must-visit temples in Allahabad?
Allahabad has a huge list of temples that you should visit. Some of them include Patalpuri Temple, Mankameshwar Mandir, Shree Bade Hanuman Ji, Alopi Devi Shakti Peeth, Nagvasuki Mandir, ISKCON Temple and Akshaya Vat Tree.
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which are the budget hotels in allahabad?
We have many Budgeted hotels which can be found at OYO page. You can choose from the hotel that you link simply by clicking on the following link:
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how do I book hotels in allahabad near railway station?
You can book hotels in Allahabad near railway station by choosing the locality from "Popular Localities" tab. It's extremely easy and within a few clicks you will have numerous options for yourself. Here is the link that will direct you to the correct page:
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are there hotels near civil lines allahabad bus stand?
There are many hotels in and around Civil lines Allahabad bus stand. You can click on the following link, it will show you hotels that offer all the basic amenities at nominal prices and choose from the list of hotels available:
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