Beach Holidays

If you prefer to enjoy crunching your toes in the sand than spending hours in line to buy tickets for a museum, or the sound of waves gently breaking in the cool blue sea over the sound of traffic on busy roads, and if you firmly believe that being out in the sun and playing in the water is a solution to all your life’s problems, then you are a certified beach lover and a relaxing vacation on a beach is all that you want. There are loads of destinations perfect for beach holidays. Here are five of our favourites. FIVE PERFECT BEACH DESTINATIONS • Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti • Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles • Boulders Beach, Cape Town • Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia • Lanikai Beach, Hawaii Still need reasons to take that seaside break. Here are few: • The beach is an another world all together: a world of cheap flip-flops, sexy bikinis, rainbow-colored beach towels, sandcastles, oversized sun glasses, straw hats, sounds of soda cans popping open, innumerous adventure water sports and everything good in life. • There is no feeling better in the world that coming back to the hotel after a long day on a beach, skin warm from the sun sand smelling like sunscreen and salt, with grains of sand sticking to the legs and soles of the feet. • It has been scientifically proved that swimming is good for heart, seawater is excellent for the skin and coastal breezes nourish the soul. But if you think the beach is just for swimming, then you obviously have a lot to learn. Here is our list of great activities to enjoy on the beach. FUN THINGS TO DO ON A BEACH: • CATCH THE SUNRISE • MAKE A SAND CASTLE • GO WINDBOARDING • CATCH A WAVE ON A SURFBOARD • GO FISHING • SCOUR THE SEASHORE • BE A KID AGAIN • RELAX Pack your swimsuit and dive with Roads Less Travelled into some of the most extraordinary and unspoilt beaches in the world: • Mediterranean Most of Mediterranean Sea’s island is caressed by calm, turquoise waters and blissfully white sandy shored. Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) in the Italian island Sardinia with its pink-colored sand; Zlatni Rat on the Croatian island Brac with its perfect windsurfing waves; Nissos Chrissi on the eastern coast of the Greek island Crete; the golden-reddish sand of Ramla Bay, Gozo ; the beaches along the Mediterranean range from glitzy and glamorous to perfectly secluded hamlets. • India A relatively new destination on the world’s beach map, India is growing at an incredible rate as a place with some of the most happening beaches in the world. While Palolem and Baqa in Goa are perfect for beach hedonists, lesser known places like Varkala, Marari, Andaman, Mahabalipuram in southern India are some well-kept traveller’s secrets, whispers of Goa before the hippies arrived. • Africa From the shores of the Seychelles to the seal-dappled coast of Namibia, Africa’s sandy fringe is a beach-lover’s paradise. River number two beach in Sierra Leone, Sussex beach, Essaouira in Morocco, Watamu in Kenya, Nungwi in Tanzania; the beaches in Africa are not only varied and dramatic but some of the most unexplored in the world. If you’re looking for for a perfect stretch of desert beach on which to play shipwrecked for a while, head straight to beaches in Africa. Beach holiday is a perfect opportunity to just slow down and catch your breath. Let go of all the stress, close your eyes and let the smell of sea seep into your nostrils and rejuvenate your senses. Zac Brown Band in their peppy single “Toes”, put beach escapism in just the perfect vocabulary
I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand Life is good today, life is good today
  This pretty much sums a beach experience. If you dream of miles upon miles of deserted powder soft sand where you can lose yourself in a book, gently lapping waves that lull you to a siesta under the afternoon sun, a glorious sunset showcasing a rainbow of colors before descending into the sea beyond, then let Roads Less Travelled take you on a beach holiday to soak up the best that nature has to offer.