Adventure Holidays

If you are looking for a holiday that offers more than just a suntan and a chance to relax in swanky hotels, there are plenty of action-packed, adventure-fuelled trips to get your adrenaline pumping. From glacier walks to bungee jumping, mountain trekking to rapid water rafting, rock climbing to sky diving, go on a Roads Less Travelled Adventure trip to satiate that adrenaline junkie in you. There is no better way to make your holidays memorable than to get that adrenaline-pumping, hair-rising and gut wrenching sensation as you jump out of airplanes, off mountain and bridges ,bike down the steepest slopes and navigate your way through rapids. There are a number of adventure holidays round the world that cater to everyone- an adrenaline junkie who is ready to try everything under the sun to the curious novice who has always dreamt of taking that plunge. Here are our top reasons for throwing away that fashionable holiday dress you bought, slipping into something less comfortable, stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming an adventurer. TOP REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO ON AN ADVENTURE HOLIDAY: • To Get Away from it all • Try New Things • Test Yourself • Acquire Travel Stories • Raise your tolerance for uncertainty • Build your confidence • Meet New People • To Exercise • Get a new Perspective • To have something to tell your grandkids about All set for an adventure? Wondering where to go? Here is our list of some of the best adventure activities from around the world. TOP TEN ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: • Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland • Bungee Jumping In Queenstown, New Zealand • Bridge Climbing in Sydney, Australia • Surfing in Bondi, Australia • Skiing or snowboarding in Whistler, Canada • Swimming with sharks near Cape Town, South Africa • Paragliding in Mendoza, Argentina • White Water Rafting in Alaska, USA • Safari in Kenya, Africa • Trekking in Zanskar Whether it is climbing a peak, taking a leap of faith off a bridge, or floating high above with the clouds on a hot air balloon, push yourself this holiday to get a simply incomparable experience. An adventure holiday is addictive, refreshing and exhilarating. Check out some of the best adventure activities that India has on offer. TOP TEN ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES IN INDIA: • Trekking and Mountaineering in Ladakh • Mountain Biking in Ladakh • Snorkelling with an elephant in Andaman • Rafting in Rishikesh • Cycling from Manali to Leh • Cycling from Khardung-la to Leh • Caving in Meghalaya • Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park • Frozen River Trek on Zanskar • Windsurfing in Goa You have heard remarkable tales: of rafting through untouched jungles in Africa, of swinging through the rooftops in a remote virgin native forest near Mamaku, of summiting tall peaks in the Indian Himalayas. Are you ready to make these memories yours? Mix thrill and wonder by going on an incredible Roads Less Travelled adventure tour. With us, you’ll experience the world from a totally different perspective and enjoy an adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come.