Festival Holidays

RLT specializes in designing some of the best festival travel packages for its customers. We at RLT absolutely love a bit of pomp, flare, theatrics, fun and party. We believe that festivals are the best way to explore the culture of a place in small yet wholesome packages. WORLD’S BEST FESTIVALS AND CARNIVALS • Drink Beer at the World’s Largest beer Festival, OKTOBERFEST in MUNICH • Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina, Spain • Samba at Rio Carnival, Brazil • Dance with the Maya, Guatemala • Enjoy Masked Dance at Hemis Festival, India • Feast your eyes at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico, USA • Get Colorful at Holi, India • Get Enlightened at PingXi Sky Lantern Festival, Taipei, Taiwan • Experience rural festivity at Pushkar Camel fair, India • Do Junkanoo in the Bahamas And if you are the kind who would always go an extra mile to add spice to their life then you will just love our special festival packages. Join us as we take you through Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South America looking for some of the most quirky and out of the world festivals of the world. LADAKH Come with us for a holiday of fun and frolic in Ladakh. Come June-July and the famous Hemis festival of Ladhak is just around the corner. Prepare to be spellbound as the lamas perform mystical ‘chaam dance’ to the accompaniments of cymbals, drums and long horns, keeping with the tradition of Tantric Buddhism. BHUTAN Plan a Bhutan trip during the months of September or October so that you don’t miss out on this amazing cultural delight. Experiencing the world of masked dancers, mystical music and Buddhist teachings, brought together in one festival – Paro Tsechu. SPAIN Travel to Spain – a country with a fiery heart and a taste for all things fun, dangerous and larger-than-life. Take part in the two most extra-ordinary festivals of Spain – Running of the Bulls (held in July) and La Tomatina (held in August). Learn what a big bang is actually about as the streets of Spain overwhelm with celebrations. GERMANY Come with us for a crazy trip to Germany to participate in the world’s biggest beer festival. A festival that goes on for a splendid 16 days, Oktoberfest is an orgy of drinking, eating and singing. For the young and old alike, the rowdy, raucous and raunchy spirit of the festival will provide you with the biggest party of your life. RAJASTHAN Explore the myriad colours of Rajasthan with RLT through its elaborate festivals. Participate in the festivals of Pushkar and Bikaner to watch Rajasthanis decked in their best traditional attires, camel competitions and trades and a lot of dance and music. The elaborate Elephant festival and Jaiselmer Desert Festival are also worth exploring. BRAZIL Participate in the vivacious, loud and larger than life Rio festival of Brazil with the team of RLT. Considered to be one of the biggest carnival of the world with over 2 million participants, be prepared to be swept off of your feet with its exotic samba school parades and dances. We have designed these packages with the help of some of the best travel experts in the world. Always on your beck and call, we love to go out of our way to bring you the best travel experiences that you will cherish for life. Avail the most of the first hand experiences of the RLT team through our festival packages.