Wildlife Holidays

Explore the deepest recesses of nature with RLT as we put forth our thoughtfully designed wildlife holidays for you. Embark on a wonderful voyage as we coax nature to spill out all its lovely secret. BEST WILDLIFE ADVENTURES IN THE WORLD • Great Wildebeest Migration at Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya • Night Game Drive at Kruger National Park, South Africa • Gorillas Safari at Rwanda • Snorkel alongside Reef sharks and Penguins at The Galapagos Islands • Sky Walking at Montverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, Costa Rica • Rhino Spotting at Chitwan National Park, Nepal • Tigers in Ranthambore National Park, India • Giant Pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base, China • Swimming with Whale Sharks at Holbox Island, Mexico RLT’s all inclusive packages ensure end to end services and 100% customer satisfaction. From South America to Africa to India and Australia we bring you the best of the best wildlife attractions that the world has to offer. Join us in this joy ride. • INDIA Prepare to be spellbound as you explore the exotic wildlife of India. Spot Indian lions, tigers, snow leopards, elephants, wild Asian water buffaloes, hyenas, macaques, langurs, mongoose, rich coral life and fishes, to name but a few. India will leave you spoilt for choices with its variety of wildlife sanctuaries. • AUSTRALIA With rare exotic species in abundance, Australia never ceases to fascinate wildlife enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance as RLT takes you for a delightful journey in the wilderness of Australia as you spot kangaroos, koalas, adorable emus, penguins, sea turtles, sharks, ant-eaters and platypuses. • AFRICA Boasting of a vast treasure trove of 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds, be ready to be swept off of your feet as you hop around Africa with the team of RLT. Have fun looking for lions, cape buffaloes, rhinoceroses, leopards, gemsbuck and majestic ostriches. • CANADA Or explore the delights of Canada’s rich biodiversity. Join us as we spot mammals such as American bison, arctic hare, badger, beaver, black bear, bobcat, brown bat, Canada Lynx, reindeer, coyote, grizzly bears, red fox, lemming, moose, mountain lion, mule deer, musk ox, muskrat, polar bear, porcupine, prairie dog, pronghorn, raccoon, skunk, walrus, wapiti, weasel, whale, white tailed deer, and wolverine. • NEW ZEALAND Better still, accompany us as we indulge in bird watching in New Zealand , famously known as the sea bird capital. Also join us as we explore the rich marine life and spot dolphins, whales and seals. • GALAPAGOS ISLANDS Brace yourself as we take you to the far end of the world, to the exotic Galapagos islands for a romance with nature. Enjoy looking for the famous Galapagos tortoise, marine iguana, land iguanas, lava lizards, geckos and other harmless snakes For an unforgettable rendezvous with the wild, avail the best of our wildlife packages. With more than 15000+ satisfied customers, you can rest assured that we are the best at what we do. Trustworthy and efficient, our team of travel experts are there with you from beginning to end – from drawing an itinerary to reaching back home.