Australia Packages


Travel to Australia and you will realize that Australia is all at the same time, island, country and continent and it’s big! Diversity is THE key word to describe this place made of deserts, tall forests, coral reefs, mountains covered in snow and multicultural cities. While the center of the country is sparsely populated, the coasts are glittering with happening cities. Australia packages offer a blend of influences in its culture as much as in its food but also has its trademarks, in the Aussies’ accent or in the wine they make. The country is an open road, a wide open space for the traveller in search of adventures and freedom.

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Visas Required For Australia Packages

All visitors need a Visitor visa prior to going to Australia, except New Zealand citizens. You can get your application forms from:

  • Australian diplomatic missions overseas
  • Travel Agents
  • Website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

The short-term tourist visa has now been replaced by the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for 32 nationalities. It costs between US$20-25 and is available from:

  • An International Air Transport Association
  • Travel Agent
  • Overseas airline
  • ETA website
How to Reach Australia

The nickname of “land down under” suits Australia perfectly as the country is far from almost every other place on earth.

  • It is reachable by air. Australia has a lot of international airports, most of them on the coasts. The peak season is roughly the summer season, when prices are the highest.
  • It is also reachable by sea, but reaching Australia on a boat is not easy nor safe and only possible from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia or New Zealand and from some smaller Pacific islands.
Travelling In Australia

australia-packages-moving-around Australia is a vast country and travelling there generally means long distances and endless journeys.

  • Many travellers find that car and motorcycle are the best way to discover the country and get to the off-the-beaten-track places. Renting a car or a bike from a local outfit is a cheaper alternative to international hiring companies.
  • The extensive bus network in Australia is a relatively cheap and reliable way to get around, but requires planning your journey way in advance.
  • Unless you have a Yacht or are lucky enough to hop on one, it is very difficult to travel along the coasts of Australia.
  • The most efficient and fastest way to travel the country from one end to another is by air. As Australia has a lot of domestic airports, particularly on the coasts, reaching places is quite easy.
Currency to Carry when Travelling on Australia Packages from India

In Australia the currency in use is the Australian dollar. For a traveller from Asia the costs of life in the country can be quite expensive, particularly when it comes to accommodation and transport. Exchanging money or travellers cheques is generally not a problem at banks or through licensed moneychangers. Credit and debit cards are extensively in use in Australia.

Please note that if you buy goods for a total value of minimum $300 less than 30 days before you leave the country, you will be entitled to a refund of the Goods and Services tax according to the Tourist Refund System. This does not apply to all goods though.

Weather in Australia

Australia is a vast country where there are a lot of climatic variations but without severe extremes. The summer season starts from December till February. The weather is usually pleasant and warm, sometimes quite hot. The Spring season lasts from September to November and the Autumn, from March to May is a transition period with the same weather as in Europe and North America. The North of the country has only two seasons: hot and wet from October to March and hot and dry from April to September. The center of the country is arid and hot and can get very cold during the night

But roughly anytime is a good time to be somewhere in Australia.

Local Language of Autralia

English has been recognized as the official language of Australia since 2012. Australia has a long history of immigration other languages spoken, mainly at home, include Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek. In addition, 70 aboriginal languages still remain spoken by a few people.

Health and Safety

Australia is quite a safe country to travel to and has excellent health care system, however travelling with a good health insurance is required and medical aid can take a longer time to reach you in remote areas. The World Health Organization recommends that every traveller should be covered with all routine vaccinations. Check their website for more information. In addition travellers to Australia should always carry a first aid kit, insect repellant, sunscreen and their medicines in their original package clearly labeled, along with a prescription from your doctor for any regular medication.

Basic safety precautions have to be taken, particularly in big cities, although there are no real “dangers”.

Things to do on Australia Packages from India

In the vastness of Australia are a lot of discoveries to be made for a traveller and a lot of experiences to be lived:

  • Take a cruise along Australia’s rivers, either for some hours or for the entire day, and see the amazing diversity of landscapes all along the way.
  • Go on a safari in Kakadu or Lesueur National Parks and meet Crocodile Dundee’s friends in their natural environment
  • Cycle through Australia’s landscapes
  • Meet the Aborigenes, immerse yourself in the Red center and live an unforgettable human experience
  • Live the gastronomy the Australian way with a wine and food tour that will take you to the best places
  • Watch the whales playing along Queensland Hervey’s Bay
  • Take a helicopter or a hot air balloon ride and Australia’s fascinating locations from the sky
Festivals To Indulge In On Australia Packages

There is a myriad of festivals in Australia all year round, of all kinds and each capital city, all around the country, has its festival. Here are some additional festivals, worth visiting.

  • The National Big Day Out Festival is one of the summer’s most important event and the gathering of international names of Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, Electronic Music etc.
  • Breakfast, on boxing day in Perth is a major boutique music festival
  • This is not Art Festival, Newcastle, where artists, young writers and music-makers celebrate
  • Woodford Folk Festival in December, brings musicians from different genres together
  • The Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival incorporates indigenous activities and is a fun way to spend New Year’s Eve
  • The Australia day on the 26th of January is the occasion for big celebrations
  • Aboriginal festivals like the Yabun festival, Spirit festival or freshwater festival are celebration of aborigines traditions and vas culture
Adventure activities to seek on Australia Packages

australia-packages-skywalk Australia offers so many choices that you will not be able to figure out where to start, here is a selection of the best thrilling things to do:

  • Dive Australia’s depths and discover this treasure trove of marine life
  • Surf the waves of the iconic Bells Beach
  • Go kayaking on the tranquil backwaters or the picturesque rivers and gorges of the country
  • Have a shot of adrenaline while diving with the Great Sharks in Port Lincoln
  • Climb bridges and towers in Brisbane and Sydney and get an exceptional view over the cities
  • Take a ride at camel’s pace in the Australian outback
Shopping places while traveling on australia packages from india

Australia’s cities are full of shopping places. From mega malls, to humble fruit and vegetable markets, there you will find the latest trends in fashion and design and the freshest products and most authentic handicrafts. In addition, Australia is known for its precious opals, diamonds and pearls. For souvenir shops, just roam around the streets of any city and let your eyes be guided by these famous square-shaped yellow boards.